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  1. I start the screen recorder, (bandicam in my case but there are many other options available: https://atomisystems.com/screencasting/record-screen-windows-10#game_bar), and then start a game, then hit whatever hotkey starts recording, play around in the game for a while, and then hit the hotkey to turn off the recording again. The video file ends up in documents/bandicam, which I just rename to whatever the name of the game is, and then move the file to launchbox/videos/[whatever-platform]/[whatever-game].mp4
  2. I used to have google drive set up for this, both on my pc and my android device. It was a bit of a hassle to set up (especially on the android end), but it worked pretty good. After a while, I discovered that I don't really play all that much on my phone, so I went back to regular save directories. But regular pc-to-pc synching with any cloud storage software should be a breeze to set up, whichever you opt for Just point all the save paths in all your emulators to a directory on the cloud storage on all devices, and voila
  3. Hey, I'm sorry man, but I have no idea what you're trying to say.. Could you try explaining it in a different way?
  4. This is the error that pops up both times, which indicates that you are not launching the rom correctly. Try getting the rom to work in mame, outside of launchbox first. Be sure to point to the directory where you have your roms inside of mame.
  5. go to mame.ini and set offscreen_reload to 1
  6. I also use it you see, and it works fine here. Can't remember how I did it.. Did you check out meka.cfg? It's a text file in the meka directory. On line 40, it says fb_fullscreen_after_load equals either 1 or 0. Be sure to set it to 1, if it isn't already
  7. Open JoyToKey. Go to settings -> Associate Profiles with Target Applications. Have you specified a default profile at the bottom? Is the radio-button ticked off for that default profile? It may be ticked off at the first one (Use the last profile)
  8. Open the emulator. Go to Main -> Options -> check the box where it says "Switch to fullscreen mode after loading a game"
  9. What is the full path to your LaunchBox directory? The error says first thing: "Illegal characters in path", so probably there are some special character that it can't parse..
  10. What emulator are you using?
  11. Either get the window with ahk, simulate a keypress arrow left, then keypress enter, or find the exact x, y coordinates of the yes-button, and use MouseMove to get there, and simulate a left mouse click
  12. Does Dolphin recognize the device? If so, just set the first wii-mote controller to "emulated wiimote", and go wild. Doesn't work well for games that uses the IR-pointer, but you can emulate the shake and tilting. https://wiki.dolphin-emu.org/index.php?title=Configuring_Controllers
  13. Maybe right click the exe, click properties -> compatibility and give it administrator rights
  14. Hey! Is there a way to turn off the message that says "This WAD has not been signed by Nintendo. Continue to import?" ? I've tried turning of the Panic Handlers, but it didn't help.
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