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  1. almost a year old but this helped me also. however, how do I set up launchbox ppsspp standalone emulator to exit with the select + start buttons on my controller?
  2. I don't know if there is a way to search a thread? I am looking for a autohotkey script for ppsspp. currently when I try to use the select+start command it dosent work, however I can pause and enter ppsspp menu. this is what I have tried: $Esc:: { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} }
  3. can someone recommend a "favorite games" playlist theme/artwork to fit this theme?
  4. After some trial and error testing, I have found the issue to be Steam running in the background. My best guess is the latest update of Steam must have changed something because when I exit Steam from running I no longer have the issue. Short of never running steam I don't know what the fix could be?
  5. I had launchbox and Bigbox setup for start+select on a xbox one controller to exit games and return to launchbox or Bigbox. I just moved my launchbox build to an external hard drive and now a strange thing happens, when I hit start+select to exit a game instead of exiting to the frontend the windows start menu opens over the game and a screenshot of the game screen is saved? Any Ideas?
  6. Is there a way to remove the weather notice? ahh...I see this has been done in the update.
  7. I could help test it on many different emulators. However I am not skilled enough to fix the errors or issues, I could only report them. I'm on windows 10, if I can help in that way please send me the plugin to test.
  8. Wow! I have been searching for just this very thing! Thanks for your work, looking forward to using this! Would this be universal for all emulators? also including windows games?
  9. I have a similar but different question on this topic. Is there an option to view the game manual from a pause screen or some way to view the manual or guide without quitting or exiting the game?
  10. Here is an odd problem. when adding a new game and config into launchbox with plugin, the game dosent seem to find the memorycard? I see that one was created its just the game can not detect it? It worked yesterday but not today? I started a previous game and was able to load and save, however any new config for a new added game dosent find the memory card? any Ideas?
  11. Hello, When I launch Oddworld HD New n Tasty through Steam the game launches and runs fine. however, when I launch the game through Launchbox or Bigbox, it launches to a black screen and I have no control, I have to Ctrl alt delete to bring up task manager to exit? I have let it run for several minutes hoping it was just long load time, but it was not. There was one time through furious clicking mouse and keyboard, the in-game mouse cursor appeared but again, it froze. Any Ideas?
  12. katamari damacy, otherwise I have a strange audio glitch that plays the opening melody over and over and over in the right channel. drove me crazy lol
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