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  1. Hello, looking for advice or a tutorial on trying to set up multiple players on keyboard on retroarch. This is mainly for a 4 player arcade stick that is keyboard base. Would like to set up naomi and atomis wave games for 4 players and for coin insertions. Mainly for fighters and games like power stone. Thanks.
  2. I have sega naomi and Sammy atomis wave working well on my pc... however Metal Slug 6 for some reason has some series slowdown. I have 32 gig of ram, an AMD Ryzen 3 3100 and GTX 1650.
  3. I recently transfer my big box set up from my laptop, that had no issues to my desktop via network. However when I exit the game menu, it will freeze and crash and I’m unable to go to the platform menu? Any idea why? I dragged my launchbox folder over so idk if that has anything to do with it? Thanks
  4. It's been a while since I have gone looking for roms, and have still my old collection, however I'm looking to expand it again. The problem is, I'm having trouble findings roms with the .lst file in them. Is there a program that I use? or is it a specific rom that I would have to look for. I'm not asking for links, but the roms I find usually have various files, and a bin. No lst. Thanks.
  5. I was just wondering what the appropriate folder set up would be for psone games that have multiple discs. My examples are for games like final fantasy 7, or 8. Do I keep them cue files in separate folders such as: Final Fantasy (Disc 1) Final Fantasy (Disc 2) Final Fantasy (Disc 3) Each with their own files, or is there a way to put them all in the same folder? Thanks
  6. I am premium life long member, and I did as you guys said. I saved as mp4 and it still can’t find it. I added the url and also added it in the videos section
  7. Is there a way to customize and upload your own video trailers to go along with your games. I used an app called VLC media player. I converted some youtube videos to both mp3, and web.m, but it still wont play when loading launchbox. Mainly its for specific games (Fortnite, AVP 2011, Predator Hunting Grounds, and Ark Survival Evolved. If anyone can help thanks.
  8. I'm currently having trouble adding steam to my launch/big box. It asks for my steam ID, but I have a profile instead with a bunch of numbers. I tried using my user name and also have my setting set to public. It also asks me what platform I'm importing games for. Can anyone assist me with this? Thanks.
  9. Hey, so I got Sega Naomi finally up and running well on launchbox via retrocast, however... When I try to set up Ikaruga, I put it to vertical, but it plays it upside down. Am I doing something wrong? Any suggestions.
  10. I got it working actually... after a bit of messing around
  11. I’m slowly getting my emulators up and running with launchbox except for sega Naomi. I followed the instructions on the latest you tube video but reicast is no longer available, only flycast (when using retroarch). I placed the bin and lst files anyways but when I ran launchbox it only found one game and it would work... is there any other way to get sega Naomi to work?
  12. So im new to launchbox, and I followed some videos on youtube on how to set up mame. I donated for big box, and also donated for emumovies. It copied way more games than I owned, and some games like metal slug 2, is the wrong file. It shows photos for metal black, so i'm unable to play metal slug 2 on launch box.
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