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  1. I did this by accident once too, but I cant remember how i fixed it.. I believe I did something in the XML-files
  2. Oh, okay! Yes, it happens in the editor. There are no themes that supports this kind of nesting as far as I know, which is why I was hoping that this editor could be an easy fix for mye particular use case. Anyway, thank you for creating such an easy-to-use program!
  3. Stellar work! I'm having difficulties with nested platform categories, but that may not be a problem with your application in particular, but rather how theming works in BigBox? If I choose a platform category, I get the hourglass cursor, and it just loads infinitely. An example is: Genres (Platform Category) -- Action (Platform Category) ---- Beat'em Up (Playlist) Screen capture provided
  4. You should probably take this with the support at Rec Room Masters You can contact their tech support here: support@recroommasters.com
  5. Just to clarify - LaunchBox doesnt come with any games at all. You need emulator applications for the systems you want to play, which in turn needs ROM-files which are the actual games. Once you have that, you can import those games into LaunchBox for an easy-to-use, all-in-one-place front-end, which makes it easy to organize and launch your games. Be sure to check out LaunchBox and ETA Prime on YouTube, for guides on how to set it up. And if you need help setting up something specific, just ask! The forums are a great place for getting help
  6. I've set up my platform categories as such: What I'm trying to accomplish, is having one view for these top-level Platform Categories, and one view for the nested Categories, in BigBox: So Genre, Platforms, Playlists and Series share a view (say Vertical View 1), while all the nested Categories use another view (say Vertical View 2). Any possibilities of this? If I try to change the view of a nested category, it only jumps back to the top-level Platform Category and changes the view for everything.
  7. 2. Ah, now i get what youre saying! I think hacks has been intentionally left out for now 3. This may help
  8. 2. My suggestion is to add the games to their respective systems, and create a playlist that you call Hacks 3. Whatever you can make run on your machine can be run through LaunchBox. Get your emulator to work outside launchbox before setting it up inside launchbox
  9. I start the screen recorder, (bandicam in my case but there are many other options available: https://atomisystems.com/screencasting/record-screen-windows-10#game_bar), and then start a game, then hit whatever hotkey starts recording, play around in the game for a while, and then hit the hotkey to turn off the recording again. The video file ends up in documents/bandicam, which I just rename to whatever the name of the game is, and then move the file to launchbox/videos/[whatever-platform]/[whatever-game].mp4
  10. I used to have google drive set up for this, both on my pc and my android device. It was a bit of a hassle to set up (especially on the android end), but it worked pretty good. After a while, I discovered that I don't really play all that much on my phone, so I went back to regular save directories. But regular pc-to-pc synching with any cloud storage software should be a breeze to set up, whichever you opt for Just point all the save paths in all your emulators to a directory on the cloud storage on all devices, and voila
  11. Hey, I'm sorry man, but I have no idea what you're trying to say.. Could you try explaining it in a different way?
  12. This is the error that pops up both times, which indicates that you are not launching the rom correctly. Try getting the rom to work in mame, outside of launchbox first. Be sure to point to the directory where you have your roms inside of mame.
  13. go to mame.ini and set offscreen_reload to 1
  14. I also use it you see, and it works fine here. Can't remember how I did it.. Did you check out meka.cfg? It's a text file in the meka directory. On line 40, it says fb_fullscreen_after_load equals either 1 or 0. Be sure to set it to 1, if it isn't already
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