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  1. Hey, thanks for all the help and for the script. There's a problem with the video. I set the duration for 15 seconds. When I play the video on Windows Media Player, the audio is not synced. The audio starts and stops 3 seconds before the video. What I get is an 18 second video that's 3 seconds behind its audio. So I uploaded the video on Streamable (link here) to show you and that's when I noticed that on Streamable it actually played perfectly in sync! Now I'm thinking it's something on my end. You can download it from that page and see if your media players play it just as well. When I play the video on Media Player Classic, the video and audio are in sync but the first 3 seconds are muted. When I play the video on VLC media player, the video and audio are in sync but the first second is a bit scrambled and the video cuts off at 14 seconds (maybe rounds to 15 seconds).
  2. Finally! It worked! F: cd "Video Snaps" python script.py <----- FAIL python script.py.txt <----- Wall of text and success. I won't fight the txt. It works and I don't care why. I'm creating a notepad file with those setup and script instructions for future use. Not forgetting this now! Tomorrow I put this thing to work. I need hundreds of videos. Thanks a bunch! This app would really help someone wanting to quickly create videos over at Emumovies.
  3. Wow, Command Prompt will not change directory. Notice how I try two different commands to change the directory to Video Snaps but it didn't work. Changing to Python had no issues. By the way, it's 5:25am so I'm going to bed right now but I'll read this thread later.
  4. Update: Progress. It turns out that Mega Man X ended up in my Python folder. Well this is gonna suck. Any idea how to redirect it to the folder I made?
  5. I typed what you wrote exactly, .\python.exe "F:\Video Snaps\script.py" and I also typed the previous python "F:\Video Snaps\script.py" just in case you made a typo. Neither worked. Then, just out of curiosity, I added .txt to the filename in the command and got this enormous wall of text. Let me know if it's nothing and I need to stop trying the txt extension.
  6. I got nothing from it (picture below). Should I do something to make 3.7 my default python somehow? Your ffmpeg.exe link was broken for me. Apparently that site shut down last month. But I already had an ffmpeg.exe from another thing I don't remember so I copied it here. Hopefully whatever version I have doesn't matter. (Edit: I replaced it with latest version, 4.3.1-2020-10-01 , and no effect.)
  7. Yes. Results: python: can't open file 'F:\Video Snaps\script.py': [Errno 2] No such file or directory
  8. Need some help here: To simplify things, in my gaming hard drive I created one folder for all of this, "Video Snaps". In both the System variables and User variables under PATH, I added only two lines for each: "F:\Video Snaps" and "C:\Users\TheBi\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python37". I run CMD under administrator mode and type: >python F:\Video Snaps\script.py It doesn't find it because of the spaces >python "F:\Video Snaps\script.py.txt" I get a huge wall of text with a red line saying "No such file or directory."
  9. Maybe this is what I'm looking for. I have Emumovies and still recommend it, but it doesn't have everything and I'd like to grab a few seconds of YouTube gameplay for games. Every other solution involves downloading the entire video first or using a free website to clip a portion of the video. It'll take a while to do that way.
  10. grim.

    MAME Importing

    What a coincidence that I settled for FreeFileSync as my backup software yesterday after my old SyncToy started acting funny. Little did I know that people would be using it at a more complex level. I'll have to look into this batch file stuff later when my 3TB of data are safe and I'm calm again. By the way, the Donation Edition seems to work faster b/c of that parallel operation stuff. Not sure how to optimize it exactly but my transfer speeds went from 5 MB/sec on the free version to 60-80 MB/sec on the Donation version. I was gonna donate anyway.
  11. grim.

    MAME Importing

    Wow, well thanks for the reply. It'll take me a moment to understand your strategy, but I want to say that your point about having a separate folder and separate MAME maintenance for NAOMI CHDs is kind of a deal breaker in my end. Months ago when I bought my 4TB drive just for LB/BB/MAME, I wouldn't have cared. Now it's 80% full and I'm getting frugal and I'm trying to get the most out of my MAME ROM and Software List set without having separate copies of games in other directories. Well, because I'm unfortunately very impatient in getting most of my collection set up (my last backup was BEFORE the MAME downloading) I decided to do this manually and just type "naomi.cpp" on the LB search bar and I got all the Naomi 1, 2, GD, and Atomiswave games. Then I spent too long of a time separating them into platforms and when I found confusing duplicates I verified with ProgettoEMMA what they were. Yeah, I did it the hard way.
  12. grim.

    MAME Importing

    A month ago I used the MAME Import Tool to import my MAME games and I left all filtered settings checked. However, I made the incorrect assumption that the games unsupported by MAME were simply unplayable. Now I'm realizing that they're only unplayable in MAME and some play smoothly on other emulators (i.e. NAOMI games on Demul). So now I've got this situation where I'd like to import many of these "unsupported by MAME" games which I can play through Retroarch or standalone emulators, but the issue is properly filtering the romset to pick out those games. Is there an easy way to select MAME Romset games by machine so that I can import only those into the "Arcade" platform or separate platforms? I'm guessing someone figured out how to use a DAT file to pick out Atomiswave or Sega Model 1 games only. I know that AFTER I've imported games, I can search for the machine name on Launchbox and successfully find results, but I was hoping I could avoid what I'm doing right now which is re-importing my entire ROM collection. It's going to take HOURS and I'm gonna get so much junk in LB.
  13. I was gonna try the standalone emulators for NAOMI. Thanks for the link to the guide. I ended up installing DEmul, setting it up completely via emulator and LB settings, and I can play NAOMI games very smoothly. Configuring controls to my Xbox One controller is a hassle and some games are just plain uncooperative with controls, but that's another issue for another time and thread. My NAOMI games are good to go and this will only make it easier to get NAOMI 2, Atomiswave, and Hikaru games working if I choose to have them. Thanks!
  14. The title was the whole question. I've organized my MAME ROM collection for easier updating in the future and also to keep things organized and easier to find. My directories are: MAME/roms MAME/MAME CHDs Both added to the MAME .ini rompath. It all looks good and MAME reads the folders and files just fine. The problem is that MAME can't play Naomi games well. Retroarch's Flycast core can, but only if the ROM and its CHD file are in the same folder. This messes up my MAME setup as I'll have all MAME game files in one folder. I've checked RetroArch's core options for Flycast and I've looked around the file folders, but I don't see an option to tell Flycast to look in two places for ROMs. I'm also going to assume that every emulator and core besides MAME will not have a customizable rompath like the standalone MAME. Is there a workaround? Can Launchbox have parameters for emulators to load MAME ROMs with CHDs in different folders? Is there a standalone emulator for the Naomi/Dreamcast that allows for a MAME-type rompath customization? I know I'm asking for a lot in an emulator, but until MAME learns how to play NAOMI games, I'm looking elsewhere.
  15. This sounds great, but I'm confused as to why I would need to create a software folder when I just throw everything into one folder anyway (roms folder). Does this prevent another issue?
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