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  1. I can confirm it's getting stuck on Neo-Geo AES, Andro Dunos.. Downloading "Cart - Front" (1 of 5)...
  2. Yes. I can confirm the same freezing/getting stuck, when trying to download EmuMovies media as well...
  3. Yes! Thank you very much Jason! I installed the 11.7 beta earlier and so far it's been running without getting stuck. The 60s forced time-out seems to be working, now the program will at least continue after producing an error. As I'm writing this, it's about 30% complete pulling all media types for my 959 games and it has produced 42 errors so far, but it hasn't stopped. I wish you could make the error dialogbox copy-able so I can copy & paste the errors and save them, though.. And oh, if possible, could you make the time out user configurable? I think 60 seconds is u
  4. Jason Carr, thanks for looking into this for us. I appreciate it. I think you might be right about the metadata links not being the issue. I just tried the get the meatadata again, using only GamesDB and not EmuMovies, and it' stuck again. It's trying to download "Arcade Mortal Kombat II", Cabinet 9afe9d96-d64e-48da-8b51-73e24c957106.png I checked the URL myself, and it does exist and using a web browser, I can pull it up https://images.launchbox-app.com/9afe9d96-d64e-48da-8b51-73e24c957106.png So the issue must be the transmission then.. something is causing LB to han
  5. In my case, I think LaunchBox is trying to download a media (.png) that doesn't exist. When I go to https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/ and try to look for the .png it's stuck trying to download, I don't see that image there. Not sure what the solution is, but this is frustrating... Can't be just us having this issue...
  6. I'm running the latest LaunchBox/BigBox with the latest Windows10 on a i3-4130 PC with 16GB of memory and 250GB SSD and a Radeon HD5770. When I try to download the Metadata and Media for my game collection (less than 1000 from 9 platforms), it works for a little bit, then it eventually gets stuck/frozen trying to download a particular .png. Like right now, at the moment it's stuck downloading 4 file 7: Fanart - Background xxxxxxxxx.png for the game Puchi-Carat... Pressing cancel doesn't do anything but I can close the LaunchBox normally via alt-F4 or the clicking the X window bu
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