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  1. Thanks I created a new thread, I couldn't find out how to tag you though.
  2. Hi, I'm creating this thread to keep the other thread clear as requested by @Jason Carr @Jason Carr LaunchBox and Big Box are not loading properly for me. They hang for several minutes on the populating games screen. I tried installing a new copy of the latest version to another location and it loads ok without the data. Is there any way to troubleshoot?
  3. I'm using Kaspersky. I tried a new installation to another location and it started fine, for some reason my collection is broken now is there any way to troubleshoot?
  4. Both LaunchBox and Big Box wont load for me even after applying the 1.15 update, they hang for several minutes on startup populating games.
  5. Hi, both LaunchBox and Big Box are not loading at all for me. They were working a couple of days ago.
  6. Cool, thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I already have one of your packages L.A.P.D Future Cop so I will take a look at reverse engineering that, I never could get that game to run on modern systems, great game from my youth.
  7. Thanks, that sounds like a much better way of using the hdd's. Is there a way to convert an img hard drive to a vhd? i downloaded a copy of a Windows 98 image on Archive.org that was already configured for pcem, that's why I have an img file
  8. Does anyone know how to shrink a PCem hard drive .img file?
  9. Thanks for the reply, yeah I realized that after going through scan disk, I hadn't seen that screen for years! Your PCem config/Bat work very well, thank you
  10. Hey, anyone know of a way to exit PCem when a button is pressed? It doesn't seem to work for me whatever I try.
  11. Hey thanks for this, amazing work you do! Would that mean having a seperate image for each windows 95 with startup folder game or is there a way of using configs? If multiple windows 95 images need to be used, is there a small 95 image or a way of making one? Thanks dude!
  12. I found the answer to my question here: https://forums.launchbox-app.com/topic/49175-integrate-vmware-or-virtualbox-in-lb/?tab=comments#comment-371645
  13. Hey, I have a few games that need to run in PCem an emulator for windows 95, 98 etc Does anyone know how to configure things so that LaunchBox launches PCem and then launches the exe of the game from within Win 98?
  14. I figured this one out myself, here it is if it helps anyone else vk07:: If (A_ThisHotkey == A_PriorHotkey && A_TimeSincePriorHotkey < 400) { if !WinExist("ahk_exe yBigBox.exe") Run C:\Users\Jack\LaunchBox\Core\BigBox.exe else WinActivate, ahk_exe BigBox.exe Run %A_ScriptDir%\nircmd.exe setdefaultsounddevice "32W_LCD_TV" ; send {esc} WinClose, ahk_exe retroarch.exe WinClose, ahk_exe Dolphin.exe WinClose, ahk_exe pcsx2.exe WinClose, ahk_exe pcsx2.exe WinClose, ahk_exe PPSSPP WinClose, ahk_exe kodi.exe WinClos
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