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  1. I've currently have a arcade PC set up using the recroom masters (rest in peace) cabinet. I've finally configured the keys appropriately via retroarch so the light, medium, and fierce punch/kick buttons line up with arcade stick built in. However I had assign a hotkey button so that it wouldn't interfere with the keyboard based arcade stick. But now I just want to reassign it. I'm not sure how to reassign the hotkey button. Does anyone know how. Someone had mentioned somewhere on these forums that pressing the stat button would clear it however, mine is set up to a keyboard at the moment.
  2. I recently transferred my Mame emulator roms/folder from my laptop to my pc, and Although some games run fine on Mame64. when I run it alone For some reason when I try to launch it through launchbox it won't work. I have jojo.zip, and the chd folder working fine, and the xmen.zip, but when I run the xmen game it states I'm missing the 065-eba04.10d, 065-eba05.10f, and xmen-eba.nv. I added the xmene.zip which had the missing files, but it still wont run on launchbox. I'm not sure about the jojo.zip. Launchbox runs killer instinct 1 and 2 just fine, and its set up the same as jojo venture. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Okay thanks. Do I just place the zip files in the same folder as the previous .lst files. And when did the files go out to date? I’m running my prior .lst files just find. If I update my flycast core will the .lst files stop working? Is there any benefit from not updating?
  4. I'm having trouble finding .lst files for some games in retroarch. Mainly street fighter zero and Noukone Puzzle Takoron. I'm only able to find dat files, but I'm not sure how to run these files for sega naomi via retroach. Is there a way? or do I need to try and keep looking for the .lst files.
  5. I know in mame there is a thing for coins/service. But is it the select button on retroarch?
  6. I did. Is the select button the coin assign button?
  7. Hello. I currently have one of the xtension arcade cabinets and trying to assign a coin and start button. However when I enter the control menu on a game for retroarch, I don’t see a spot to assign it. Just the directions, and normal dpad. Am I missing something? I’m unable to insert a coin and start a game. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Has anyone had trouble having multiple controllers set up while playing games on launchbox. i have a multitap set up with 4 gamecube controllers, and a multitap set up with 4 regular gamepad controllers. The issues is sometimes while im trying to map out inputs, it will start registering the other controller inputs automatically without pressing a button. Do i need to unplug one of the multitaps prior, and switch out, or is there a way to have all 8 controllers plugged in without mapping issues through the various emulators?
  9. I'm currently having trouble getting a usb controller to work correctly on Higan/NES emulator. I follow the video instructions to a teeth: LaunchBox Tutorial NES Emulation Using Higan - YouTube However... the only difference I notice from what happens on my screen and the video, is that I dont have a device lit up in green on the far right where I do the input, however it does register the inputs from the gamepads I have set up. Anyone else have trouble? Or recommend an alternative for Higan? Thanks.
  10. Hello, looking for advice or a tutorial on trying to set up multiple players on keyboard on retroarch. This is mainly for a 4 player arcade stick that is keyboard base. Would like to set up naomi and atomis wave games for 4 players and for coin insertions. Mainly for fighters and games like power stone. Thanks.
  11. I have sega naomi and Sammy atomis wave working well on my pc... however Metal Slug 6 for some reason has some series slowdown. I have 32 gig of ram, an AMD Ryzen 3 3100 and GTX 1650.
  12. I recently transfer my big box set up from my laptop, that had no issues to my desktop via network. However when I exit the game menu, it will freeze and crash and I’m unable to go to the platform menu? Any idea why? I dragged my launchbox folder over so idk if that has anything to do with it? Thanks
  13. It's been a while since I have gone looking for roms, and have still my old collection, however I'm looking to expand it again. The problem is, I'm having trouble findings roms with the .lst file in them. Is there a program that I use? or is it a specific rom that I would have to look for. I'm not asking for links, but the roms I find usually have various files, and a bin. No lst. Thanks.
  14. I was just wondering what the appropriate folder set up would be for psone games that have multiple discs. My examples are for games like final fantasy 7, or 8. Do I keep them cue files in separate folders such as: Final Fantasy (Disc 1) Final Fantasy (Disc 2) Final Fantasy (Disc 3) Each with their own files, or is there a way to put them all in the same folder? Thanks
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