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  1. Hi All Anyone have any cover art for Goldeneye for 360, after it leaked? Thanks
  2. yes, all ROMS had been added using the tool, I'll DM you the XML file shortly Thanks
  3. all like this D/launchbox/games/xxxx/roms/xxx
  4. QQ How do I change the file permission to allow LB to see the ROM Also forget to mention, i'v currently running the 10.12 Beta version - but i'm sure that isn't the issue
  5. Hi All I'm hoping someone can help me, and I have seen various other posts on this, but none of the suggestions has resolved this I have added ROMS for various systems, and have tried to launch in both LaunchBox & BigBox, and I get the same error "specified ROM path not found" I have gone into the tools/emulator/SNES9x, and ensured that the emulator is pointing in the right direction - and it is I have gone into tools/system/SNES9x, and ensured that the rom path is correct - and it is I have launched ROMS through the emulator, and they work fine, but LB &
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