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  1. i love those loading video. Where do i have to place them so it's displayed ?
  2. Hi, I have Daphne Emulator working fine, but when i want to add the games in Launchbox, i don't see any Laserdisc Daphne or Daphne platform ? I followed an old thread here with a batch file to add for launchbox, but the "Scappe As" dont show any Laserdisc Daphne..... I'm a bit lost. Any help would be much appreciated
  3. Hi everyone I was wondering if there is a way to map a keyboard shortcut in BigBox to directly have access to the settings. For example, if i'm on a game view and want to go in the Settings Menu, i have to press several times "esc" to go back to my root view then "esc" again to go in the Settings, and when i'm out of the settings, i have to go back all the way to my game. I din't see any mapping for menu shortcut in the maping keyboard section in BB. I maybe blind, as there are so many options Thanks
  4. Sorry for being that noob, but is there any "start from scratch" tutorial ? i've look for many video in the youtube channel, but i just can't find one that teach how to start from scratch
  5. Although i use Launchbox/BigBox as my top favorite frontend on my computer and arcade cabinet, i have a Batocera build on one of my bartop and i can't help myself finding the themes maybe less beautifull but much more dynamic. For exemple, on Batocera, (but also the same behavior on CoinOps) when you scroll in your platforms or games wheel, the background change at the same time, while in BigBox the background change only when the wheel has finished moving. Same with elements like text block or platform picture, animation only starts after the wheel has scrolled. As a result, whe
  6. wow thank you, i didn't know about that site.
  7. Hi, i have a stupid question : I want to create a full pack for "Naomi 2" games. For now, i can only find some complete Naomi games, but i can't just find a "Naomi 2" only roms + CHD pack. So unless someone knows a good link to send in pm , i was thinking that i could extract all roms files + chd from a complete MAME romset. is there a (easy) way to extract all roms and CHD refering to Naomi 2 from a complete MAME romset (bios, games, CHD) ? Thanks
  8. yesssssssssssssss............... that works !!!!! i removed everything but the "keyboradprovider" part and the default.cfg part is no more altered !!
  9. Here is the screen capture. Don't ask me what's that command line, i got it somewhere on the internet when i searched how to add mame in Launchbox with a working Xbox360 pad
  10. no i use mame, but i have a -dinput in my command line (which i certainly took from a Youtube video explaining how to use a dpad with mame and launchbox as i'm totally ignorant in all this) and that's why i was thinking that might cause trouble
  11. i use Mame (0.226) what is the command line to use in Launchbox when i configure the emulator ? maybe the problem is here
  12. This is what i don't understand. I didn't reboot my computer.... What i did is launch Mame and configure my Xbox 360 Controller. I've played some mame games without problems. I Launched and closed Mame emulator 4 or 5 times and the pad config is still ok (the default.cfg is ok). I closed Mame a last time and without rebooting immediately launched a game via Launchbox and then the control no more configured (the default.cfg file is altered). I repeated those step and reconfigured Mame many times. The problem only happens when i launch mame via Launchbox ..... Can it be a c
  13. my pad is always connected to my computer (life is too short to loose 5 seconds plugin your usb pad ^^) I never unplug it. The file is altered only when i launch Mame via Launchbox.
  14. Is there any reason why Launchbox alters my default.cfg file ? I customized my controls under Mame, which are saved in the cfg/default.cfg file. AS long as i launch games directly from Mame, i have my controls working fine. But as soon as i launch an arcade game from Launchbox, my default.cfg file is altered and all the control refering to my pad are deleted. (Exemple : "JOYCODE_2_DPADUP OR KEYCODE_UP" becomes "OR KEYCODE_UP" meaning i can't use my pad when using Launchbox ! Any idea of what is going wrong ?
  15. For example, In BigBox, all the Player 1 Buttons are affected to a BigBox function (like select theme or view, etc....) but only 5 buttons are lit (i know all 6 buttons works, but the player 5 button - Z- is not lit) when i launch a game or launch/close BigBox, i've set some led animations in the default preset list and it works for all the buttons. But once a game is launched, the leds are lit as if i still was in BigBox. I've generated and set the mame.xml path as shown in the doc, but it doesnt care. The only led that are lit when i'm in Mame are the same as when i'm in BigBox.
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