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    Strange Exit game command issue

    After some trial and error testing, I have found the issue to be Steam running in the background. My best guess is the latest update of Steam must have changed something because when I exit Steam from running I no longer have the issue. Short of never running steam I don't know what the fix could be?
  2. I had launchbox and Bigbox setup for start+select on a xbox one controller to exit games and return to launchbox or Bigbox. I just moved my launchbox build to an external hard drive and now a strange thing happens, when I hit start+select to exit a game instead of exiting to the frontend the windows start menu opens over the game and a screenshot of the game screen is saved? Any Ideas?
  3. Nicodemus


    Is there a way to remove the weather notice?
  4. Thanks, I will start testing on my windows 10 PC.
  5. I could help test it on many different emulators. However I am not skilled enough to fix the errors or issues, I could only report them. I'm on windows 10, if I can help in that way please send me the plugin to test.
  6. Wow! I have been searching for just this very thing! Thanks for your work, looking forward to using this! Would this be universal for all emulators? also including windows games?
  7. Nicodemus

    Game manual viewing

    I have a similar but different question on this topic. Is there an option to view the game manual from a pause screen or some way to view the manual or guide without quitting or exiting the game?
  8. Here is an odd problem. when adding a new game and config into launchbox with plugin, the game dosent seem to find the memorycard? I see that one was created its just the game can not detect it? It worked yesterday but not today? I started a previous game and was able to load and save, however any new config for a new added game dosent find the memory card? any Ideas?
  9. How do we update to newest version of plugin?
  10. Hello, When I launch Oddworld HD New n Tasty through Steam the game launches and runs fine. however, when I launch the game through Launchbox or Bigbox, it launches to a black screen and I have no control, I have to Ctrl alt delete to bring up task manager to exit? I have let it run for several minutes hoping it was just long load time, but it was not. There was one time through furious clicking mouse and keyboard, the in-game mouse cursor appeared but again, it froze. Any Ideas?
  11. Nicodemus

    PCSX2 Configurator

    katamari damacy, otherwise I have a strange audio glitch that plays the opening melody over and over and over in the right channel. drove me crazy lol
  12. Nicodemus

    PCSX2 Configurator

    Ahhh, under the Emulation tab. Thank you.
  13. Nicodemus

    PCSX2 Configurator

    Is there an option to FULLBOOT certain games? I know of one game I own that will not sound correct if I select fast boot, however when launching through launchbox I would like this game to launch full boot but no others.
  14. Nicodemus

    PCSX2 Configurator

    Thank you so much. all problems fixed and everything is running great.