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  1. Two separate ways in which my games are crashing: 1) LaunchBox is giving me trouble launching multi-disc games using Xenia. My two multi-disc games, Blue Dragon & Lost Odyssey, launch successfully when done directly through the Xenia emulator. Also, most of my other 360 games launch without problem through LaunchBox. I even imported only Disc 1 of both games and they launched without a hiccup. It's the multi-disc imports that cause Xenia to crash. The emulator opens up and gives me an "Unable to mount disc image; file not found or corrupt" message, and closes. Again, my games work with Xenia by itself and the single-disc games show no issues. 2) Except for Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise, which is a single-disc game that launches successfully through Xenia alone, but not through LaunchBox. I imported it to LaunchBox via drag in drop just like the other games but this crash shows no message. Xenia pops up in a small white window for 2 seconds and closes itself.
  2. So as a noob, I didn't realize how efficient and important it was to compress your games until now that I'm beginning to worry about my storage. I want to swap out my uncompressed game files (mostly the ISOs) to their compressed versions on LaunchBox without losing all the images and videos I spent hours downloading, picking, sorting, and even editing. Is there a way to re-import my games into LaunchBox without deleting everything first? Or do I need to edit every game individually and redirect the ROM file?
  3. Ugh. That's unfortunate. Is there a workaround or should I just re-import the games onto LaunchBox as separate games and just deal with it?
  4. Yes and yes. I remember I had to import the two discs in several different ways because LaunchBox kept adding them as two separate games even though it KNEW they were Disc 1 and 2. Maybe that was LaunchBox's way of telling me that they shouldn't be combined.
  5. I am able to play this 2-disc game on Retroarch's PPSSPP core from within the Retroarch interface launched separately, but when I double-click on the game in the LaunchBox menu, I get the loading mouse pointer for about 1 second before it reverts to a pointer and nothing happens. Here are pictures showing: the LaunchBox submenu where I tried to launch the game by clicking on both discs and nothing happened. I also tried "Open Retroarch" and the "Launch with..." options but I couldn't get the game nor Retroarch to launch. the ROM file directory showing that the game is setup to launch Disc 1 by default the Additional Apps tab showing that both discs are identified by LaunchBox as part of one game. Also, I did enable "Use M3U Playlists for Multiple Discs" already.
  6. I integrated my Steam ID and API key into LaunchBox about two months ago. I noticed today that my recent purchases haven't appeared on LaunchBox. I used Tools>Scan for Added ROMs>For Windows... It found nothing. My workaround was to Import>Steam games and that's how I got my Steam collection on LaunchBox updated. It's a minor issue, but I'm assuming that "Scan for Added ROMs" is the intended feature for updated your collection to reflect the Steam account. Also, it didn't mattered if games were installed or not here.
  7. Amazing work RetroLust, really awesome. Now I'm hoping you take a week off of the Arcade bezels and finish the console generations. Until this week, I didn't know if emulators past PS2 were playable. My God was I wrong.
  8. OMG, that's exactly what I needed. Thank you! My current LaunchBox theme moved that smaller menu elsewhere so I couldn't really find it.
  9. Thanks, that would help a ton! I just wish LaunchBox's My Collection had an import feature. Edit: Wait, what does this Auditing feature do?
  10. I'd like to be able to show my collection to friends on my smartphone some how but I can't figure out the best way. Remote Desktop was a slow and failed terribly. I just want a way for friends to quickly look through my platforms so they can recommend games for them, tell me what I should try, discover new games, etc etc. 1) Is there a convenient way to upload my thousands of games to the "My Collection" web page of LaunchBox? Or.... 2) Is there a quick way to create an Excel sheet from my Launchbox data?
  11. I'm having a problem with curving the screen and I don't wanna make another thread for it. The bottom two corners of my screen are sharper than the top two. I can only make them equally curved when I increase curvature to the max which is not what I want. Anyone know why the bottom corners are sharper? I've switched around with different shaders (i.e. royale, geom, easymode). Edit: In case you're wondering, the overlay is not cutting off the corners. I made the screen smaller than the TV so you can see the entire edge of the screen.
  12. Wow dude, you're a machine the way you pump out so many bezels! I discovered your Big Box theme and RetroArch bezels a few days ago and was shocked to find out how much space this new LB hobby is taking up my SSDs, but it'll all be worth it in the end. Thanks so much for your effort. I can't wait to have friends and family over to play all my games on Steam Link... ...yeah, this is gonna be a nightmare to set up. I don't even MAME yet. Once again, fantastic work!
  13. Thanks, I figured I'd have to attach the bezels to the core one by one. I was hoping with those .CFG files I could enter a magical shortcut. As for The Bezel Project (slightly off-topic), I actually started with that. Unfortunately, I've run into issues with that program because I would load up a game with a perfectly matching bezel and the same bezel will appear in every other game I load. I got sick of seeing Aladdin's bezel on a bunch of games across cores. I installed a No-Intro ROM set so I assumed they were all named properly. I just don't wanna go through the hassle of verifying proper file-naming for 12,000 games. Also.....the bezel art is hit and miss. What's impressive about The Bezel Project is the quantity of bezels provided, but I think the bezels I linked are extremely detailed and shockingly realistic. I even love the marks on the screens.
  14. Hello and thanks for coming in to help! I'll get to the point. 1. I downloaded this set of bezels and somehow got it working on a game. I understand if some bezels require manual adjustments to make them fit perfectly around the screen. My question is: is there an easy auto-fit method that I'm not aware of or does everyone just do it the old fashion way (adjusting height/width, corner rounding, etc.) until it looks like a perfect fit? If there's a shortcut for this, I'd love to know because I plan on installing hundreds of arcade bezels and it's gonna slowly kill me to micro-adjust all of them. 2. Unfortunately, the creator of those bezels didn't include instructions. I placed all the bezels in my RetroArch\overlays\borders directory but I don't see any script to attach these bezels to their cores. I'm just activating it manually on RetroArch's menu at Onscreen Overlay>Overlay Present.
  15. Hello, I just purchased lifetime subscriptions to LaunchBox Premium and EmuMovies an hour ago and I'm logged into both on LaunchBox (with the license installed). This is my first time trying to download any videos and I'm only able to see a few of them when I click preview on the list. When I click on most of them, I get VLC player launching and attempting to stream something but nothing happens. There isn't any particular brand that's causing trouble. Some BigBox and EmuMovies previews work, but most don't. I have tried messing with the default video settings on LaunchBox. It was set to Windows Media Player by default (weird) even though it wasn't launching that. I switched it to VLC default. It didn't work. I then went into Windows default program settings and switched all VLC defaults to Windows Media Player.........LaunchBox was STILL launching VLC to play the previews. I can't get it to preview on WMP and I don't know if that would even help.
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