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  1. Does anyone know a way to launch hotd3 directly? It requires starting hod3pc.exe from a launcher. I thought maybe an AHK scripit could press 'enter' but the launcher does not accept keyboard inputs. You have to make selections with the mouse. You could do this with your lightgun but once games starts from the launcher LB/BB 'quits game'. Would like a clean launch of this game if possible.
  2. I'm not sure.. will have to look at it again
  3. Be sure to download and install autohotkey https://www.autohotkey.com/download/
  4. Create the AHK and put the code I used into it. Be sure to edit your path accordingly. (works same as BAT file but has ahk extension) Go to setting of the game and point Application path to the AHK file. I put the AHK into the game directory itself.
  5. Ah ok, hope an official update will address this someday. If you do come up with a solid workaround please share, thanks for the update.
  6. Hey Retro.. did you ever get this ironed out? Hoping to get marquee image displays fine tuned as you have mentioned.... with use of a static background if a marquee image doesn't exist and the option of having a background static image and being able display clear logo image on top of it.
  7. Hey so I will be importing a full non merged set (221). LB has a nice feature that will allow you to export/move known ROM files to new folder. In doing this it will copy only the roms that LB has in it's database. Out of 35,000 MAME files you will end up with about 2800 to 3000 roms and save yourself a lot of space. ('Working' CHD's will need to be picked manually). The problem is LB will not export/move the clones only parents. Does anyone know a way LB will export/move the clones as well (also known as additional apps). Clones can be useful such as Simpsons 4P and 2P for example.
  8. So... in BigBox settings you can select your default joystick, in my case I have 4 of them and it will cycle through all of them. So this is something @Jason Carr would have to implement I assume. Default settings for InputBindings.xml (does not specify joystick number, only defaults to 1 active controller) <InputBinding> <InputAction>LaunchBoxShowPauseScreen</InputAction> <ControllerHoldBinding>Button7</ControllerHoldBinding> <ControllerBinding>Button10</ControllerBinding> </InputBinding> Need som
  9. Was wondering if there was a way to map any buttons other than from Player1? I ran out of buttons for P1 joystick on my cab and would like to map some buttons from P2 to pause and exit game.... I know I can do a button combo with player 1 but want to use dedicated extra buttons I have from P2. Possibly this could be added easily?
  10. I stopped being lazy and found the solution.. for anyone that might need the info. Just create your own AHK and point to it in launchbox. Run, mario.exe, E:\Super Mario 64 Remaster SleepAmount = 50 WinWaitActive , Super Mario 64 PC-Port Send !{Enter}
  11. The recently released Mario 64 doesn't start in full screen, even if adding the 'fullscreen true' in sm64config.txt. So only way is hitting Alt+Enter. Is there a way to add this to an individual game exe after it is launched? Or a custom AHK script?
  12. be sure to add 'Start' at the beginning of the line or the command prompt window will retain focus on top of whatever game you are loading... atleast for daphne singe. I use RL for regular daphne for the bezels
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Collection of PC game marquees for those with a stretch display. Any major additions I might have in the future I will update here...
  14. PC Game Marquees View File Collection of PC game marquees for those with a stretch display. Any major additions I might have in the future I will update here... Submitter drewjbx Submitted 04/25/2020 Category Game Marquee Images  
  15. Laserdisc Game Marquees View File Here is a collection of familiar Daphne and ALG marquees, but also added some fan made singe games as well such as Samurai Jack, TitanAE, Star Blazers, etc... Also for American Laser Games I added fanmade singe shooters Platoon and Freedom Fighter. And while I was at it... I did the ActionMAX games, hell why not... Submitter drewjbx Submitted 04/25/2020 Category Game Marquee Im
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