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  1. As Retro808 said, the license is straightforward (although that isn't actually something you need to worry about in order to get Launchbox working with your games). It sounds like you might be in a similar situation to me (moving from Hyperspin on a game cabinet pre-built by a third party company) so I thought I'd suggest what worked for me in case that helps. Personally, I found the following video very helpful: ...BUT it does assume your current setup is using something called RocketLauncher (which, as I understand it, there's a good chance it is). Maybe do a quick search on Windows for RocketLauncher to verify (and if so, note the location so you can follow the above tutorial). Beyond this I can't help much (I'm a relative newbie too) I'm afraid
  2. Not sure I even have NVidias CP installed TBH- just some Intel thing
  3. Ah, that makes some kind of sense now. Hoping some fix can be made for this to avoid others going through this but glad to have helped and, of course, grateful for your persistence getting my marquee going!?
  4. Didn't need to go beyond the standard Windows display settings but good to know there's an alternative, thanks!
  5. With the wheel still no marquee. Have PMed the file, thanks!
  6. It’s one I bought from China so not a brand name. Here’s a link in case it’s any help: https://m.aliexpress.com/item/1005001659262454.html
  7. Adding that file hasn’t changed anything unfortunately
  8. Sure, here’s pic of my screens- for testing purposes I’ve added a hideous purple/pink desktop background colour…
  9. I’m not seeing any black screens as far as I’m aware unless you count my marquee screen being empty. If I alt-tab I see the correct marquee showing in a window somewhere (presumably behind the BB window). I’m using a text view.
  10. I’m not sure where to change default marquee view (or even what it does) so presume I’m using default? Where is that set?
  11. Cheers for the suggestion but sadly that hasn’t made any difference
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