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  1. I have 7z iso's for my minipsp romset. I setup the stand alone PPSSPP emulator to 'extract rom' which places the extracted ISO in the 7-zip/Temp directory. Loads up and plays just fine. When exiting the emulator the ISO's remain and do not get deleted. Demul, Dolphin... etc delete the iso's when exiting. Is there something I'm missing, How do I tell LB to delete game after PPSSPP closes?
  2. Hey I'm a hyperspin user giving launchbox a go.... I got most my systems working without the use of rocketlauncher, except in a couple of cases I need it.... like with pinball arcade. So I am trying to use rocketlauncher as an emulator in LB to launch pinball arcade tables. In hyperspin it works flawlessly as the program will launch then rocketlaunch will scroll to the table you chose and launch it (AHK using correct number of keystrokes etc... ) In rocketlauncher… pinball arcade is setup as a 'virtual emulator'...… a rompath is not needed. When importing roms into LB, I just imported the table names with a .rez extension. So when rocketlauncher pulls LB's xml the game tables come up as 'TAddamsFamily.rez' or TAttackFromMars.Rez for example (actual file names). Launch box requires roms to have an application path to the filename... so this wont work as the pinball arcade AHK module looks for properly named games like "Addams Family, The (Bally)' or 'Attack from Mars (Bally)'. I obviously cant edit LB's xml rom entries to the game name that is required from rocketlauncher's module. Maybe have to change each table name (which I don't think will work), batch files? or is there another way? <ApplicationPath>..\Hyperspin\Roms\PC Games\Pinball Arcade\Resource\Tables\TAddamsFamily_Enums.rez</ApplicationPath>
  3. Hello all, new to LB here.... coming from hyperspin. For big box I'm using Unified theme. I imported MAME and all the genre and mame category playlists. By default they are all put under the 'arcade' category. In big box when viewing by 'platform category' I see Arcades, Consoles, Handhelds, and Computers. Going into arcades gives me all the genres (sports games, etc) and mame categories (Capcom classics, etc). Going into these has there own theme and layout which is really nice. (Hyperspin is tedious when doing custom playlists). So far so good. So I would like to move some playlists around. So I created a new category 'Arcade Genre' to test. I moved over 1 playlist 'Ball and Paddle Games' to 'Arcade Genre'. When its highlighted the video and clear logo comes up fine. Then when I go into it only the default MAME layout is displayed... not the custom Ball and Paddle layout that is present before I moved the playlist. How do I relink the custom layouts to playlists that are moved? I am assuming all these layouts are part of the Unified Theme...Hope I am making sense..
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