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  1. Perhaps you should first watch a YouTube video called "Introduction to Google", might help, as clearly you seem not to have any idea about anything, and raging straight away when people reply to you in an informative and polite way. Just buy one of those handhelds from Anbernic or PowKiddy, or even the Super Console X, they come with thousands of illegal ROMs already pre-installed and completely pre-configured with EmuElec, so you'll have a good start, plus a great handheld (RG351 f.ex.)
  2. I thought the S key was for changing views, at least that's what I use since the beginning.
  3. You can always add first the cue file games and in a second go the ccd file games. That would be 2 imports only.
  4. I have the Leon and Claire discs as two separate entries. Makes sense to me. For multiple disc games, put them in one folder like you did and generate a m3u file. Now in Launchbox import the m3u file as game. Here are 2 pictures, one of my FFVII folder and one of the contents of the m3u file. Notice that I'm using pbp files, and not the cue/bin combination.
  5. Check out a FS-UAE tutorial, that works best, plus together with WHDLoad.
  6. Just tested, both are working, the .rom files of the games.
  7. Check this out, I for myself didn't add MSX yet: https://docs.libretro.com/library/bluemsx/ If everything thing's correct, then it might be your 2 ROM files that don't work properly, try to get another version.
  8. Don't understand what you're trying to import, just import the .iso or .chd file, not the whole folder. LB doesn't recognize the single tracks to be part of the game. Use CDmage to merge it into one single file, that's anyway easier.
  9. I have a Synology 2413+, that's a 12 bay NAS, and I think it's absolutely great, newest model is the 2419+, so mine is already a bit older. I also "only" have 4TB disks inside, and upgraded it from 2GB RAM to 4GB, but that's the max. So if I do stuff on it like archiving, what we guys do a lot, it's nowadays quite slow. But the 2419+ comes with 4GB and it's upgradable up to 32GB, so that's quite nice. Running in RAID 6. Although I don't host my ROMs on the NAS, but internally on PC plus USB HDD backup.
  10. Select files, right click, open with WinRAR, settings --> files, tick the box 'put each file in a separate archive', DONE. Options --> delete files after archiving Why mess with command lines?
  11. Why don't you want those folders? It's how LB organizes stuff, and it's well organized, so why would you like to transfer it somewhere else, as you need those folders? Which select few you want?
  12. As long as you manage to map your drives and point LB to the paths it should be fine.
  13. 1. Yes, delete even the .ccd and .sub file, only keep .cue and .img 2. Exactly.
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