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  1. When I tried to boot it it directed me to a page to download dotnet-runtime-3.1.17-win-x64 over and over. It wasn't until I searched out and installed dotnet-sdk-3.1.411-win-x64 that it finally started working again.
  2. I had it working fine before, now when I launch it, it keeps telling me to install .net core 3.1.0. I tried installing it, uninstalling it, reinstalling it, repairing it, but it refuses to recognize that it's installed. What do I do??
  3. But it -was- $50. Now it's $75. That's a 50% increase. That's how. Will it stay there, or continue to increase over time? Who knows?
  4. I wanted to get a permanent license, only to find out it's now $75. What gives with the price gouging?
  5. I just set up Launchbox a while ago, and I have a few questions. For starters, I'm a little confused on the best way to import my 3DS games. All my games are in cia format. I know you can convert them to cci to be used with Citra, however Citra is able to install the cia files, for games as well as their dlc and updates, much like a real 3DS. That seems like the more simple and cleaner approach. I don't wish to have two different copies of the same romset taking up space when I can just use one. So that leaves the question of how to import a game that has been installed? I've found that
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