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  1. Ok, so this is what I have for Demul under "Running Autohotkey script" (Since demul seems to give me the most headaches with this issue): ; This section closes Demul when pressing Escape $Esc:: { Send !{F4} sleep, 2000 WinGetPos,,, Width, Height, Big Box controlclick, % "x" Width/2 "y" Height/2 , Big Box } You could change it for the Xbox button to: $vk07sc000:: { Send !{F4} sleep, 2000 WinGetPos,,, Width, Height, Big Box controlclick, % "x" Width/2 "y" Height/2 , Big Box } If the ALT F4 method is not ideal for you you can further modify it to this: $vk07sc000:: { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} sleep, 2000 WinGetPos,,, Width, Height, Big Box controlclick, % "x" Width/2 "y" Height/2 , Big Box } Now I am not too sure if the "running script" will continue running for 2000ms when the game is closed, so you may need a running script and an "Exit script" So you could try this in the running script: $vk07sc000:: { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} } And this in the exit script: sleep, 2000 WinGetPos,,, Width, Height, Big Box controlclick, % "x" Width/2 "y" Height/2 , Big Box
  2. I have an ahk exit code specifically for this issue, I'm working right now but can post it when I get home
  3. I realized I broke dinput support when I added multi-input support. I also never had any analog stick support for the dinput output. I just fixed this in v1.9.7, and added XY Axis analog support. Please let me know if this works for you, or if you maybe need more axis support. Thank you!
  4. Bump for the new update, please let me know if you have issues with this version. Tested with launchbox v11.11.
  5. Hello, is your device considered and xinput device in Windows? Did you try choosing the Xinput device rather than dinput in the setting? Edit: If its a threshold thing I can possibly lower the up down left right limits (or add an option to change it in the next version, I have them set way higher than single digits.
  6. Hello, sorry about that, Ive been working on upgrading my PC hardware for the past few months here and I took a break from this. All I gotta do is recompile the dll, and finish a couple tweaks for better compatability. It's annoying I have to recompile every single time theres a new upate. I'll recomile this weekend for you, in the future I might release the .dll source code (if Jayjay is ok woth that) so the user has the ability to recompile it if I don't get to it right away. Edit: I'll also make clear on the newer releases what launchbox version is compatible so a person can know if they want to hold off on upgrading for a bit.
  7. You might be able to hide it with an ahk script. I never played around with ps3 emulators myself yet. Also might be worth it to check the emulators website for any special command line parameters you could use.
  8. v1.9.5 released! Added multi-monitor support (menu will automatically launch on the screen the emulator is running), and a mute emulator option in the settings program. A few more changes can be seen on the download page.
  9. v1.9.0 released. Now can use dual keyboard/joystick navigation! Fixed scaling issues for 4k monitor resolutions, included a new GBA theme.
  10. Bump for my next big update! Added a controls menu, and added the ability to use the Cart/Disk 3D or 2D image to replace the menu title.
  11. Very nice setup, I really like the hidden cpu idea. I'm jealous at the amount of storage you have. I looked up that remote control, it looks awesome, I've been eyeballing ebay for nice programmable every once in a while I'll have to keep this one in mind! As for TV/youtube stuff I've been sticking with a few amazon firesticks, they really are awesome devices, a long time ago I was set on making an amazing htpc computer, but today's streaming technology really outpaced any progress I made on that grounds I have now have three of those sticks in my household. I noticed I made a mistake there, I was mentioning I had PS2 controllers, what I actually have is PS3 controllers, which are essentially the same thing but wireless. But yeah, gotta make sure it's oem if you you want pressure buttons. I think PS4 controllers also have analog buttons, which may be a nice modern solution. As for wii adapters, if mayflash works for ya, all the power to you. The adapters themselves can be found usually for pretty cheap if you're ever looking, you don't gotta rip apart a wii to get to one lol. I got two from alibaba or something for like $5 a piece in case I messed one up. As for the 8bitdo receiver you're getting, I gotta warn ya (unless their firmware has been updated since then), it might make your pc think a controller is plugged in all the time, which might mess up your setup a bit.
  12. Bump for new update! Added animated gif support to backgrounds using activeX IE plugin, requested by Krakerman a while back. Semi-fixed broken platform image title option in "Customize menu -> Replace menu title with image if it exists". When used it will look for your platforms clear logo image in \LaunchBox\Images\Platforms\[Platform Name]\Clear Logo\[Platform Name].png, jpeg, or jpg.
  13. Ok I think I fixed it, I got it to work with version 11.9 on a virtual machine. Uploaded a new version V1.5 FIXED, the download link is at the top of the page. Thanks again!
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