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  1. Hi Everybody, I have made good progress in my Launchbox configuration, and now everything is working perfectly. (I still thank Retro808 very much for their precious help with the configuration of UCR). Today I have two points to fix. I would : Perfectly hide the teknoparrot launcher. Hide the UCR window that appears a few seconds before launching a PC game. I'm putting you a video so you can see what's working well and what's bothering me. https://youtu.be/oYK7-gf5Gc4 For everything else, arcade and console games, it
  2. Wouaaaaaa THANK YOU Retro808 !!!!! Thank you very much, it's absolutely perfect ! Yeaaahh since the time I was scratching my head ! You are my savior ! Thank you. I had to copy the UCR file to the location of the SFV exe. I'm very happy ! Have a nice day.
  3. Hi Spycat, thank you very much for trying to help me. Hi Whistler NL, i have the same issue. Unfortunately, unchecking the "Wait for exit" box does not help me. Indeed if I uncheck it, I have a windows return. The screen returns to UCR for a moment and does not return to the game afterwards. Watch video "Small Game - Don't wait for exit" https://youtu.be/CKQfXrLEVFo If I check, no problem for small games (quick to launch) Watch video "Small Game - Wait for exit" https://youtu.be/IaG8AFcepC4 The good solution would therefore be to wait for the
  4. Good morning all, Well I'm pulling my hair out, I can't solve my problem. My wish : Start UCR before launching a PC game, then quit UCR after leaving the PC game. With RocketLauncher, it works wonders. Just type in \ RocketLauncher \ Modules \ PCLauncher \ PCLauncher.ini [SFV] SteamID=310950 FadeTitle=StreetFighterV ahk_class UnrealWindow ExitMethod=WinClose Application PreLaunch=D:\UTILITIES\UCR\UCR Start.exe PostExit=D:\UTILITIES\UCR\UCR Stop.exe The problem with Launchbox is that when you launch a PC game, UCR launches well, but shuts down before la
  5. Hi everyone, thinking about it, I understood that it was the execution of UCR close that was problematic. So, in the additional applications tab, I only launch the UCR Start script. Then in the AutoHotKey script for windows games I try to close UCR. I have not yet succeeded, but I think I am in the right direction. What do you think ? For now the Start is operating at 100%. It remains to close UCR correctly after leaving a windows game. Thanks to those who will try to help me;)
  6. Hi everybody, I just moved from Hyperspin to Launchbox (Bigbox itself) for my pleasure. I am totally a fan of this frontend. My configuration works perfectly between retroarch and retrogamming, on the other hand with regard to Steam games, I encounter a problem that horribles me. My system works with an IPAC, and to play Steam / PC games, just use a software called UCR which will simulate two xbox 360 pads. The operation is simple, you just need: Launch UCR before launching the game Then exit UCR after leaving the game. Note that on my old system (hyperspi
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