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  1. I couldn't find anything in the documentation, and the only user add-on didn't have a download link (and was so old it probably wouldn't have worked anyway).
  2. Hello. Anybody feel like making icons for arcade game peripherals? Specifically: Trackball, Lightgun, Wheel, Touchscreen, Mouse & Keyboard.
  3. Is there any way to edit the default BigBox theme? I'm having difficulty exactly recreating the specific elements of it I like from scratch.
  4. Im using the default BigBox theme. I have the platform selection screen set to display a random piece of fan art (from a game for the currently highlighted platform) for the background. I can't seem to find the option to replicate this for platform categories, and playlists (and I've made sure that several of the gams in each playlist have a piece of artwork attached to them). How would I set this up?
  5. Is there any way to modify the wall view? Because to matter which variables or boxes I change, it's always the 6x5 grid, takes up the entirety of the screen, and is based in the center of the screen.
  6. My bad, I should've specified. If I'm using the rom import wizard it works as expected, but if I drag the roms or shortcuts directly into LaunchBox it looks like this:
  7. I recently updated to LaunhBox 11.9 beta 1, and I noticed the option to have the rom importer name the games after the parent folder instead of the imported file itself (very useful for xbox games, where everything is default.xbe) is missing. I posted this here because I wasn't sure if this were a bug, a feature being phased out. or me doing something incorrectly.
  8. I think I ran into a similar problem. I just updated to 11.9 beta 1. and suddenly it takes roughly 2 minutes as opposed to 5 seconds to start up. Is there something I could have done wrong? Is it easy enough to downgrade LaunchBox?.
  9. Is it possible to have a different "Arrange By" setting for different platforms? Also, it is possible to remove/create categories on the drop down menu (for example, I'm never gonna use the MAME High Scores options, but it'd be cool to have a separate drop down menu where I could store all of my rom hack platforms, instead of on the main oage)?. Finally, is it possible to add catagories to the playlists menu (I'd like to group things, and the platform categories menu has enough clutter on it as is)? Thanks.
  10. In BigBox I Have the "disable mouse cursor across all apps" option enabled. If I force quit BigBox, my mouse cursor is still gone. I've check task manager and BigBox is indeed closed (currently the only way I can get the cursor back is to restart the computer). What other application or process do I need to shut down in order to show the cursor? Thanks.
  11. Is there an additional parameter needed to launch cartridge roms in MAME? The GP32 roms load, but the Supervision and Game.Com roms don't (they work when launched from MAME, though).
  12. Is there a way to run an ahk script (or run an application) when BigBox itself opens and closes (just like you can with a game)?
  13. I’m unsure of how ahk scripts work in game that aren’t emulators. When the game starts, I need to press F11 after a 15 second wait. When I press escape, I need to close: Bluestacks.exe Bluestacks.exe (not a typo, there’s two processes listed in task manager for whatever reason) HD-agent.exe HD-player.exe BstkSVC.exe From my understanding I would create a batch script that looks something like this, but how do I correctly launch it? Setting up an additional application isn’t doing anything. Sleep, 15000 Send {F11} Return $Esc:: { Process, Close, {{{Bluestacks.exe}}} Process, Close, {{{Bluestacks.exe}}} Process, Close, {{{HD-agent.exe}}} Process, Close, {{{HD-player.exe}}} Process, Close, {{{BstkSVC.exe}}} }
  14. I know you can launch an external program or script whenever you run a game, but is there a way to call one whenever you exit a specific emulator or game? For context, I'm trying to create a workaround for emulators that don't have a feature to load a specific control configuration for a specific game (in my case, Demul). My plan is to copy over a specific config file when I load the game. But when I exit the game, I'd like to copy back a config file that would act as a default, of sorts (seeing as how I don't need a specialized input scheme for every game).
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