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  1. Hello, You're welcome. This code may be outdated , I'm not sure or not if the window title is still called Launchbox Big Box, let me know if it works for you. My controller setup is pretty much entirely wireless now, and they all work with Xinput mode, not dinput, controlled by by pc's built in bluetooth adapter, a couple do not use either Xinput or dinput and are exclusive to using the dolphin emulator only. The order in which the controller is turned on is the order windows sets the controller number. If I were to turn off a controller and turn on another; the one I just turned on will replace the previous controller number. It works well for me just like the current gen consoles do. If I mix dinput with Xinput, things just get too conflicting with certain emulators so I strayed away from that. I have also installed an infrared receiver into my optical drive so I can control bigbox with a remote control, kind of like this one: https://www.amazon.com/Inteset-Internal-Applications-Motherboard-PC-IRS5-01/dp/B00VH02IZ2/ref=sr_1_12?dchild=1&keywords=Ir+Usb+Receiver+Windows+10&qid=1610599359&sr=8-12 which I might just replace with a bluetooth one in the future. The remote control is kind of nice to use instead of a game controller to launch/close big box because some of my controllers do not have a guide button, I don't have to turn the remote control on, and it doesn't use up a controller spot. It's still set up so I can use either or though. I am big on using the name brand/same style controllers if possible so my set up consists of this: 2 Xbox one wireless controllers 2 snes classic edition controllers with the internals replaced with the wireless 8BitDo Mod Kit https://shop.8bitdo.com/products/mod-kit-for-nes-classic-controller Used in Xinput mode 2 NES classic editon controllers with the internals replaced with the wireless 8BitDo Mod kit https://shop.8bitdo.com/products/mod-kit-for-snes-classic-controller Used in Xinput mode 2 8bitdo m30 controllers for genesis games https://www.8bitdo.com/m30/ in xinput mode (previously I was using the mod kit, but I really liked these ones, and I can use the extra button to launch bigbox) 4 retrobit wireless N64 controllers https://www.amazon.ca/retro-bit-Mobile-Controller-Wireless-Bluetooth-N64-Controller-Android/dp/B01M1KP9GT (Using software from their website to convert dinput to xinput) 2 oem PS2 controllers, controlled with one dedicated usb bluetooth adapter that works for Xinput mode. The set up is a little complicated with plugins and such so it doesn't conflict with my built in bluetooth adapter. If you need more info on this let me know. The end result is they behave the same as wireless xbox one controllers. 4 wii motion plus remotes dedicated to dolphin emulator 4 wireless wavebird controllers dedicated to the dolphin emulator ------ My dolphin gamecube/wii remote set up is a little (way) more complicated than the rest. I gave up on the mayflash adapter to use the wii remotes to control bigbox, as I found it didn't work well for dolphin myself, and the LED's in the bar died out within a couple of months. What I opted to use instead was an actual OEM wii remote bluetooth adapter and a USB sensor bar (the sensor bars can be found anywhere). I have installed it into a blank optical drive filler, with a sync button on the front. Kind of similar to what this guy did here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oV4hZxbOkXI You may be able to find someone on the internet that makes and sells these that you can just plug into a usb slot. Using some tutorials and drivers on the internet It is dedicated to dolphin control only. I paid someone on kijiji to do the soldering for me because I suck at it. For gamecube control I am using the wii u gamecube controller adapter https://www.amazon.com/Super-Smash-GameCube-Adapter-Wii-U/dp/B00L3LQ1FI/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=GameCube+Adapter+for+Wii+U&qid=1610602772&sr=8-5 installed into a 3D modelled optical drive holder https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1948219 (I paid someone local to 3d print it for me). This is also dedicated to dolphin using drivers found on the internet. If you need information on this let me know. This is my tower, https://forums.launchbox-app.com/uploads/monthly_2018_12/PCTower.jpg.0d13e1e5cf1fafe26e72156a452c313d.jpg the blue button is a sync button for wii remotes (so I don't have to play around with settings to sync them). Once synced they remain synced even after closing dolphin. And below the sync button is gamecube wavebird controllers plugged into the wii u adapter. ------ My set up is also a little overkill for must people but I am a bit of a purist as well. All the controllers are interchangeable to control bigbox and whatever emulator I want to use it on (except for wii/gamcube controllers), I just turn it on and go. The setup allows for analog button support in pscsx2 for ps2 controllers (I need it for my favorite ps2 game) Perfect wii remote control and remote speaker sound for wii games. Analog button support for gamecube games like Super Mario galaxy. I am least happy with the n64 controller setup, no controller feels right to me except an oem brand n64 controller (the damned analog stick), but I still want it to be wireless. I'm hoping 8-bitdo or another 3rd party company comes along sometime in the future with replacement. Maybe Nintendo itself will create an N64 classic controller. ------ As for your set up, I would possibly recommend a dedicated wireless bluetooth remote control for bigbox itself if using on a television. I found it really convenient myself. I would recommend using xinput instead of dinput for everything you can for all things wireless (I think most 8-bitdo stuff has this check the manual), and set up your emulators the same way. wii controller mode on the mayflash bar for for dolphin use only (I think that doesn't use a windows controller spot if I remember correctly). As for the rest of the plug in devices I cannot say I have a good solution, so I am sorry. You may need to play around with different software/hardware. I can suggest a couple things: If you have something you know you won't ever unplug that uses dinput (maybe xinput as well) I believe windows will keep the same controller order even during pc power cycles, as long as you don't unplug them. If you do lose that order by accident just unplug all the controllers and plug them in the order you want again when the pc is on. I have used joytokey in the past for some devices and have it launch as the same time as bigbox https://joytokey.net/en/ to convert controller presses to keypad output, I believe this can utilize your controllers unique ID so it will always associate that controller for whatever keyboard output you desired. I believe I may have also utilized a program called controller companion for my setup but I can't remember ($5). It is a handy little program I always have running in the background at the start of windows for various things. There maybe other programs out there that can use your unique hardware controller ID and convert dinput to a xinput. If you cannot get it working as desired, maybe explore xinput wireless replacements. It really simplifies things a whole lot for the family acceptance factor you're talking about. My son was 5 years old when I set it up this way and he had no issues whatsoever.
  2. Yep you got it. I didn't initially design this with multi system emulators in mind. The next update will have a profile switcher which will allow emulators to share the same platform specific menu customizations, and each platform can be customized entirely different from eachother (the ideal solution for mutli platform emus like retroarch). I stopped working on it for a while because it was taking so much of my free time, but I will try to get back to it and finish it off sometime before the end of the year.
  3. You're welcome, you'll probably need to use a direct3D video plugin with fullscreen windowed mode for retroarch.
  4. I just downloaded the latest version of launchbox (haven't used it in a while) and I got the same error. @jayjay made the dll for me that links to the settings file, I'll check with him to see if he can maybe help! EDIT: Ok Alie, I got a quick fix for now, I hope all the features still work properly... move the /Launchbox/Super pause menu/ folder to Launchbox/Core/Super pause menu
  5. Been PMing with Krakerman, but just to put it out there, I'll add this into my next update since it is fairly easy to do, and in the future I'll add options to the settings program to manage themes and backgrounds.
  6. Thanks, let me know how it works for you. I'm going to focus on allowing multiple navigation input devices next, it's been driving a little crazy with my multiple controller setup.
  7. Bump, I made some last minute changes to V1 and found some issues with startup screens. I am updating this to version 1.2... and now up to 1.3 sorry, I think that should be the last update for a while now.
  8. Released Version 1 in released section! Many more updates, plus a dll addon. One of the coolest new features is timestamps and screenshots of your savestates!
  9. Update: Super pause menu V1.4.zip New update, Super Pause Menu V1.4. Changed it so the menu keys are now universal and not on a per emulator basis. Once updated make sure to change your menu keys settings, as they will be set to the default settings. Also, as requested, I added a new game/platform background setting in the "Customize menu" section that is enabled by default. If this settings is enabled, any platform images, (no matter the filename) placed in the "Launchbox/Super pause menu/Backgrounds/<PLATFORM NAME>/" will randomly be used as the background image. Likewise with game titles placed in the folder "Launchbox/Super pause menu/Backgrounds/<PLATFORM NAME>/<GAME TITLE>". Game title images (if any exists), will take priority over platform image, and platform image will take priority over any other chosen background. The folder names for the game titles need to not have any special characters (such as ":") and are typically replaced with underscores. To assist the user having try and type out and convert the folder names themselves, a new folder is created for both the platform and game title every time the pause menu is launched, as long as the emulator is enabled in the pause menu settings. ---------------------------------------------------------------- About a year ago I had started on a pause menu for launchbox/bigbox before the option was added in LB. Since then I have intermittently continued to work on my program and the user JayJay has made me a plugin DLL for my program that allows me to make a much more useful application. Introducing Chadmando's Super Pause Menu... Features: Highly customizable By default, nice large text for large monitors and television screens No autohotkey coding neccesary if simply needing to send keys (Auto detection of keys) AutoHotkey injection option Clock (I call this a feature because I lose track of time playing games) Multiple save states (up to 100 if wanted!), with accompanied timestamps and screenshots Manual launched internally and saves your page within current play session thanks to xpdf tools (Takes a few seconds to load upon first launch, then instantly after that) Currently compatible with loading/game over screens with launchbox 10.15 Preloaded with suggested settings for Demul, Dolphin 5.0, Sega Model 2, ePSXe, Mame, Mednafen, PCSX2 (v1.6.0) Project 64, Retroarch, SNES9x, Sega Model 2, Supermodel 3, Visual boy advance-M and Visual boy advance-M Git, plus any you want to add in manually with easy setup using default settings. Screenshots: Mame/Supermodel3/Sega Model 2 Theme Save menu Arcade manual PCSX2 theme PCSX2 manual viewer Custom theme using launchbox's game background and platform clear logo Custom theme to look similar to launchbox's Project64 theme SNES9x theme Visualboyadvance theme Default/Retroarch theme Default theme, no logo option Quick install and setup: -Download the latest Pause menu compressed zip file from the top of the post. -Once downloaded right click on the zip file, go to properties and click on the box "Unblock" then click "apply" and close the dialog. -Next right click on the file again and choose: Extract All.. when the browse menu pops up choose your launchbox directory and click extract. A dialog will pop up asking you you to merge the plugins folder, choose "Yes". You will now have a new folder in the launchbox directory labeled Super pause menu, and a dll file in the Plugins folder named Super Pause Menu.dll Installation is complete. -Quick Setup/Change default hotkeys If your emulator is on the list it is enabled by default with the default menu hotkeys, and the given default hotkeys of the emulator. Launch pause menu (quick press): Shift Navigate pause menu: Up down arrows Menu select item: Enter Back: Backspace Menu navigation keys are saved on a per emulator basis, so if you are not happy with the default hotkeys you will need to change them for each desired emulator. I plan on adding universal settings in the future. You may need to change your video settings within the emulator itself for the pause menu to work. If Launchbox's pause menu already works with the specified emulator, so should this. The best video settings are borderless window mode using a direct3d plugin. For dolphin specifically you'll probably need to match this. See the notes section in my settings program for my recommended settings. Some settings may not work for your system/graphics card in which you will want to play with the "Emulator Settings" page of my Settings program. I personally tested my settings on a nvidia gtx 970 card. The same settings don't all work using my sons computer with a AMD card, but I was able to tweak some minor settings and had them all working. If you would like to change the default menu navigation keys or any other settings, a new menu item is now added into launchbox. Open up launchbox, click on the settings icon-> Tools-> Super Pause Menu Settings Once the menu is loaded click on the checkboxes to enable/ disable any of the default emulator settings. If the emulator selection box come up blank try and hit the Refresh List button. Next, double click on emulator of choice to change settings. The emulator name and executable will show up at the top when loaded. Click on the "Menu keys" button on the left side. Double click on the hotkey form (white square) to change the desired hotkey. When the menu pops up hold down your key of choice and click on the "submit" box. ***If using an Xbox controller ensure to use the "Xinput" choice or it will not work properly** The pause menu is Xbox guide button compatible and I highly recommend it. The program is designed to be launched with a quick press of button, so that if you decided to use an Xbox button you can turn off the controller without activating the menu. Once you are happy with your menu keys, click on save. When you are done with the settings you can close the window. Start a game with Bigbox or launchbox, let it run for a few seconds (the program needs a few seconds to initialize) and quick press your chosen pause key, the menu should now pop up! Pressing the pause key again, or selecting "Resume" will bring you back to the game. Customization: There are several customization options available, feel free to play around with them. One thing you may find weird is I made all my sizings based on on percent of your screen width and height. This is because I wanted the pause menu to be compatible with any resolution, to look the same no matter which monitor you are using. If the pause menu is not looking right/ any scaling issues you can force a specific resolution on the last page of the "Customize Menu" option. Older versions: Super pause menu V1.3.zip
  10. You're welcome. It took my a while to get my set up just right, hopefully this will save you $$$ for dongles and accessories as well as hours worth of struggling like I did.
  11. Hello, you are correct you will need two different bluetooth adapters, or else windows cannot decide which it wants to use for it's bluetooth driver, and they will conflict with each other. I am using the Kinivo BTD-400 Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy USB Adapter for PS3 controllers ( BCM20702A0 chipset) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007Q45EF4/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Windows will try and fail to install the drivers for this device (because windows can only use one bt driver) at a time. You will use the Zadig program to change the drivers for this device into a libusbk device, https://zadig.akeo.ie/ I believe it is also available in the scptoolkit package, and part of the installation instructions that come with it. I followed the ps3 controllers instructions section of this website to setup pcsx2 and scptoolkit https://1upsdevelopment.com/pcsx2-socom-2-xlink/#settinguppcsx2 Yes pressure sensitive buttons work with this method (for PCSX2) an extra added bonus is that when PCSX2 is not in use it will work just like an ordinary Xbox one controller. Once everything is setup all you have to do is turn on your wireless ps3 controller as normal and it should auto connect every time (unless you synced it to something else of course). After everything is installed I manually disabled windows from being able to try and update this driver, because a windows update messed it up for me once. Used this tutorial https://www.howtogeek.com/263851/how-to-prevent-windows-from-automatically-updating-specific-drivers/ For my normal everyday xinput (as well as I use with 8bitdo using their Xinput modes) I am using my default one that comes with my motherboard (bluetooth 4.0) with my rampage V extreme. I can connect up to four (maybe more?) xinput devices at once with no issues with this adapter. After programing all my 8bitdo controllers to use Xinput mode, all I have to do is turn on any controller, xbox, ps3, 8 bitdo and windows will assign that controller to the controller number in the order it was turned on just like all the modern console do. I also took the extra step of swapping the 8bitdo button assignment around to match so all the controllers feel the same on each emulator (via the instructions provided with 8bito controllers).
  12. One last thing I did was I changed the name of the folder autohey.exe was in
  13. I believe this is a scaling and or dpi issue. I had this issue with my pause screen menu program, It took a lot of work to fix it so the menu would automatically adjust. Is your font settings for you computer larger than 100%? If so try setting it back to 100% and see if that helps.
  14. If you download the Hex editor I linked to open up the autohotkey.exe file with it. Go to the top of the tool bar SEARCH >Find in the search field Search for: AutoHotkey V choose the text encoding: Unicode. You will see the window text in the "Decoded text" field seperated by dots. Change each letter of "AutoHotkey", make sure you don't add any extra characters, or delete any characters, just replace them with random letters.
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