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  1. Ok thanks for the suggestions I will try them out. And it would be nice to hide playlists, more specifically hide 'create new playlists' within BigBox. Things could get messy. I have not tried the lockout method, will take a look. Those familiar with some of the Pi3/4 builds (batocera, recalbox, etc) they have 'Kiosk' and 'kids' modes to limit any users that can mess with the settings. Anyhow, IMO, editing/adding to/ creating playlists should only be done in LB.. not in BB. I will post a request in the Request a feature as you suggested.
  2. With all these 'teknoparrot' games there are often alternatives. With Gigawings.. that is a TaitoTypeX game. If you have the correct set it will auto rotate for you and you can set controls via a pad config app within the directoty. I can't tell you where to grab the game but there is some good info at emuline.org. Also here is the dir structure.... the custom exe "GWG_Launcher.exe" is what launches the game. No teknoparrot needed.
  3. Is it possible to hide playlists, in BigBox in particular. I made a 'Favorites' playlist to access any favorite tagged games globally. But wanting to hide everything else mostly to prevent other users adding games to the wrong playlists on accident... or on purpose. Maybe that is something that should be added... a favorites view that displays all your tagged favorites system wide.
  4. Liking the RetroArch intergration and game suggestions... I however am still hoping for better marquee image support for those with streched LCD screens for marquees on an arcade cabinet. I know I am the minority here but we need atleast the ability to use a default system image for large library platforms.
  5. So I got this game working with the latest Teknoparrot, I use a seperate TP with a specific SegaTools set to run the game. I use the same command line --profile= for launching of the game via the teknoparrot game XML. When launching from launchbox it will just open teknoparrot but not launch the game. Anyone know how I can fix this. (all other assigned TP games launch as they should)
  6. Could you give me an example... not exactly sure how to implement this.
  7. Its been awhile since I have messed with my cab that has a stretched LCD for a marquee display. Retro808 helped me to get the images fit correctly awhile back. All works fine except for games that dont have a marquee image it either gets filled with boxart or clear logo. Is there a way to put a default image to cover a platform? (particulary platforms with huge game libraries)
  8. Did you ever figure this out? I have recently started a fresh build and just want some simple and clean themes. I noticed this as well. For example to test I created a Mario collection and put a Mario image in - Images\Playlists\Mario Collection\Fanart When viewing in BigBox only the default fanart image from each platform will be displayed rather then the one I designated for the Mario playlist. So scrolling through a mario collection... selecting mario bros from NES will display the default NES background, Super mario from SNES will display the default SNES background and so on.
  9. Great logos, just found them.. its been a few years but thought I would ask if you could update a few. In particular.. Tecmo Classics and Technos Classics
  10. Does anyone know a way to launch hotd3 directly? It requires starting hod3pc.exe from a launcher. I thought maybe an AHK scripit could press 'enter' but the launcher does not accept keyboard inputs. You have to make selections with the mouse. You could do this with your lightgun but once games starts from the launcher LB/BB 'quits game'. Would like a clean launch of this game if possible.
  11. I'm not sure.. will have to look at it again
  12. Be sure to download and install autohotkey https://www.autohotkey.com/download/
  13. Create the AHK and put the code I used into it. Be sure to edit your path accordingly. (works same as BAT file but has ahk extension) Go to setting of the game and point Application path to the AHK file. I put the AHK into the game directory itself.
  14. Ah ok, hope an official update will address this someday. If you do come up with a solid workaround please share, thanks for the update.
  15. Hey Retro.. did you ever get this ironed out? Hoping to get marquee image displays fine tuned as you have mentioned.... with use of a static background if a marquee image doesn't exist and the option of having a background static image and being able display clear logo image on top of it.
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