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  1. Andddd it's not working again. Mostly. I worked late last night and I tried loading it again today and not working again. It's slightly different since the backup, however: 1. BIg Box icon pops up, tries to load and then freezes there. I get the 'Big Box is not responding, do you wish to close it?' window when I click on it after a few seconds. 2. Launchbox loads just fine, though that's a hollow victory as LB does not work well with my setup. 3. Backing it up no longer fixes it. Is there a way to safely reinstall Big Box and patch it? I am quite certain that the pa
  2. Yes! Got it working again! Since I mostly use BB, my backups were all BB backups. Because of this I disregarded the LB backups from an even earlier date at the very bottom. These ones worked! Awesome - thanks guys!
  3. Unlikely. New pc, relatively fresh install, not using third party antivirus. LB is the only program I have ever had any issue with on this pc so far. Everything else works wonderfully. If I may speculate - the fact it attempted to patch LB while BB was open without closing it seemed odd. Normally patches will close related programs before applying a patch. With the previous patch, I suspect it had something to do with the settings of my GPU not getting along with something in LB, as the issues didn't occur at all within BB. It seems pretty clear to me that the patch did not pro
  4. Opening up the zip file for each one in Backups and overwriting the existing folder/file in Data (after making backups of the originals). I assume this is the way to do it?
  5. Have not had any luck with LB patches since I jumped on the LB/BB train. Every patch has caused severe issues and it's making me a little cranky - this one is by far the worst as I simply can not load the program anymore. I am definitely not patching ever again as it works fine for me as is! I loaded BB this morning to see a update software Yes No box. I selected yes against my better judgement to have it download some directx thing. It never actually closed the program for some reason, so I could continue playing. However, upon restarting the program I met this error window: It app
  6. Yeah I have had the same experience. Normally when I come across a rom that is in a weird format, I will just look for a version in a format I know will work, but this version with the 5 bins is the one that the translated version requires, which sucks. I wonder why they wouldn't translate a version that is easy to load with just a single bin. I HAVE a version with with a single .bin and it works fine. It's super annoying and this isn't the first time I have come across this situation when it comes to translations. Boo hiss! Maybe I could try using something like CDMage when I get hom
  7. Hey! I did try posting this in the mednafen forums but am getting crickets over there so I thought I'd try here: PC-FX works fine normally with retroarch, however of course all of the titles are in Japanese. Curious to play at least one title on the platform I found a fairly popular translation of Pia Carrot! This resulted in me getting a new version of Pia Carrot! that is compatible with the translation. The problem is that version is in a multi-track format. There are 5 bin files and 1 cue file. Here is the cue file: CATALOG 0000000000000 FILE "Pia Carrot e Youkoso!! W
  8. I have read a lot of tutorials/forum posts on getting neo geo cd working, but a lot of them are irrelevant to me as I only have .chds (believe me I have tried to find a consistent source for single file bin/cues, but can only get the ones with a million little .bins and those don't work). From what I gather, the only way to get a .chd to work is either in MAME or with the neocd core in retroarch (or so it claims). Final Burn doesn't seem to support .chds. I have followed multiple mame tutorials, making softlists and all of that nonsense and none of them worked. So I am going back
  9. Absolutely love Launch/Big Box so far! I'm still grinding through the process of making a library of games and while I have gotten pretty far (12,000 sorted), my back is getting sore. It's a lot of grunt work. Does anyone have any tips/tricks to ensure all titles scrape properly and sync up with LaunchDB? Roms love to have weird names, especially Japanese ones, that need an adjustment or two (or three) to get LaunchDB to pull the art/videos. The best system I have come up with so far is to copy+paste the title ID into google, and if I find a slightly different match - I paste that b
  10. Thanks for the reply. Yeah I thought about for a bit after and sort of came to the conclusion that sadly my cdi roms are all no good being bins. I am still very new to this whole thing so it was a really important lesson to learn. I am going to come back to the cdi soon but I kind of burnt myself out on it haha
  11. I only have bin/cue files, and I followed the steps to a tee - it's not working. MAME opens to 'initializing' and then retroarch crashes. The one thing I don't get is - how does it know where to look for the bin/cue, if I am using the dummy folder to add it into launchbox? What links the two steps together? I feel if anything is causing this problem, it's that. If anyone has used bin/cues for cdi (or has any insight) that would be awesome. Even though the cd-i is a trash console to most, I was actually really excited to play a few games that I gawked at as a child reading EGM's.
  12. I love the band (Voivod) Thanks for the reply!
  13. Did a google search but didn't find anything definitive enough. I was midway through an extremely long MAME import (like 16 hours in) and I read you could cancel and resume (should have read more carefully), so I cancelled to show my wife what Big Box looks like. When I went back I didn't see any option to resume. I'm nervous to mess things up, if I do another 'Import entire MAME collection' option again with the same parameters, will it resume where I left off or am I going to have to start from the beginning again? Thanks. edit: I decided to pull the trigger and just res
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