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  1. Just curious but why do you prefer RetroFE for MAME games? Is there something specific that it can do that BigBox cant? Currently building my own collection, considering all options.
  2. This is great, answered so many questions that I hadn't thought to ask until you mentioned them. Definitely saving this as a guide. Thank you very much!
  3. Saw this post and it seems to be exactly the setup I am going for. I was debating getting the Mayflash Wireless PS3 Controller To PC USB Adapter which works with 4 controllers in D-Input mode but only 1 controller in X-Input mode. Supposedly the pressure sensitive buttons work on it as well although it isn't clear if it is limited to one mode or the other. The other route I am considering is as you described, using a dedicated bluetooth adapter along with ScpToolkit. I already have an Orico BTA-403 (CSR 8510A10 chipset) that works great with my 8BitDo controllers but my understanding is I can't use another bluetooth of the same chipset especially when using ScpToolkit because otherwise both bluetooth devices will become unusable in Windows. Which means I will have to find another brand/chipset bluetooth adapter solely for ScpToolkit that won't conflict with my current CSR 8510A10 adapter. So my question is, which bluetooth devices are you using for your PS3 controllers/ScpToolkit, 8BitDo controllers and does using ScpToolkit allow pressure sensitive buttons to work?
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