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  1. I was adding letter S to C64, and with one game it get this illegal characters in path error. It's Split Second.d64 I tried different ROMs, different names, different paths. Every time the same error. Tried importing any other game, that worked. I can keep the game in my list, that works, but editing, f.ex. adding pictures doesn't work as it gives me the same error, cannot save the picture as there's illegal characters in path.
  2. I wanted to upload logos, but the minimum size required is 600x600, mine are not.
  3. Yeah, I donated 10€, and with that, I now got 6 threads for scraping instead of only one, is much faster.
  4. I just used it 2 days ago for around 15 systems, and it worked fine. Mainly used it to scrape images for my RG350M and the SimpleMenu frontend, you can chose the images you want, I use the user defined 3 in 1 images, they look quite nice, plus they get resized to the correct size for the RG350M screen.
  5. Either when importing you chose the option "combine games of the same name", then it will only give you one entry and by right clicking you can chose to run the version you want. Or once in LB, if you have all 3 of them displayed, select them, richt click, and chose "combine selected games".
  6. I meant that in the update it always said which ROMs were updated and which were set to from non-working to working, so from the new "complete" set, just copy it over to your MAME folder, as the name usually stays the same. For the newest added ones, you have to import them obviously, if not already existing in your set. Sorry if I explained that wrong.
  7. Or do like me, OCD here too. So I once went through a whole set, was actually v210, and played every single game there is. I only kept the games that I actually like, or the ones that are more "famous", left me with around 1.300 games. A lot of work, but definitely worth it, plus you can play ALL the games at least once. Now I only have to look out for the MAME update sets and see what has changed or has been added since the last set. Very easy. Just copy it to your existing folder, and add it to LB. Done.
  8. I have all of them under the Emulator section to keep it clean, besides MAME which resides in the LB root as standalone.
  9. Always perfecting collections, never ending story. Btw, I also have a favorite MAME set, you know the work behind it. Lol.
  10. Since over 1 year I’m creating my own favorite sets for everything I use in LB, as you know, that takes a lot of time, but on the other hand is also a lot of fun, I really enjoy doing it, well otherwise I probably wouldn’t. At the moment, for over 1 month already, I’m going through the C64 TOSEC set, that’s huge, and so far I made it to letter M. But again, loads of fun, C64 fan all the way, was my first computer, and very nice to discover games you didn’t even know they exist, although also a lot of real crap lol. Amiga is already done, that was great fun too. Next one on the list is the ZX and the X68000. Consoles and handhelds are mainly done. Missing only lesser known systems. But there’s still a lot left, and strangely enough I’m quite happy about it 🙂
  11. Oh my, that is SOOO true, I barely touch the games, just OCDing through me collections, one game after another, everything must be perfect, am I right? Got my RG350M yesterday, and again one project more, *sigh*
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