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  1. Admittedly stressing the program pretty hard, since I'm loading entire system libraries into it, but is there any way to cut down on the amount of disk usage and memory the program uses with large libraries? I'm assuming changing to list view would help a bit but anything else that I might have missed?
  2. Thanks, will add them to my media and upload them as I go!
  3. My bad, couldn't find it in the list, guess I will have to look harder lol
  4. Currently working my way through complete romsets of consoles and have found 1 and I'm sure will find more as I go. What is the process for adding a platform or having it added? The one I just ran into is the SuperGrafx for instance, which doesn't exist in the database as far as I can see, just the TurboGrafx and the Turbo-CD
  5. I made the bulk of the changes night before last, but I'm going to chalk it up to backlog/real life™
  6. Unless I'm mis-interpreting the page, all my changes are listed as accepted, so I guess it's just time to wait for the roll-up in my case. Thanks!
  7. I would also like to know, as I have almost complete romsets and have been slowly contributing data to the database, but none of the missing games that I have added are matching still and none of the media that I have added/removed have been reflected without me manually doing it
  8. I'll take them and slowly add them to the database as I get to them in my collection if you want and would be willing to share them
  9. I keep all my games compressed as iso.gz files since PCSX2 can handle them, and it helps cut down on space needed, but when I try to import them Launchbox sees the .gz and picks that as the extension, leaving the iso in the filename which screws up metadata matching. Is there any way to change the detected extension, or am I just stuck manually removing the .iso from the game titles
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