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  1. Thanks. I've done just that, hopefully it gets some consideration from the team. Cheers.
  2. Hi neil9000, thanks for assisting (i know you do a lot round here, i'd heard of you before i even came to these forums ). And with that, i'm going to disagree with you Feel free to rebuttle (is that the right word) what i say here. I'm sorta thinking out loud. I could add a new emulator where the file extension for the games is .squiddlyboo, Launchbox shouldn't care. It scans them, looks at the file names, tries to make sense of those names and find some game info when scraped. I can attach this set of squiddlyboo roms to any emulator i wish. Launchbox will parse that file to the e
  3. Any word from the Launchbox authors on this issue? Any clarity on how the scanning for roms (or batch files in my case) takes place, whether theres a workaround maybe, or any planned changes to allow for checking subfolders of a romset? Has this issue been noted before and thought about ? Cheers. For now, i am deleting each game manually from my launchbox view, then deleting the related 2 folders from my e:roms drive. Whittling it down that way but its really slow. I really wish i could bulk delete the games from the roms folder and then rescan within launchbox to clean up the list.
  4. You are right in all regards, there are multiple game folders, 6300 of them in fact, they are located at "e:\roms\exo\exodos\-6300-" (btw, all the games are unpacked ready to play, no zips.) Also in that folder path is one extra folder called !dos at "e:\roms\exo\exodos\!dos". And this folder contains a further matching 6300 set of folders with each one containing a bat file at "e:\roms\exo\exodos\!dos\-6300-" Of course the bat files here parse the game name and knows where to find the games files (1 level up) and where to load the emulators from (2 levels up). Every bat is set to load
  5. I cannot figure this out... please help. I have the ExodosV5 collection. All the artwork , manuals and music are moved across to Launchbox manually in their "ms-dos" counterpart folders and placed in the right places (they work). I want the games plus the !dos folder to live on another drive though, not my C drive SSD which has more limited space So rather than use the ms-dos.xml, that is created by the Exodos installer, i decided to import all the games fresh from their new path, but utilise the artwork and music. And it works... Now every game is set up to use a batch file
  6. I also would like this option, i like the Arcade startup video on launch (after BB's intro vid) but mine starts with Amstrad CPC, which is rather lacking in sound. You need a good sounding platform when showing it off to friends Lets not talk about the ZX81 theme video.... My plan, i'm going to try this in a minute, is simply to retitle arcade as ".arcade" so its alphabetically first. Should work...
  7. Heading towards 1 year later and still in lockdown in UK. What strange times we are living in.
  8. Hi. Glad you like the set, i had a lot of fun making it whilst on furlough and now i'm back at work, yeah, i'm no longer updating this set. You;re right, i think homebrew has slowed down a bit. Vectrex certainly has. That said, i am keeping an eye on new releases, and newly found rare roms and keeping a list for a potential update pack in future to catch the set up again. So about Spikes Circus. As these are images for roms, and Spikes Circus (to my knowledge) is not available as a rom, there is no point in an image. There are many other games out there on carts only where i haven't c
  9. Not sure if its due to people going back to work (me included) that homebrew has slowed down, but since my last release i've kept an eye out and nothing new has presented itself so far. I am now, as i said, back at work, so time is very limited for me now anyway. The current version uploaded here and shared on my googledrive link is possibly the last package i release. However, i will continue to add new files, so if something new does come along, i may create a cover and chuck it in my googledrive. What i might not have time for is telling the world. So basically, i'm just tell
  10. All 3 games available for free (free homebrew releases), from here... http://tacticalneuronics.com/content/main.asp
  11. And no sooner do i say theres nothing new... 3 new games found and added by John Reder. Covers are done and uploaded to GDrive for now. Space Force Handy Pick Hank Vectrex UFO enjoy.
  12. Quick update for Dragon57 and the few following along... There has been no new activity lately, no messages regards errors or omissions, so nothing new has been created or nothing altered. So basically, v1.3 is still current. 1 more week of furlough and then back to work for me.
  13. 41 is approximately the number of original game releases which are now all freeware (officially made freeware by the current copyright owners). The rest are made up of scene demos, homebrew and hacks of those free games. There is a ton of great stuff made by homebrewers. Google "Vectrex Tosec" and you'll find links to rom sets on Archive.org that are bigger than Mames, but does have junk in (bad dumps, clone dumps etc). Better still, search for "Vectrex DrSnuggles" for a very large rom collection, all downloadable via this guys online java emulator github page. This DrSnuggles set is
  14. Is there a faster way to add these to Launchbox? Using a better naming convention maybe? So the files can just be dropped into the right media folder and they get picked up? For instance, when you export files they are named "Clean Sweep-01", "Clean Sweep-02" etc. If these file names are based upon the rom file names when they were added, then i guess everyones would be different? I suppose then that this would never work for everyone and it would remain a manual process.
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