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  1. I have a sub to Hyperspin, emu movies and now Launch box ,although there are several good F.ends out there, None have the support or upgrades to rival LB in my opinion !. But have to say that Launch box is the most easiest front end to set up and get running. I used HS for years but found it frustrating as I used to spend more time trying to configure than playing games and the support seems to be non existent. Then I tried Launch box for a while before diving in and getting a full membership . I have had no end of help from the community " Treaking " and configuring my cabinet when
  2. Gentlemen.... I owe you guys a Virtual pint or 3 !! Many thanks for your help ! Again it was file naming issues and incorrect dir from a copied over batch file Now to rescue Princess Daphne !! 🤪
  3. Hi MCF Thanks for your help I will look in to the Daphne_log.txt to see if I can figure out what's happening. It's frustrating as this 1% is holding me ransom to HS lol Dragon's lair is one of my all time fave games (even though I'm crap at it) If I get this sorted I can drop HS and plough on with LB/BB If I cannot work out what's happening. Can I post the log details for more help? Very much appreciated B.
  4. Thanks very much chaps! Still struggling with Dragon's lair but will soldier on!! I'm probably overlooking something simple I have followed the above tutorial step by step but keep gettin Princess Daphne screaming "Save me!!" any other thoughts would be most welcome B.
  5. I hope that the good soles of Launchbox will enlighten us and show us the way😀
  6. Good evening team. I am going to have to bite the bullet and ask for help.. 1st-lee Apologies if this has been done to death already ! I have followed a few tutorials and have managed to get Daphne up and running (Thanks ETA PRIME!!) but I cannot get Dragons lair etc to work I have it all running on HS and wondered if there is a tutorial or work-around to "migrate" the remaining games over. Any advice or pointers to threads or tutorials would be greatfully appreciated Many thanks in advance B.
  7. thanks for your reply !! I built my arcade machine quite a few years ago 2009 approx and just checked.. i have a mini pac oops! my bad !! it will be quicker and easier i think to swap a key over as I mapped the Launch box config controls on to player 2 and it works faultless quick question... is there a tutorial about migrating from one frontend over to another ? as I am trying to swapp all my "stuff" from HS over to BB every time i look at a system it takes me to the download media section, but dont want to do that as i already have the majority. p.s i only get a
  8. Hi Johnny.S.H I have an Ipac also and when running Hyperspin back along it worked just fine Now that I have downloaded Launchbox and just starting to work out how it goes together etc I to have a problem with my Ipac I have a delay on 1 button on the joystick ( F key currently assigned to down) my question is how do you change the Ipac to Xinput ?? any help would be great Cheers B.
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