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  1. Hey, so I got Sega Naomi finally up and running well on launchbox via retrocast, however... When I try to set up Ikaruga, I put it to vertical, but it plays it upside down. Am I doing something wrong? Any suggestions.
  2. I got it working actually... after a bit of messing around
  3. I’m slowly getting my emulators up and running with launchbox except for sega Naomi. I followed the instructions on the latest you tube video but reicast is no longer available, only flycast (when using retroarch). I placed the bin and lst files anyways but when I ran launchbox it only found one game and it would work... is there any other way to get sega Naomi to work?
  4. So im new to launchbox, and I followed some videos on youtube on how to set up mame. I donated for big box, and also donated for emumovies. It copied way more games than I owned, and some games like metal slug 2, is the wrong file. It shows photos for metal black, so i'm unable to play metal slug 2 on launch box.
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