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  1. I'm stupid, that is the problem
  2. Hello, i have a problem, when i try to import games to mame appears thousands of games, but i only have twenty games. pd: I'm from argentina
  3. What is an accented character?
  4. I need the last version of stella?
  5. In the associated platforms appears "Atari 2600"
  6. In the platform lists appears Atari 2600 and in the emulators list appears stella.
  7. I can play a game in stella without using launchbox perfectly , but when I try open a game in launchbox doesn't work I added Stella to the emulator list
  8. When I want to open a stella game in launchbox, it doesn't start, I need help. PD: sorry if it is misspelled, I am from Argentina
  9. Hello, I want the next emulators MSX and MSX2 PC Engine Neo Geo Console (AES) Atari 2600 I'm doing a collection and other platforms going to help me PD: I'm from Argentina
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