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  1. Understood, will give it a try today and get back to you! Thanks again!!
  2. Interesting, I have a hard time understanding why the video driver would have anything to do with his error message...but I'm willing to try it, if need be. RA works perfectly with my other systems, so I'm a bit concerned about changing anything in RA...especially if it is working well with other platforms.
  3. Thank you for that...so it looks interesting, but if I can ask one question. This error I'm getting, only happens through LB's RetroArch with the Citra core. If I run any of those same downloaded games that I have, with the Mii error on the Citra standalone's, there is no problem. So my question is even if I create this 3ds dump files (if this is what it's called), where would i put those files as my issue is only happening with RA through LB? Thanks!
  4. Sorry missed that. So i have a 3DS handheld that i own. I get it from there? Odd thing is that i don't get that same message from Citra standalones, just happens in RetroArch with the citra core.
  5. So I got a question. After trying out many 3DS games through LB with the RetroArch Citra core and as well with both the Citra Nightly/Canary standalone emulators, seems like the games run better with the standalone's. The one major issue I have with LB is that I get a message with many games..."Fatal Error Encountered: Mii Data . At this point the screen just freezes. Anyone have any clues how to get around this? Other games run just fine. And some just don't run, period! LOL! On a side note, how do I update the Citra core within RetroArch, please? Thank you!
  6. Looks very informative!! Trying it out now!!
  7. There's a pretty good video tutorial on Youtube if you want to use LB to play 3DS. Heads up though, there are still lots of games that don't work properly...Must be difficult with this 3DS system.
  8. Tried it...no luck...it gives me a different message....Line 1419 Object required: "Controller" I also tried to download another game...Firepower...no luck with this game as well.
  9. No it doesn't work at all...it's one error after another. I tried to install the 10.6 installer this time rather than the standalone and still no luck. When I try the nudge test...controller works only there!!
  10. Hi, yes I corrected it. It goes into the game but doesn't respond to my controller. Tried the nudge test and there it works. But upon launching a few games...there is no response, can't even start the game.
  11. Hi, I took a look at what you suggested by opening up the VPX Nudge Test Calibration file. So it seems that some buttons are tied into the keyboard and others are tied to my Xbox controller. So now I'm even more confused!! LOL!! Is there a way to bind all those needed functions to my controller? This is what I can't figure out. Here is a pic, if it will help. And yes, my controllers work with other emulators and Launchbox. Thanks for the help again.
  12. Thank you for that wealth of information. I will have time to get you all that info tomorrow. Many thanks for everyone's help!!
  13. Or is this a table issue...it's the only one i downloaded...to try it out...Bram Stokers Dracula
  14. Yup I tried that and still nothing...weird. I'm wondering is there a step by step somewhere on how to start putting that info in for the controller and whatever else this software needs. Also I was wondering can i use RetroArch...I never have issues with that program. So nothing changed, same error pops up and another window with bunch of info in a script.
  15. I also did notice some of the pictures shown above with the RetroArch logo...I am not using Let me try that...
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