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  1. personnaly i did it with the lastest official release, i didn't try the beta, maybe i'll give it a try so i can see if there are changes
  2. i confirm too the problem is still there. i'm adding new plateform little by little and although there is a match with the LaunchboxDB, the arts are not always downloaded, it must be proceeded manually.
  3. Hello. I run through a little problem, i never had to configure Retroarch to use my XBox 360 pad with the installed cores and it was working fine. Today, i've plugged my pad on my computer, and it's no more detected in Retroarch. It works in BigBox, it works in my standalone emulators, but in Retroarch, whatever the core loaded, it has no action. I can see "Xinput" in my input parameters, but nothing works and if i try to manually configure it, i can press any button it's not detected... Any idea of what the problem might be ?
  4. Everything is in the title I've configure my Amiga collection (with video, logo, merged games, etc...) to work with FS-UAE. This took me a lot of time.... yes, a lot ^^ But some games work better with other amiga emulator. But i don't want to have to go througt all this configuration time again. Is there a way to duplicate the Amiga FS-UAE plateform and rename it to Amiga P-UAE so it keeps all the media, and i just have to change the emulator ? (if possible, having the Amiga P-UAE pointing to the Amiga FS-UAE rom/medias folders so i don't have to duplicate everything... ? I've tried to manually edit the plateforms.xml file, but i guess i didn't do good, as it's not working
  5. can someone who have this pack, tell me if he can play "Addams Family" game ? I can't see the character in my install and dont know how i can fix this...
  6. you have screenshots in the archive for configuration of Launchbox. Just configure as it's shown
  7. Noob question here : why are many games of that pack running super super fast when i don't have that problem of speed when using ADF files with fs-uae ? Some are running fine are there some parameters i'm missing or i need to change ? EDIT : after checking a lot of games, none seems to work fine for me either they are like 100x too fast (Baal, Anarchy, Denaris...), either they are like 20% too slow and sound slow too (Menace...) am i missing things ?
  8. hello. i'm really interest in this pack. Is it possible that someone provide me the link in pm ?
  9. I've just noticed that problem in my configuration. All the games that are in my Favorites are not displayed in my plateform wheel...
  10. Hello. Everything is in the title All my games are appearing properly in Lauchbox. But when i launch Big Box, a lot of them are not appearing in the game wheel..... I can't find what is the problem EDIT : After few tries, i notice that the games that are in my favorites dont show in the Big Bix wheel
  11. i have Windows 10 and the BB license too. So i think the problem comes from somewhere else.
  12. I tried today to rescrap all missing media and nothing changed.... Half of the games found are not updated if i don't manually do them one by one.... Goshhh Thousands of games concerned on so many plateform, one life wouldn't be enough !
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