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  1. Oops! Yes, I meant Visual Pinball and have edited the title to help others find this in the future. Thanks for your help @JoeViking245. The WaitClose didn't seem to be working, but with full path and quotes, it's working now! Also, Sleep 10000 is a good idea, I tried 5000 and it didn't work, so the extra delay should help others. While paths might be different for others, below is my exact code that worked... Run, "C:\Emulators\Visual Pinball\VPinMAME\curl.exe" "http://localhost:8080/quit" , "C:\Emulators\Visual Pinball\VPinMAME\", Hide Sleep, 10000 Process, WaitClose, "C:\Emulat
  2. Pixelcade's pixelweb.exe monitors Launchbox and displays the marquee for the selected game. However, to use Pixelcade with Virtual Pinball, pixelweb.exe needs to be closed before playing a pinball table. Then, when exiting the game, we need to launch pixelweb.exe to work again with Launchbox. The code below is from the Pixelcade site, and that first quit line works great as is in the Running AutoHotkey Script. What I'm not sure is how to run that start line when closing the emulator. What is the best way to do this?
  3. @Jason Carr Sounds good, going forward we'll go max 1000 and less if that's what the source is (no benefit to upsizing it). We did a few at 400px that I've submitted, some real deep cuts like these Saturn games...
  4. @kurzih Great point, I noticed that too. I plan to have no extra space, so it's truly just the logo. Is there a certain width you aim for in your logos, or just keep it the same as the source material it came from?
  5. @Jason Carr I have a question as I'm about to give my graphic designer a lot of clear logo tasks. He works for my blog but I have extra time for him to fill, so I'm having him cut clear logos from all the games where my audit shows a box front but no clear logo. What is your preferred resolution for clear logos? While there are many much bigger, I see a lot are 400px wide and whatever height is required, depending on the logo? Is that the best rule or is there a good case for larger? I'm thinking 400px might be the goal for faster loading and less space requirements? After we're done
  6. Thanks @DOS76 and @wallmachine, I've added it in "Request a feature"!
  7. I've searched everywhere and have tried all sorts of various rom import options to make it work, but I can't figure out how to make HBMAME display it's games in LanuchBox. I think the issue is if I use MAME metadata, it will only see the parent game because it doesn't know about the clones (even with skip unplayable/hacked/prototype/bootleg unchecked) as they're not in MAME. And if I don't use MAME metadata, I'll get a list of awkward rom filenames. I guess if I had things my way, I'd love to have an Arcade Hacks platform that shows the parents (with images from MAME) and I could get to
  8. I'm an old school emulator user, going back to around 1998-2000, but I haven't been too active the past decade (thanks to kids) other than a Hyperspin setup on my NVIDIA Shield. Now I'm looking at a home arcade cabinet and am really getting back into it. To get caught up on all the new emulators and how well they're working on Windows, I spent a couple days trying to compile my picks for each system I want to add to LaunchBox. Most posts and videos had some outdated options so I've updated what I could here. In most cases, I'm trying to lean towards RetroArch and MAME for simplicity and t
  9. I just tried it out today, but this looks like a great way to thin down our rom collections to 1 Game, 1 Rom. Command lines scare me but it was actually pretty easy to follow. The process was much simpler than clrmamepro. I'll hold off doing all my roms since he's working on a GUI version, but wanted to share my find. LaunchBox combines them into multiple versions / additional apps, but running your roms through this can save some space and give you more control over which roms to keep.
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