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  1. i add my voice for this feature. As we all know , making the perfect working build is a long and tedious work so I duplicate my main LB hard drive on my 3 arcade cabinets so i'm sure in case of crash, i have some saving of my build. but one cabinet is dedicated for arcade/consoles, one for racing games and one for computer games. This function would be super helpful so each cabinet would have their own view while all the hidden platform would still be installed and configured if needed. There is already a hide game option, i dont know what can makes a hide platform so more difficult that it's not implemented
  2. Hi all, i have an issue that i can't resolve. I'm scrapping my Arcade plateform, but there are games that have exactely the same name but who are totally different. For example : there are 2 "Off the Wall" named arcade games (1984 and 1991), which are both in the Launchbox Database, but when i want to scrap, only the one from 1984 appears in the list. This means i cannot scrap the one from 1991. This is not the only games, there are many in the same situation, and each time i just can scrap manually and it's not connected to any launchbox ID. That's annoying. Any idea would be super appreciated !
  3. it's a pity an "Update games meta/media only if the LaunchboxDB for this game has been modified since last game update" option is not in the plan That would save me so much bandwith and time updating the meta/media of my build. But i still appreciate, more than a year after buying BB that the developpement is always super active.
  4. Hi all. Here is my situation : i have my BigBox running in an Arcade Cabinet. This means i dont have mouse/keyboard and when i want to shutdown my arcade cabinet i have to go back in the settings Menu and then go down to shutdown menu and it's a bit annoying. I'd like to know if it's possible to create a link in the platform category wheel (i was thinking maybe a fake "shutdown" platform that points to a batch file) that allows to close BigBox and shutdown the computer ? thanks
  5. hi i have some display bugs with the theme. Dont know where it comes from. When i'm in the game wheel and press "esc" to go back to the plateform view, the background image is displayed but the plateform list is not showing (i can hear the music of the video theme also but it's not displayed) and then if i move left of right to scroll the plateforms, the plateform logos appear again and the video is being displayed after a second. This happens with the plateform views where the logos are located in the middle pf the screen. With the plateform views where the plateform logos are displayed at the bottom of the screen with the coin ops logo sliding down, the problem is that when i press esc to go back from game view, this time the plateforms logo are displayed but the Coin ops logo does not appear neither the video (but i have the sound of it). As soon as i move left or right to browse plateforms, everything goes back to normal. So in both cases, the problem occurs when i'm back from game view to plateform view and disappear as soon as i move left or gith to browse plateforms.
  6. haaaaoooo that workd i was looking at the wrong menu for ages........ thanks
  7. but what's that quick menu Overrides option for then ? I can't find where the game specifis option saving is, i never uded it it's in quick menu ?
  8. Hi all, maybe this question sounds stupid, but i can't get to work the Directory Override in Retroarch and i might miss something. My need comes from the Amstrad CPC and the Amstrad GX4000 that i use with the Caprice32 core in Retroarch. The Amstrad CPC needs the 6128 core option, the Amstrad GX4000 needs the 6128+ core option, and of course, i need 2 configurations depending on the directory the game is located (all my games are seperated in 2 directories, one per platform). Here is what i did (and not working) in Retroarch. - i launch Retroarch and load the Caprice32 core. Then i Load a game from the CPC games directory and in the core option, i choose 6128. Of course the game launches without problem. - While the game is running, In the quick menu, i go to "Overrides" then "Save Content Directory Overrides", then exit Retroarch I launch Retroarch again do the same steps as above for the GX4000 but choosing the 6128+ in the core option. But nothing happens. Only the latest core option are saved and it seems that when i click on "Save Content Directory Overrides" nothing is saved. I dont have any specific core config files anywhere... It's like i did nothing. And i don't even have the feeling that anything happens when i click on "Save Content Directory Overrides"..... So if you have a solution of what i'm missing ? i'm lost....
  9. What i was trying to achieve is to have the TV wallpaper and the video as they are , but giving them an old look, like some animated VHS noise or distortion overlay so it gives the whole thing a more retro look that matches my custom 80's vhs startup video. And the only way i have found to do that is to make a themed video of the TV wallpaper + video + added overlay that would replace the static TV image + video. This is why i was thinking about a themed video because i'm not sure that it's possible to add a vhs overlay
  10. hi all i have a little (well, 2 little questions) about that theme.... 1/ is there any parameters i can change in some config files to make the transition between the wallpapers and the plateforms video faster ? (reduce the delay and the fade transition time so it's more dynamic) 2/ is it possible - still by modifying some files - to replace the combo (tv wallpaper+video snap) by just a full screen platform themed video ?
  11. i really love this theme, but i have lots of freezing/crashing issue with it. I've tried to apply it to a super newly fresh install of BigBox but still the same.... Most of the time not to say all the times it happens is either when i'm out of the option menu and go back to BigBox, i might have a 20/30 second freeze or black screen before BigBox works again, or when i'm back from a platform to a parent category, it just crashes.... This happens to BigBox 10.11, i haven't tried any béta as i dont want to take any risk with my "hundreds of hours" setup i see lot of people have that kind of issues with this super good looking theme, and i'd like to know if some of you have found a solution coz i f**** love this theme ?
  12. Elhora


    i would be interested in that procedure too. I looked everywhere, but i didn't find any tutorial on how to save 2 differents options for the same core depending on the plateform game you launch Even id I use the "save folder override" option (dont know exactly what the name is in english) in the quick menu, nothing changes i don't even have a new configuration file as shown above. For now i've setup a second instance of Retroarch just for the GX4000, which is stupid....
  13. Well my configuration is : Launchbox\Emulators\American Laser Games In this root folder i have a ".bat" file for each games (10 games) that are all working fine when i launch them outside Launchbox (Example for Mad Dog i have maddog.bat, For Crime Patrol, i have crimepatrol.bat, etc....) Those scripts are all like that : @daphne.exe singe vldp -fullscreen -noserversend -framefile singe/maddog/frame_maddog_cdrom.txt -script singe/maddog/maddog_cdrom.singe I also have a "singe" folder which contains each game (each folders and scripts are named accordingly) .\singe\maddog .\singe\crimepatrol .\singe\drugwars etc...... Right now if i wanna play an American Laser Game, i just need to launch the .bat script of the game and everything works fine. Example : Launchbox\Emulators\American Laser Games\maddog.bat will launch Mad Dog without problems. Launchbox\Emulators\American Laser Games\drugwars.bat will launch Drug wars without problems. etc. The main problem i have is that when i add the emulator in launchbox according to the screen capture, it's not working and i dont know how to tell Launchbox to launch the .bat script that works outside Launchbox.
  14. i can see that... but i guess it comes from the end of the command line provided in the first post. So i don't know what happens. Just to confirm, all the games runs fine when launched directly from Daphne, so the problem i have is really the launchbox integration daphne.exe singe vldp -fullscreen_window -ignore_aspect_ratio -x 800 -y 600 -framefile singe/%1/%1.txt -script singe/%1/%1.singe
  15. i'm sorry to necro this topic, but i'm completely lost with configuring American Laser Games in launchbox. I've got the "No Intro" package from Colpipes78 and i try to integrate it in my Launchbox configuration but nothing works. For Daphne Games like Dargon's Lair and so on i had no problem with the Launchbox integration, but for ALG, that's just a mess. I've followed step by step any of the post above, and whatever i do, i always end up with the error message and the Log file (provided here) doesn't help me much finding the problem It seems to me a path problem, but don't know what's wrong. Any help would be appreciated daphne_log.txt
  16. Hi everyone. I have a noob question. I have imported the latest full romset of Mame without problem. But it appears that some games like Salamander 2 or Sexy Parodius are not imported as they are not set "working" in Mame. The fact is they are totally playable so i added many games like that manually to my Mame game list. Will they be kept in my mame game list next time i update Mame or will i have to re-add them everytimei make a new update ?
  17. i love those loading video. Where do i have to place them so it's displayed ?
  18. Hi, I have Daphne Emulator working fine, but when i want to add the games in Launchbox, i don't see any Laserdisc Daphne or Daphne platform ? I followed an old thread here with a batch file to add for launchbox, but the "Scappe As" dont show any Laserdisc Daphne..... I'm a bit lost. Any help would be much appreciated
  19. Hi everyone I was wondering if there is a way to map a keyboard shortcut in BigBox to directly have access to the settings. For example, if i'm on a game view and want to go in the Settings Menu, i have to press several times "esc" to go back to my root view then "esc" again to go in the Settings, and when i'm out of the settings, i have to go back all the way to my game. I din't see any mapping for menu shortcut in the maping keyboard section in BB. I maybe blind, as there are so many options Thanks
  20. Sorry for being that noob, but is there any "start from scratch" tutorial ? i've look for many video in the youtube channel, but i just can't find one that teach how to start from scratch
  21. Although i use Launchbox/BigBox as my top favorite frontend on my computer and arcade cabinet, i have a Batocera build on one of my bartop and i can't help myself finding the themes maybe less beautifull but much more dynamic. For exemple, on Batocera, (but also the same behavior on CoinOps) when you scroll in your platforms or games wheel, the background change at the same time, while in BigBox the background change only when the wheel has finished moving. Same with elements like text block or platform picture, animation only starts after the wheel has scrolled. As a result, when i switch from my BarTop to my Arcade Cabinet, i feel like a sensation of "slowliness" in the theme when browsing my platforms or games, while everything is super smooth, just that unsynchronised movements make me feel this. So my question is (no reproach here, just a need to know) : is that way of working just specific to theme making and it's possible to make a more "dynamic" theme or is it something hard coded in BigBox and so will always be like that ?
  22. wow thank you, i didn't know about that site.
  23. Hi, i have a stupid question : I want to create a full pack for "Naomi 2" games. For now, i can only find some complete Naomi games, but i can't just find a "Naomi 2" only roms + CHD pack. So unless someone knows a good link to send in pm , i was thinking that i could extract all roms files + chd from a complete MAME romset. is there a (easy) way to extract all roms and CHD refering to Naomi 2 from a complete MAME romset (bios, games, CHD) ? Thanks
  24. yesssssssssssssss............... that works !!!!! i removed everything but the "keyboradprovider" part and the default.cfg part is no more altered !!
  25. Here is the screen capture. Don't ask me what's that command line, i got it somewhere on the internet when i searched how to add mame in Launchbox with a working Xbox360 pad
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