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  1. I know this thread has been dead for awhile, but I came here excitedly since this is exactly what I'm trying to do now, as well. Did anyone ever find a fix for this? I know it would be possible by manually making unique config (opt) files within Retroarch's options, but I'd be looking at doing that around 150 times between my 800 and 5200 collections.
  2. Updated to Launchbox/BigBox 11.1.0 and it seems to have broken the Page Up/Down function in vertical game views. Neither my controller or keyboard has any effect. All the other button/keys are working exactly as intended. I can even assign a button/key with no problem in the Mapping settings. So BigBox is definitely picking up the inputs, but it's not working in the actual game/platform menus. Anyone else experiencing this or have a fix?
  3. A new wrinkle: I reapplied the Default theme, just to experiment. It still showed clear logos instead of box art, but I had the Flip Box option available. When I clicked it, the logo cycled through other versions of the clear logo (I have images from both LB and EmuMovies; I remove dupes as I find them). So the Default theme definitely has a working Flip Box function, but it's pulling logos instead of box art. Any tips on how to fix any of this would be a massive help.
  4. I cannot get the Flip Box option to work in Big Box. I'm using the RetroFresh theme, but it doesn't matter which theme I pick; the option seemingly does nothing. I can flip the box art with no problem in Launchbox, so I'm guessing something isn't linking correctly in the Big Box setup. Additionally, all the other themes suddenly started displaying the clear logos instead of the boxes for all games in all views. I don't think I changed any options to cause it, but I definitely can't figure out how to get it back. I'm adding it to this post in case it's related somehow to the Flip Box issue
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