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  1. Very well could be because even after a fresh install of launchbox and everything involved I still dont get any triggers to ledblinky while navigating the menu/categories/games in bigbox
  2. So in LEDblinky there is a "FE list change" animation you can set. I made a quick custom animation and was assuming/hoping it would be triggered by scrolling through different systems in bigbox but last time I tried to set it it only worked if I picked a game and was in the game info screen and then backed out...then it would trigger. At the bottom of the LEDblinky config utility theres also a spot called "FE system lists names" ... I think this is for adding the names of categories and systems as they are named in launchbox/bigbox to help trigger the "fe list change" ani
  3. Thanks for the detailed reply! My confusion was where launchbox got its working/nonworking rom labeling info.... I'm aware launchbox just passes commands to lauch so-and-so game to the emulator defined, but just wasn't sure if the import utility for mame was different than the rest, I thought maybe launchbox went off of its own master xml list or something of whats working/ not working when Importing games. I asked this on reddit as well and someone said LB would not import CHD games and this also had me confused. I already have the correct file structure for the CHD's .... I ran the mame
  4. So when I import my mame set.... If I check the box to not import non-working roms then it wont import roms that require CHD files and do indeed work if I have the chd files? I will need to manually add the CHD required- working roms?
  5. So im aware you can choose not to import fruit machine roms, majhong, clones,bootlegs ect when importing a mame romset..... after your filtered list is imported you can export this set to a new folder. What im wondering is will it import the roms needing CHD files? I have a full .228 mame romset, a full .228 bios set, and a full .228 CHD set. When importing my mame romset will it also include the current working roms that require chd files? That way I can skim down my mame set to a more manageable size instead of keeping 550gb of CHD files on my drive when most are not
  6. Just finished upgrading my cab, spent a week trying to get controllers working in retroarch. I tried everything but my IPAC4 kept taking priority over the controllers. Its in keyboard only mode so shouldnt be any conflicts with my wireless 360 controllers. Ive used both in this cab before. Tried autoconfig input on and off, tried mapping everything, saving profiles, tried fresh install of retroarch..... Nothing worked and my IPAC4 would always hog input ports 1 and 2 making the controllers useless even though they were recognized and configured. Finally I switched controller i
  7. I dont know what the issue was but copied over the launchbox files from my backup drive to the cab and now its triggering attract led animation.
  8. Ive been trying to figure this out for days. Im in process of getting email address from Arzoo of LEDblinky to send him my debug file but he suggessted I ask here as well. Anyway, Spent several weeks overhauling my 4p arcade cab, new PC, new wiring, rgb buttons, and 2x pacLED64's. Everything is setup and running good except a couple issues. I generated my input map in ledblinky, and my layout, I spent a whole day making custom led button animations for bigbox, and sofar my animations for launching BB, active in BB, exiting, and active in game animations are working fine but I
  9. I finally- after weeks of troubleshooting- got everything launching in 240p as it should. Through countless guides Ive read, and after posting my issue on a dozen forums, I never seen mentioned that you must go into retroarch/config folder and edit each cores config file to turn on crt switchres......but thats what fixed it.
  10. So I installed another fresh instance of launchbox on my c drive (not my 8tb launchbox drive ive been having the issues with) Pointed it to retroarch and bam...... 240p first try. The problem is I spent weeks compiling my 8tb drive from roms I had on my arcade cabs hdd, and roms from another computer. I just recently compiled it all a few months back and its updated to latest launchbox. I pointed to the same retroarch folder as the instance of launchbox I just downloaded and the launchbox I just downloaded outputs 240p fine but my compiled hdd dont. What could be the issue? Wh
  11. Well ive disabled integrated graphics to rule that out. Ran only the crt. Reinstalled custom modelines, tried 2 older versions of retroarch...... Same situation..... I can get retroarch to run in 240p but when launched from launchbox or bigbox its in 480i and dont understand why. Does launchbox run RA from a command prompt? could the command have something added thats forcing 480i? Is there any possible settings in launchbox i should check?
  12. I get all kinds of different results in retroarch by changing resolutions and refresh rates in these 3 options...... I cant find any info on what these should be set at options.... desktop: 640x480- 30hz interlaced, 60hz interlaced, 120hz interlaced retroarch: crt_video_refresh rate- 30hz, 60hz ,120hz retroarch: video_refresh_rate- 30hz, 60hz, 120hz Ive played around with all different combinations of above settings, some will give me the 1/3rd of screen on left, squished in middle, squished horizontally, what ive tested tonight Monitor retroarch "crt_refres
  13. I can get everything to run in 240p in retroarch..... in bigbox its 480i and mushy. What could bigbox be doing to not let RA run in 240p? No ideas? Nothing?
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