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  1. Ok thanks, I'm not on beta, I'll wait for the next release.
  2. Hi, since some time this window is not shown automatically anymore when importing games, whatever platform. After the "What emulator would you like to use" hitting NEXT takes me straight away to the window "Would you like to download metadata for your games". There I have to hit the BACK button, and only then it takes me to the "Would you like to move or copy the files". If I just continue, it automatically choses the option to use the files in their current location. I did not change anything in my LB setup, using the latest version. Thanks for advice.
  3. Hi, I only have bad experience with external enclosures (although running in JBOD), I would go with a proper NAS if your wallet allows it. I have 3 Synology NAS and I'm very happy with them.
  4. In manage emulators you have to add Denise a second time and assign the Amiga core to it and make it default for Amiga games.
  5. I don't have any problems running the .txt files in LaunchBox.
  6. In LaunchBox you have to go to manage emulators and edit Retroarch, then the associated platforms. I guess you have one entry for Nintendo 64, using some core, like mupen64? Add another Nintendo 64 entry but this time attach the parallel64 core, see on the picture that mupen64 is still my default. When you are now back in your games list, right click the game, select launch with, then RetroArch and then the parallel64 core.
  7. I have the problem with the mupen64 core but it's fine with the parallel core.
  8. Use renaming software (I use Advanced Renamer) and put the version number between brackets like AlienBreed (v1.3 0998), then it's fine. I even went through the process of renaming my WHDLoad files completely, so it has even the correct name like Alien Breed (v1.3 0998), with spacing.
  9. For PSX you can also merge multi disc iso or pbp files into one big single pbp file instead of having multiple files, using psx2psp tool.
  10. You can check the video driver you're using and change it. In ReroArch go to Settings - Drivers - Video and there you can change it. You can try the vulcan or glcore f.ex.
  11. Could you perhaps just use "Patientez" instead of "Veuillez patienter" and for "à partir de" you could use "avec".
  12. DeadVoivod


    Do you have the BIOS for the mp4u video firmware called V4BIOS?
  13. I just want to export one single game from MAME. I select the game, go to tools and click on export to Android. Now it lets me chose "export the 1 selected game only", I click on that, remove all media download and export. What does it do, it exports the whole MAME library. Tried 2-3 times with the same result.
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