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  1. It's true you're right! After so many sacrifices, reading messages of disappointment can only make you angry. The world is full of people and there will always be the most jealous and evil ones who will not be like us. Anyway thanks for all your wonderful work. There are people like you. 💘
  2. Yes thanks, I think it's a cryptolocker. I think that best way it's reinstall all new and move only data folder, photo, video and not emulators or exe files so I don't risk because this virus attack me all exe files. Very bad news for me. I have about 100.000 games all ready.
  3. Hi C-Beats, so you tell me that not is a way for fix the problem ?? I try follow a guide and in cmd prompt if i use this code : attrib -s -h *exe /D /S all .exe original are recovered but with "g" letter before name original and this file it's right and works, but if i rename without g , don't work and size is always 725Kb. I think exists a way! If i don't find any solution i do a new installation of LaunchBox and i copy LaunchBox\Data\ folder and images, video etc... but i always setting every emulator one by one. Very bad news!!!!!! I hope in a fast solution. Thanks.
  4. Hey Guys i have an incredible bad news. Yesterday a infamous virus trojan called Win32/Grenam.A (any antivirus call him virus.renamer.virrenam1or win32 renamer f trj) attack my LaunchBox.exe When i have launched Launchbox it's started process. Every .exe are corrupting in few minutes. They have all same size 725Kb and lost information file in details, and normally not works more. By a special code in cmd prompt as administrator i recovery the old original exe with size correct and that works but with letter g before name.exe But now ??? How To do? My collection it's very BIG, i have more than 150 platforms configured ready to use with all their emulators. I must eliminate the virus before and later check how to fix this problem if is possibile. I'm working on this project from more than 1 year, i have more than 300 games ready on TeknoParrot, i have all OpenBor, Mugen too, all configured game setting one by one. Please Help Me!!!
  5. I hope that you finish soon this fantastic collection complete of cover and video snaps and ready to import in Launchbox. It's my dream! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
  6. Wow!!! C64 it's really a dream and this project is unbelievable. What do you think about the last release complete? At last, can i add simply C64 Dreams in my collection in LaunchBox without big problems ? Oh it's really magic. I'm waiting only you! Thanks God and Zombeaver
  7. Hi, i'm configuring now before games on TeknoParrot platform, but exists a general setting Joystick for all games or i must configure it one by one game ???? It's incredible because i have more then 100 games and it's very hard to set all individually. Any of you have a fast solution ?? Thanks... I use pad of Xbox360
  8. Okay, so for to do easy and fast I can set on bezel for every system right? But how to do in retro arch. How to use override? Can you send me picture? It's possible to set a bezel with screen little so don't lose quality on big screen? I would to see game gear very little screen but on full screen with bezel. It's possible? How to do? Thanks.
  9. Hi guys, i set Sega CD, Sega Game Gear, Sega Master System, Sega Genesis, all works perfectly with RetroArch on LaunchBox. Later i install Bezel Project for this platforms on RetroArch and are ok, but not all names are the same of cfg so a lot of games starts without bezel. It's normal! I know. I don't want lose other time for change names because my collection is very BIG, and for this i would that all roms that not have bezel, starts with universal bezel of the platform. Example : I launch Chuck Rock for Sega CD and starts without Bezel. It's possible that this game (and all game that not have bezel configured) start with an a special bezel for Sega CD? And the same for others platform? I love resolve this problem because if i play on my big screen on PC at this games without bezel is very horrible. Are old games and i see all pixels I cannot play them so big I need you help, thanks.
  10. I have a big doubt.... I'm preparing LaunchBox with all platforms...but the games must be unzipped ???? In a individual folder for game ?? For MAME i think not, but for others platform ?? I see the difference... for example for SEGA DREAMCAST if games was zipped, they goes slow and with problems audio, while unzipped in folders, they are incredible perfect... What do you tell me about this ?? Sega Game Gear, Play Station etc.... Maybe if i can i leave only MAME games in zip and all the rest if is possible is better then is unzipped right ?? This is my big doubt
  11. Thank you Retro808 and zugswang, my setting for MAME it's finally complete! GREAT
  12. Wow great and very fast solution. So now can i setting all and MAME remember settings of controllers. WOW ! Thanks ! Last question : How to do for Exit from MAME during a game , without ESC (Keyboard) but directlyfrom controller xbox360 ?? I try to set SELECT+START in input setting of MAME in section UI END but not works! PAUSE IT'S OK! I would set combination. Do you know this ? Everywhere and everyway a lot of thanks
  13. Hi guys, i've configured my MAME 0.229 with about 3.000 games on LaunchBox, all is perfect but when i disconnect my JoyPad Xbox360, the MAME lose the configuration, everytime. How is possible ? There is an easy solution for fix this problem ? Thanks, Mark.
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