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  1. I think launchbox does that once a day? It might take a while so best to let it run its course. I know sometimes it'll ask you "do you want to download the latest metadata", so if it really is stuck, telling it no at that point should at least bypass the problem for a while, but I'm not sure how to trigger that. Maybe wait a day?
  2. I think Retroarch also has a feature that you can turn on which will automatically load the most recent save state on game launch, which is pretty cool. Goodluck in your search!
  3. That would be more of a function of the emulator, not the front end. Launchbox does interface with the savestate feature insofar as Launchbox has a Pause feature that allows you to pause the emulation, and that brings up a menu that allows you to save the state. I don't know of any front end that does exactly what you ask, but there are many of them out there. But, if you set up retroarch as your emulator for a system, you can bring up the Retroarch menu during emulation and do everything you're looking for. For me, pushing both sticks in on my xbox controller brings up the RA menu and from there I can save / load states and switch between save states etc. all with my controller. It even saves a screenshot picture of where you saved.
  4. Its the best way to spend your birthday! Happy birthday and welcome to the fray! Just some background. Retroarch is an emulator, but it is by no means the easiest. Not to confuse you, but Retroarch is actually a program that loads a bunch of emulators, called "cores" and you have to find the right core for the system/romset you're wanting to use. If you're looking to play old arcade games, you should probably start with MAME (the emulator), as stated above, and save retroarch for later. That will entail you downloading the MAME emulator, quick google search, and finding you a MAME romset first.
  5. This is all well over my head, and this may be an irrelevant observation but, personally I have all my roms stored on a separate drive (not C, or L(my launchbox drive). What I've noticed is that because there is no "startup" program accessing the drive with my roms, the hard drive stays "asleep" upon booting the PC, and it doesn't wake up until the first time I try to launch a game. So the first time I launch any game after reboot (or between long rests) sometimes even retroarch will blackscreen, only on the first launch, and over time I figured out its because it's waiting for my rom drive to wake up and something must be timing out in the interim. Mostly this causes a MUCH longer load time on my first game launch, but it'll crash it occasionally as well. I don't know if it'll help or not, but might be something to consider.
  6. What system are you having trouble with? What core are you using? And what options do you have on? If you didn't turn off "save on exit" you may have been fiddling around with some settings and accidentally saved them. We can help you insofar as, to say, probably turn off all the shaders and potentially drop the resolution down depending on the core. Also, under Quick Options / Latency, try turning everything to zero/off. The reason I mention the Save on Exit option in Retroarch is because you said this happened after you shut everything down and restarted. Go into retroarch, turn that option off, and get used to manually saving any changes.
  7. Need a little more clarity from you. It sounds like it might be a combination of things. Depending on your computer's power, it sounds like something else you have running might be hogging resources. Maybe an antivirus program or something running in the background? You may have set the settings in the emulator too high for your rig, or maybe a combination of this and the above. What you're describing is a framerate drop, meaning your computer isn't able to output audio and video fast enough. It's common, but this has nothing to do with launchbox. So I'm assuming you have launchbox set up to launch an emulator for you. What emulator? What system are you trying to play? What are the settings you're trying to play it on? @neil9000 Agreed. But to me this sounds like someone who downloaded some kind of pre-built version of launchbox.
  8. Its not an insane concept. Portable retrogaming is the best! However, I personally gave up the pursuit of finding a small box pc that would work. I settled for getting an Nvidia Shield TV which is pretty damn close. ETA Prime has a video of it emulating Gamecube games. Don't forget about storage by the way. Unless you're wanting to lug external hard drives with it, PS2, GC etc are pretty big files.
  9. That doesn't seem possible. But, I would plug in both drives (if you intend to have them plugged in, I have two separate installs of launchbox on two different drives with no problem by the way). Delete the second install of launchbox. When you reinstall, make sure you're doing it properly, which I believe involves getting an email from the dev. See if it happens again.
  10. K. Lets get this clear. You installed launchbox on your G: Drive sometime previous and that is your main install. You unplugged this drive (not strictly necessary) and plugged in a new external which your computer also assigned as G: You installed Launchbox on this new G: Drive and it shows the same platforms as the previous install?
  11. You're going to have to walk through the steps of exactly what you did, as Launchbox is designed to be portable, what you're experiencing isn't supposed to happen, and actually seems impossible unless you duplicated your first install and tried to move that to the main drive. If I had to guess, which I do, you tried to duplicate at least some of the files (maybe so you didn't have to import everything again in your second install). I'm not sure if there is a way to fix that after the fact, but a fresh install should not react to your previous install at all provided they are in different directories.
  12. With MAME in particular, you might try the "scan for new roms" feature in Launchbox, as update MAME sets aren't changing the names of roms. So even if they updated a rom, if it's already in launchbox, launchbox will just automatically load the updated rom. No problems there. The only problem would be if the MAME version has added new roms, and "Scan for new roms" might catch that. Since I only update mame roms like once a year, I usually do the method mentioned above myself. Just delete the games and reimport, as you don't lose the Artwork. Just a few extra minutes.
  13. Tested Xebra for Sony Playstation. Startup: Works Fine. Pause: Works fine.
  14. What emulator are you using?
  15. I have to admit, most of this is over my head, but I just wanted to make you aware of the "additional apps" feature, if you weren't already. It can start a program before launch. I'm not at all sure this is what you need, but its worth investigating I think. You can access this on a per game basis by right clicking a game, going to "edit" and then "additional apps".
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