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  1. Why would you merge different systems to one? Looks way nicer when they're separate. For Amiga I'm using 95% WHDLoad together with FS-UAE, the rest are .adf based files that WHDLoad doesn't include. But for those you can make configuration files and run them also in FS-UAE, works really nice, only that floppy based games take obviously longer to load, but if it's only a small amount, who cares, brings even a bit of nostalgia.
  2. Did you try to add them manually? That's what I do and prefer, I don't use the option to scan for added ROMs. I think it's a more "clean" way, and I like to have the upper hand over the software, plus it takes you 30 seconds more to do.
  3. I also run the .pak file with a batch: @echo off del E:\LaunchBox\Games\OpenBOR\Paks\* /Q copy %1 E:\LaunchBox\Games\OpenBOR\Paks\ OpenBOR.exe exit
  4. Settings, Tools, Download Metadata and Media. I guess, never had to do this before as I'm OCDing through my ROMs since almost 30 years, so they are very cleaned and organized.
  5. Did you import all 7k games in one go? You should import them platform after platform. Naming convention is quite crucial. If your game is called Super Mario.nes then everything is fine, if it's called Super Mario USA v2.nes Launchbox will obviously not recognize it. Everything in brackets though is omitted by Launchbox, so f.ex. Super Mario (USA) [v2].nes is fine. Use f.ex. Advanced Renamer for renaming batches of files.
  6. I'm using Paint.net for editing logos, works perfect for me, and it's free. I'm also using clear logos as my main display, and I'm creating them all the time for games that don't have clear logos in the database. I recently did around 500 of them for my C64 collection, which I posted in the forum here. You could also send some pictures, or tell what you want, and I could help you out. No wizard either here, but I was also learning by doing, once you try and learn 4-5 tricks which make your life easier, it's quite straight forward. One thing is for sure, if you're using an existing
  7. In RA, go to settings, drivers and video. Which video driver is selected?
  8. Why don't you just update eXoDOS to v5 then?
  9. I can't find a script to close OpenBOR. Tried several, but no luck. I can close it manually with Alt-F4, but any script sending Alt-F4 to ESC doesn't work, I think that OpenBOR is using the ESC key somehow for something else.
  10. What is your autohotkey script to close OpenBOR, mine don't work properly.
  11. You make them yourself. Create a .txt document, write your stuff inside, rename the .txt file to .m3u You can also find a script somewhere in the forum to make multiple automatically.
  12. I'm using the files together with the .m3u file, so inside the Final Fantasy VII folder is: Final Fantasy VII (Disc 1).pbp Final Fantasy VII (Disc 2).pbp Final Fantasy VII (Disc 3).pbp Final Fantasy VII.m3u The .m3u file has following text inside: Final Fantasy VII (Disc 1).pbp Final Fantasy VII (Disc 2).pbp Final Fantasy VII (Disc 3).pbp I prefer the .pbp format for PSX, it's quite smaller and runs fine, although not implemented in DuckStation yet, but I don't use it.
  13. Are you using RetroArch (which core) or standalone emulator?
  14. Best on for me --> https://www.advancedrenamer.com/
  15. I'm always using merged sets, do you have one? If so, you should try that one.
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