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  1. Ok, thanks, gonna try that, but mostly next week, it's weekend now, and there's other stuff to do obviously 😉
  2. I changed the input settings in the xml like you said, and it worked, but probably only until Windows changes the controllers again. I tested MAME once again, and controller 2 had controls completely reset, why ever. So now I configured it again, and set my default.cfg file to read only, perhaps that helps. EDIT: No honestly, this starts to be ridiculous now. I restarted the PC on purpose, MAME configuration is again reset to 0. I don't understand anymore. After testing, I noticed that the MAME configuration strangely gets reset every time you reboot your PC. So far RetroArch kept the correct settings. Do you think it would help using only 1 8BitDo controller, and as 2nd one an XBox One controller? Or would I encounter the same problems regardless?
  3. I don't. I use MAME64 210. MAME works now, fingers crossed. I meant everything else I'm running through RetroArch. So basically this problem wouldn't even change when using standalone emulators? Because I was thinking on doing that, and omitting RetroArch completely.
  4. Well this is honestly getting on my nerves now, RetroArch swapped again my controllers, now 1 is again 2, and 2 is 1. With the 1 I cannot start a game unless number 2 is switched on. Why does this happen?? Goes beyond me!! Everything is working fine with both controllers connected, I disconnect number 2, nothing is working and the RetroArch bindings seem to have changed again. What changes on DRIVER\Joypad if I chose xinput or dinput? What exactly is the Remap Binds for this core? And what's the Autoconfig for? I have usually both of the latter ON.
  5. Ok, thanks guys, gonna try PSX HW. Core info update I always do before checking the list, from time to time.
  6. I always used pcsx_rearmed so far, is the mednafen one better? Anyways I cannot find the mednafen_psx core within RetroArch via the online updater? Or still better to use standalone ePSXe?
  7. So I re-paired them again, now the opposite way. MAME seems to work fine now, even after a restart of the PC, so that mame64 -v might have worked, thanks for the tip. Only thing was that I had to reconfigure my controllers in every single emulator and RetroArch, but so far, it seems good.
  8. I tried now with devreorder, but whatever I do, the 2nd controller always stays controller number 1, whatever I do!!! Perhaps I'll try once setting that one up as xinput, perhaps that way I can fool it.
  9. Seems MAME is keeping them apart now though. Only problem I always have is that the controller I wanna be second, is always the first and vice versa.
  10. Well that's exactly how my setup was and MAME didn't recognize them as 2 different ones.
  11. Ok, re-paired them both, one clearly shows xinput, but the other re-paired again as bluetooth wireless controller, and I cannot chose dinput anywhere?
  12. I'm trying to get controls mapped in MAME, but I seem to have a huge problem. I have 2 of the same 8BitDo SN30 Pro+ controllers, and MAME recognizes them as the same ones. Whenever I press a button on any controller, it maps it as J1, thus I can't configure them both. I'm using the MAME 210 non GUI exe. For other emulators it works, as one is set up as a bluetooth wireless controller, and the other one as bluetooth XINPUT compatible.
  13. I created playlists for my platforms in LB. When I go to BB, I would like platforms to be shown first when opened, which it does. Then I chose a platform, and it shows me the complete games list, whereas I would like to see the playlists only, choosing a category and then take me to the category I want. How is that done again, cannot find anything? Plus if I chose playlists in view, the screen is black, playlists don't show up. It worked already before, no idea what I changed. EDIT: Under Images\Playlists I have several images, but only for 3DO, PSP Minis and Nintendo GC, although they're the same for each system, but that doesn't matter.
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