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  1. RetroFE. Your correct, I can set up Bigbox to launch it as a Windows game, this works just fine and I can even exit RetroFe back to Bigbox. However, I cant seem to find a way to launch form the Platforms selection.
  2. hmm, well...I have tried but cant seem to find a acceptable solution yet.
  3. Strange I know, but I have set up my MAME games using another FE other then BigBox and I like it much better, but I use Bigbox for my console emulation. Is there a way I can switch between the two? here are the Ideas my simple mind came up with 1. launch the "other" FE from the platforms menu without having to enter the platform itself to choose a game? 2. Enter the platforms menu and have only 1 "game", that being the "other" FE. I would avoid this option at all cost because it would actually show 8 on the wheel for my theme, looks very bad. 3. Have some sort of custom startup screen for my PC that would allow me to choose to launch directly into Bigbox or the"other" FE? Is this even possible? 4. I have no idea!
  4. ahhh, i understand. Im going to give it a try. thanks for your help.
  5. thank you, I will try that. however, if it is a matter of inputing the values for size and location of the marquee I believe I can do this. I would just need to know where to input these values, if that is the case?
  6. I was wondering if it was possible for me to move and resize the marquee to appear over the MAME logo on the cab? is this a simple fix or compilated?
  7. Thank you. yes, the AHK match the MAME settings.
  8. The pause screen menu appears for me now after some tinkering, however the issue is what ever option I chose (load/save state, reset, view manual ect….) it just exits MAME64 back to launchbox.
  9. almost a year old but this helped me also. however, how do I set up launchbox ppsspp standalone emulator to exit with the select + start buttons on my controller?
  10. I don't know if there is a way to search a thread? I am looking for a autohotkey script for ppsspp. currently when I try to use the select+start command it dosent work, however I can pause and enter ppsspp menu. this is what I have tried: $Esc:: { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} }
  11. can someone recommend a "favorite games" playlist theme/artwork to fit this theme?
  12. After some trial and error testing, I have found the issue to be Steam running in the background. My best guess is the latest update of Steam must have changed something because when I exit Steam from running I no longer have the issue. Short of never running steam I don't know what the fix could be?
  13. I had launchbox and Bigbox setup for start+select on a xbox one controller to exit games and return to launchbox or Bigbox. I just moved my launchbox build to an external hard drive and now a strange thing happens, when I hit start+select to exit a game instead of exiting to the frontend the windows start menu opens over the game and a screenshot of the game screen is saved? Any Ideas?
  14. Is there a way to remove the weather notice? ahh...I see this has been done in the update.
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