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  1. ver 1909 build 18363.1082 not had any other issues with any other programs except this one.
  2. Ill check later, on phone now. I never had this problem before, previous ver i had was 11.2.
  3. All i was doing was loading launchbox when I kept receiving that message. win10 no plugins for launchbox installed, can't use keyboard either after loading a game, even with the special script set up with loading mame.exe not using bigbox, just launchbox, no custom themes. lb did ask me to install a bunch of directx stuff too.
  4. I recently updated launchbox to 11.6 and i keep getting the following error in the attached image. I am also unable to use the keyboard when loading mame roms or doing anything by keyboard (going to dipswitches, inserting coin, starting, etc), please help!!
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