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  1. Sure that's possible. But I don't believe it for a moment. There are too many applications with similar requirements. Some way of maintaining the functionality will exist. How inconvenient it will be is an open question. I think that I am looking at things differently. I see Windows and Android as two different use cases, with a small amount of overlap. The way I see it, an Android front end doesn't need the ability to do detailed collection maintenance, it just needs to be able to help the user locate content quickly. Additionally, IMO, the amount of graphic assets needed to "prettify" the experience are lower on Android simply because the speed of the storage media is painful enough to make small, better. A simple cover image or snap shot loads quickly without a need for additional images. I think the best model for an android front end would be "Calibre Companion". All library maintenance is done PC side and the Android app is focused on finding and accessing external content. It connects to the desktop app which acts like a server. The Achilles heel of Android is the UI speed and inconvenience of a touch screen and a front end that simplifies the location and invocation of content would be awesome. I don't know what you feel is missing, but honestly I think your app was almost there. All it really needed was to display the text from the DB (genre, description, developer, publisher etc) and to provide better ways to access content. (Search, skipping to the next letter when scrolling, possibly genre filtering). I have a complete windows setup and I definitely agree it's superior for obsessively cataloging and organizing ROMs. When it comes to actually playing games Android works just fine in most cases and is more convenient.
  2. I understand the reasoning but it's a depressing turn of events. Personally, I think it's a short sighted decision. I believe Android is going to be the go-to platform for emulation going forward. It's cheap and it's easy to develop for. You can get an Android TV box, a blue-tooth controller and a large SD card for 100 or less. I have a full-size cabinet, a gaming PC a couple of Android set top boxes and an Android phone set up for emulation and hands down, the Android solutions get far more play simply because of the convenience factor. Ah well. Easy come, easy go. Good luck with your windows app.
  3. Can anyone give me some direction about how to set up Retroarch as a custom emulator? The listed cores for the Atari Lynx don't show the one that is actually available unless I'm missing something. I'm using the 64bit sideload so I I believe all I would need is the package name for that and then use the core name as the activity? Am I on the right track? Does anyone know the 64bit sideload package code? Any help would be appreciated!
  4. There's also an issue where the app exits if you try and change the emulator for MSX or MSX2. When you tap the default emulator, RetroArch, it immediately exits.
  5. Hi all, I'm running into an issue where the application crashes if I try to import my Neo Geo roms. It scans, displays the files it found but after you click proceed it shows that it's preparing data and then it almost immediately exits. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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