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  1. hi everyone. Whatever the theme i use in BigBox, i've notice that the background transition (example : vertical slide) starts right after the "wheel" animation ends. For example, i'm on a platform A, with the video of the Platform A in background, then move to Platform B (so the list slide to platform B clear logo) and once it's done, then the background video of platform B slides in the background. Same happens for games... And this gives me a sensation of slowliness when i browse between platforms and games compate to Recalbax or Batocera on RPi. Is there a parameter in the theme or options that i could change so both animations starts at the same time ? That would make many themes more dynamic and more appealing to me
  2. Hello everyone. Right now, i have all my launchbox set up in my launchbox directory on a 8TB hard drive. I was thinking about moving all the gamesand plateform media (Pictures, logo, video, etc....) on a separate SSD to gain some speed when i navigate through game and platform in BigBox. Is it something relevant ? If yes, how could i easily move all the media to another disk (like batch edit for all games) without having to rescrap everything or reconfigure every games one by one ? Thanks
  3. i have a little question : what is the beta version number right now ? Before the 10.15 official update, i was notified a new beta version several times a week. But since the official 10.15, i still have not been notified of any beta update. As i haven't unchecked anything in my settings, i'd like to know if it's my Launchbox not updating anymore or if it's normal ?
  4. I take advantage of this topic for a similar question. I've updated my mame 0.220 roms to 0.221 roms by replacing the content of roms folder in mame with the new set (roms + chd). How can i do in LB now to "update" my game list (in case some mame games were added or removed) without loosing my playlists and my "favorites" selected games ? i'm afraid if i go to the import process again, i'll have to redo all my favorite selection and playlist....
  5. I use the Beta 7 of Launchbox. As you can see on the screenshot provided my highscore is 58.600 (which is my first score the first time i played) and in the log you can see my highscore is 136.940, which is the second time i played, and it's not updated in launchbox...
  6. i don't know if it can helps, but i've noticed that the hi-score doesn't update when i beat a hiscore in a game i have already played. (in the log here, the first hiscore what updated, the second one was not ) Debug 2020-05-08 12-12-54 PM.log
  7. the fact is i was using MAMEUI64 before the high score thing. Once the high score were implemented, i just switched to mame but i didn't change the path of the roms to not reconfigure all my paths (i dont know how to do this automatically). Is that the problem ? because honestly, the "not recording high score" is like 70% of the time but 30% of times it works (yeah, frustrating specially when i beat my own hi score).
  8. Here is a new log. On the same Launchbox session, columns 2 has its hi score updated, while for Fire Shark, played right after, hiscore just didn't update in Launchbox. Debug 2020-05-06 09-26-05 PM.log
  9. Even with the new beta, i still have some problems with updating hi-score. It seems that in many games (specially the first time i play) once i make a hi score, leave launchbox and play the game again, the new hi-score is not recorded. This is what just happened with Altair and Air Assult. The new hi-score has not been updated Not all the game behave like that. Debug 2020-05-05 06-37-21 PM.log Debug 2020-05-05 10-30-07 PM.log
  10. I recently discovered that Mame scores randomly dont update. Example : This week end i play Andro Dunos. I make a miserable 69000 score. It updates correctly. But hey, i want to beat my own score, and boom, i make a 200.000 score. I'm happy with it and what i realises ? it never updated in Launchbox. It doesn't happens all the times, but it did this to a lot of games like Andro Dunos, Metal Slug, Gradius, etc.... I'm using .220 romset. Wonder if i'm the only one facing that problem ?
  11. nice ! i could make platform video as background thanks
  12. i have 2 little questions : Hatari uses the thumb stick of my controller instead of the D-pad. Is there a way to change that ? Is there a way to use "esc" to quit the emulator ? for now, i just can use F12 then Quit, which is not convenient
  13. Hello, i just have a little question. I'm just sucking more than Linda Lovelace when it comes to xaml. But i'd like to know if there is a way to put a video as main visual for startup theme ? (i'm trying to make a "loading" video per platform that i'd like to play while the game is loading...)
  14. stupid question : where do i have to put the xml ?
  15. I just played the game "Magic Sword" many times, but it stills show "High Score supported but no community hight score found yet". Is the problem on my side only ? I use Mame 0.220 and latest version of Launchbox (problem occured on 10.14 and 10.15 beta 1). Same problems goes with Golden Axe.
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