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  1. Would it be any different between Force 4X3 Aspect Ratio and tweak theme?
  2. Sure! Would you like me to upload the whole thing or just XML file? All I did is edit XML file to: Force16X9AspectRatio>false</Force16X9AspectRatio> <Force4X3AspectRatio>true</Force4X3AspectRatio> With the same edit, I also did on some other theme as well. Running with my CRT (Support 640X480 or 800x600) on my "A-33 Showcase Hanaho game" cabinet. ThemeSettings.xml
  3. I edited some files and finally got this 4:3 working great for my arcade cabinet with CRT. Easy fix.
  4. I really like this style of theme. Can you please make 4:3 version for my (CRT) arcade cabinet? Not many theme support 4:3 version. I really don't want to use hyperspin again. Thanks.
  5. I recently bought lunchbox and build PC for my arcade cabinet. I am also looking for 4:3 themes too. So far, seem like emulation statiotion work great for arcade cabinet CRT.
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