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  1. Is there a way to have your music play when going into your pause menu only? I put some test MP3's in a few platform folders but no luck -> D:\Launchbox\Music\Platform
  2. Yah TP is a pain... code wont work, I did however got JoytoKey to work mapping ESC to control panel. So far working with Aliens, transformers, operation ghost, hotd4... but if launching the game with Gameloader all RH, it seems to block the JoytoKey mapping.... more to investigate. Thanks for your suggestions!
  3. Everytime I try to login I get an error...tried deleting and redownloading tapatalk app but no success. Anything I can do to get this to work?
  4. To close TeknoParrot games seems to be little more tricky.... I tried these with no luck. WinClose, ahk_exe TeknoparrotUI.exe WinClose, ahk_exe OpenParrotLoader.exe WinClose, ahk_exe BudgieLoader.exe As with supermodel.... all teknoparrot games exit ok with keyboard ESC, do you have ringwide/edge games on your system, how are you exiting?
  5. Since the latest update with the expanded controller support.. I can't seem to exit with the mapped 'exit emulator' command... (use to be 'close active window'). This only seems to effect Supermodel and TeknoParrot. I have my system in a cab and have two buttons mapped for exiting - button 7 + button 8 It worked before the update. Most all other emulators the button combo works fine. Anyone else have issues exiting these 2 emulators? Is there some way to use an AHK script to map the keyboard ESC key to --> Joy1 button 7 + button 8?
  6. Hey there, Can anyone tell me how I can exit out of a Teknoparrot game. Esc on the keyboard works obviously but while in BigBox on an arcade cabinet my mapped button for 'close active window' will not work. Works for everything else. I tried to use a running AHK for an esc command but still no luck. Is there a working AHK for ESC that I can map to Joy1 Button 9 ?
  7. Hey just wanted to chime in, I been with Hyperspin for many years now, your points are valid with flash themes, and not to mention the transition animations and sound effects add to the overall effect. Spending endless hours with HyperMarquee and LED BLinky and so on... I decided to dive into LB and I'm loving it so far. No its not as flashy but it is clean and of course is actively being improved. I think I gave up on BadBoyBill with a new Hyperspin but ya never know. I installed LB with my existing Hyperspin setup. So folder structure is intact but yes it does take some to remap all your media folders but really isn't that bad if you are efficient at the keyboard. I use the Unified theme which comes with ALOT of pre-defined artwork for collections (pointer, background, video border, etc... ) which makes it a lot easier to make your favorites collections. Also you can map your cabinet to different 'views' with a touch of a button.. platform view, platform categories, and playlists is what I have. In HS we all know we have to have multiple HyperSpins running to get a nested and non nested view, also creating playlists is very cumbersome compared to LB. Marquee support does work as well but is being expanded upon for game images overlaying a default image background (hopefully). All that said my cabinet has both HS and LB... I tend to use BigBox more than HS but honestly spend most time tweaking and adding stuff rather than actually playingk. I'm not quite ready to let Hyperspin go but might happen soon, cool thing is you can have both, give it a try!
  8. For my cab I use additional apps to load profile needed and load a blank profile after game closes. This is where bulk edit additional apps should be a standard feature IMO. For example MUGEN launches per EXE so does not use an emulator. Would be nice to add additional apps per system as well. But having to add yer xpadder profile per game is very tedious. Bulk edit or add additional apps to a ‘system’ would solve this.
  9. Marquee support at 4.6% in the poll... fingers crossed!
  10. Nice work, that's perfect. Like you mentioned the prioritization if no marquee image existing and having it load logo and static image.... I think would mostly be needed for MAME or arcade systems. IMO the console/handhelds/PC are good with logo and static image... Although some PC games might deserve their own marquee like Tekken 7, SFV, etc...
  11. Hey how is this coming along, this would be great to get this working. I'm no coder at all but I do have a good collection of marquee artwork to share!
  12. Ok so I did try this and at first got an error saying couldn't find Daphne, so I put the full path. start /w "" "D:\RocketLauncher\Profiles\Xpadder\Daphne\_Default\p1.xpadderprofile" /M start /w "" D:\Hyperspin\Roms\Daphne\Daphne.exe %1 vldp -fullscreen -x 1920 -y 1080 -framefile "D:\Hyperspin\Roms\Daphne\framefile\%1.txt" start "" "D:\RocketLauncher\Profiles\Xpadder\_Default\blank.xpadderprofile" /M Got an syntax error from Daphne. Want to thankyou thus far but I should have used the emulator AAE as a better example. I tried the following it looks like the games load but just loses focus to command window and when try to bring game up its blank screen. I think I am getting close. If you have suggestions for the one I'm trying below I would appreciate it. Perhaps AHK works better then batch files? or works the same? AAE doesn't require any command lines to launch... I just need to load a controller profile as the emulator has only default keyboard inputs. start /w "" "D:\RocketLauncher\Profiles\Xpadder\AAE\_Default\p1.xpadderprofile" /M start /w "" D:\Hyperspin\Emulators\AAE\aae.exe %1 "D:\Hyperspin\Roms\AAE\%1.zip" start "" "D:\RocketLauncher\Profiles\Xpadder\_Default\blank.xpadderprofile" /M Default emulator Batch file emulator
  13. Ok so for the script is this the correct syntax for pointing to the profiles needed? Run, D:\RocketLauncher\Profiles\Xpadder\Daphne\_Default\p1.xpadderprofile RunWait, D:\Hyperspin\Emulators\Daphne\Daphne.exe %1 Run, D:\RocketLauncher\Profiles\Xpadder\_Default\blank.xpadderprofile Not at my cabinet at the moment so cant test. Also I have Daphne as an emulator using a Batch file method to launch games. Not sure how this will jive with another script... Daphne.exe %1 vldp -fullscreen -x 1920 -y 1080 -framefile "D:\Hyperspin\Emulators\Daphne\framefile\%1.txt"
  14. Not sure if I follow create new emulator based off script. Are you putting this script under the emulator auto hotkey option. So in this case wouldn't I need to point to the specific xpadder profile. Also I have profiles associated with the xpadder program (p1.xpadderprofile). So essentially I am not launching xpadder.exe directly.... I'm pointing to the profile, which obviously opens xpadder. In the emulator options there is a tab for 'Running AutoHotKey Script' and 'Exit AutoHotKey Script'
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