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  1. Dude that is awesome! It's too late for me though haha. I already went through the entire process the long way haha. However, I encourage you to upload this to the downloads section of launchbox for people coming after as it will be a huge time saver and perfect for multi disc systems. Does it work for same name different extension as well? Like Chrono Cross.bin Chrono Cross.cue
  2. You make a compelling point about importing games via folder name instead of game name. I wasn't ever completely comfortable with manually renaming as its about preservation first for me. I'm going to test importing like this to see what launchbox does with the additional apps if the file names are different and if it works like it should, I'm probably going to start all over with this method with No Intro sets. It never ends. Thanks again for all the info!
  3. Oh my word. This stings after all the time I put in! haha. But I'm glad there's an easier way! Let me ask, when you build the merged set and prioritize USA, will it automatically rename other regional roms according to the USA name? The other stuff takes about 10 minutes but doing that renaming by hand can take a whole evening unless you're fluent in Japanese which I am not. I did start picking up a few words after all that renaming haha. And, it should be noted that the above will only work for sets with no intro dats. Can still use my method to merge multidisk systems into single folders. 7z does have the ability to extract to a folder named after the compressed file. Just right click, and in the context menu select 7z and then " extract to [filename]/", in case anyone comes behind us. Thanks for the heads up!
  4. I've got a full 8 terabytes of just games, which is actually kind of small from what I hear other people have. I think the biggest collection I've heard/read about is 22 terabytes. For disk based systems I use a regular 1g1r set because a full ps1 or ps2 set with all regions and revisions is enormous. When I have enough money (or storage gets cheaper) I fully intend to go full lists on those too, but I have to factor in backing all of this up. For systems like snes, you're only talking about adding maybe a couple gigs or less per set to get it all. I don't really know how to make videos and the process is all over the place depending on what kind of set it is. Working with no intro is the easiest. The general workflow is: Create a 1g1r set using Clrmamepro and dats from dat-o-matic. Use program file2folder to place each game in the 1g1r set into its own folder named after the rom Use program Bulk Rename Utility to remove all of the regional tags from the folder names - basically tell it to delete everything after the first ( in the folder names and then replace " (" with "". This basically leaves you with a folder for each game that is named ideally after the correct title of the game with no extra info. Example: Folder name: Super Mario World Rom inside named Super Mario World (USA).sfc Now leave this set alone and go back to your full set. (Also, the below is how you get all of the disks in disk based systems like Amstrad CPC for instance into the same folder named only after the game and no regional tags, disk numbers or revisions. Use program file2folder to place each game in the full set into its own folder named after the rom Use program Bulk Rename Utility to remove all of the regional tags or disk numbers from the folder names - basically tell it to delete everything after the first ( in the folder names and then replace " (" with "". This time, because there will be multiple games with the same name but different region tags and/or disk numbers and revisions, you wind up with folders named like this: Super Mario World Super Mario World_1 Super Mario World_2 etc. Whats in the folder with the _1 at the end might be a revision or a different region or disk. Search the directory for all folders with _1 in the name in windows and move into a separate temporary folder. Do the same for _2, _3 etc. Now go into each one those temporary folders (containing all the _1 items, and then the temp folder containing all the _2 items etc.) and use Bulk Rename Utility to remove the numeric ending to the folder name. So just replace "_1" with "". Now, all you have to do is drag those folders back into the main full set. Since they are folders and they don't have any kind of region tags, or disk numbers etc. they will be named exactly the same as the ones in the main full set and windows will automatically merge them into one folder. At the end you're left with something like this: .../Super Mario World ......Super Mario World (USA).sfc ......Super Mario World (Europe).sfc ......Super Mario World (Japan).sfc I took it a step further and added fan translations and hacks that I like to the folder by amending their names like this ......Super Mario World (Infinite Lives) (Hack).sfc ......Super Mario World (Japan) (Translated English).sfc I took it a step even further than that and manually changed all of the Japanese and European games to the USA title (obviously excluding the exclusives). Be warned, if you skip this step, when you start merging these folders you can wind up with a different folder for Castlevania and Akumajo Dracula which are regionals of the same game. You can solve this in two ways. what I did was I manually changed the latter to just be Castlevania (Japan), and then by the end of it it was in a folder called Castlevania and it merged fine with the Castlevania folder that held the USA game. When you have your full set that has been completely merged with all the revisions and regions etc. into one folder each, make sure its on a separate drive from the 1g1r set you made initially. Now drag the entire 1g1r set into the full set, but be very careful not to click anything afterward. Because they are on separate drives when they merge all of the items that merge will remain highlighted. Drag those highlighted items back into the first folder. You basically took the 1g1r set and merged it with anything in the full set folder that had the same name and then pulled it back out. You'll get A LOT of the revisions and regions this way, but you'll miss any game that has different titles in different regions, such as the above game Castlevania. These are mostly Japanese games, but also a surprising amount of European games have slightly different titles. Anyway, that's the general workflow haha. If you're really interested I can do a step by step but basically all we're doing is using Bulk Rename Utility and File2Folder to let us manipulate what Windows already does with folders with the same name, e.g merge them. I've always kept my games in separate folders because I like to tell the emulator to save savestates and saves in with the rom files. So I always had folders named after the entire rom like Super Mario World (USA). This is basically just a couple tricks to delete all of the tags from those folders and merge them, and as a bonus merge them with a 1g1r set. At the end I'm left with a 1G1R folder set. As in there is a folder for each USA game and then a folder for each regional exclusive. But within those folders is every possible revision, disk, region, and hack (I hand pick hacks.) Though I'm sure its not perfect (for instance, I was surprised to find that No Intro titles are changed over time) its the most satisfactory set I've personally had. So once all that's done, I just tell launchbox to prioritize US and when I import the entire folder, I get one instance of Super Mario World (the US one) and all of the rest including the hack and translation are automatically imported as an additional app. Like I said, it was a lot of work, but I must have enjoyed doing it because I'm done now with over 200 systems.
  5. It's a really difficult question to answer. Everything is subjective. You can look up "what are the best versions of Final Fantasy games" and you'll get a lot of info. But even the best "version" is subjective and you'll have to take games like Mortal Kombat on a case by case basis, google, see if someone has noted the exact differences in versions etc. And then, even in the No Intro sets there can be Revisions and you'd have to take that into account as well. It's kind of a monumental task and in the end you'll have only built a list of games that is subjectively the best to you anyway. I can tell you what I did though when I asked the same questions you're asking. I created two launchbox installs. In one, I import everything. The second, I hand pick and I also went to the top 25 lists for systems I never really played. So depending on what kind of mood I'm in, I might want to play a specific game on my second install (which is MUCH smaller, and this allowed me to spend more time on the art etc so it looks just how I want it to). Or, I might want to open the big install and just browse around and occasionally find something I like enough to include on the second install. I'm pretty happy with the results. It's kind of a "less googling more playing" approach to these questions.
  6. fromlostdays

    Sega CD

    It's going to be really hard to troubleshoot. At this point I'd try creating another retroarch install, downloading fresh, putting in the bios and seeing if the games will run in the new version. I... none of us have any idea what your friend setup or how. It's better to start fresh.
  7. fromlostdays

    Sega CD

    Did you download some kind of prebuild?
  8. fromlostdays

    Sega CD

    Open game. Set it to auto. Save as core override. It's an option under quick menu, same menu that shows the core options. If you're doing that and its not saving, its possible that you created a game override for sonic CD. Go into retroarch/configs/[core name] and see if there is a file called "sonic CD (USA).cfg" and delete it. Then repeat above steps.
  9. fromlostdays

    Sega CD

    Sorry I can't be more specific it was a while ago. But a quick search on reddit landed me here: Might be a good place to start.
  10. fromlostdays

    Sega CD

    Its actually the bios. Had the same thing happen to me. Some (seemingly valid) versions of the bios load that music player thing, I remember reading about it at the time but forgot exactly what the situation was. You just have to find a different version of the bios files.
  11. Did you set up Nintendo 64 in the Associated Platforms tab of the emulator, and then set the correct core there?
  12. I'm actually not sure how to fix it within launchbox, but with popular systems like that, the easiest thing to do would be to google "Playstation logo transparent png" and pick one out. Make sure you download a png file as jpgs won't have the transparency. Once you find one you like, place it in launchbox/images/platforms/sony playstation/clear logo (folder should already exist, but if not you can create it. The image file doesn't have to be named anything specific, just plop it in there. Lastly, refresh all media in launchbox. Hope it helps!
  13. It sounds like you might have downloaded some kind of prebuild? If thats the case, it would be difficult to answer the first question. MAME roms do often carry files in more than one zip, so deleting a single mame "rom" is not recommended unless you specifically know you have a non-merged set. If its a prebuild the second question will be difficult to answer as well. I've never had any problem deleting files via launchbox, but admittedly I haven't used the feature much. Since it sounds like you're messing with MAME/Arcade, I'd recommend NOT deleting the actual rom file and just delete the entry in Launchbox. Deleting one rom from a mame set can affect other games.
  14. Re: "Lagniappe" I'm from New Orleans and we're an amalgam of French, Spanish, Caribbean, Cajun and creole. Lagniappe is part of our daily vocabulary down here. I don't even think of it. I had a teacher who gave "lagniappe" points instead of bonus points. 😅 Its pronounced lan-yap.
  15. Setting up an alternate Retroarch emulator (in Launchbox, you don't need two instances of Retroarch) will still require you to input the command line for the core (I think) as first I tried to create a new emulator called (Retroarch - Alternate), and pointed it to my regular Retroarch.exe. I think because it wasn't named just (Retroarch) the dropdown for the cores didn't appear in Associated Platforms. Unless I did something wrong, in this case you would put the code under the Associated Platforms tab and it should work fine. I've been thinking about a more novel approach to the first method that would allow you to do this in bulk. Lets say you have 50 games in your SNES library that you need to change a core for. First, you could download this awesome plugin by @JoeViking245: This allows you to input custom command lines into multiple games at once. The next problem is sorting. You need to be able to select only the roms you want to change the core on. You could do this by marking all of the roms that need a different core as favorite (just for the time being), then going to "List View" in Launchbox scrolling over to the favorites column and sorting that way. Select all the games you marked as favorite, right click and select Bulk Command Line edit Then just put in the core command line code and you're done - the plugin will automatically enable custom command lines to every selected game and further input the command you've told it. NOTE: I've used the above plugin but never quite in this way, so this is just untested lagniappe at this point.
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