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  1. Just a heads up, this is already a thing. You could technically do both, but in your case I wouldn't recommend doing both at the same time if you wanted any consistency to your list. Just use Platform Categories. When I open BigBox, I see Arcade, Handheld, Console, Computers (for old emulated computers, Commodore etc.), Computer Software (For DOS, Steam Windows Games etc.), and Favorites. These last two are custom; you can use this function however you want. Basically you're nesting "platforms" into a category higher up. You COULD make a platform category called Genesis for instance, and put Sega CD and 32x inside it and "handhelds" is autogenerated so you probably already have it. Anyway, didn't look like anyone addressed this specifically. It's simple to do, hit me up if you have any questions.
  2. Again, don't feel compelled. Its all up and working. But, I was testing for my own edification and if you do want to test yourself, I added more details and two new test cases to the post above. Thanks again!
  3. In the newest LB there's a feature to minimize LB to the system tray. From there you can right click it and there's exit, reopen options as well as a populated list of your most recent games that you can launch right from that context menu, fyi. No idea how it works.
  4. You absolutely don't have to apologize! I was so happy I figured out what I perceived as a bug! You do this on your own time and it's appreciated. And yes I'm all setup loving BOTW on PC for so many reasons, but the main one is being able to map the what I consider horribly wonky native controls onto my Xbox elite. Having said that the issue is 100 percent reproducible on my end. Every game I imported, I had to delete the version info to get them to launch with steamlauncher on, and again the game I already had imported in that system still works with the version info in there so if I had to guess it has something to do with a LB update that happened in the interim. The issue is so niche its probably not even worth looking into but if anyone else runs into it at least we have record of the fix. Just in case you do it get curious and want to try to reproduce it, this is how I import: Drag rpx file from folder drop into launchbox System Nintendo Wii U Emulator: Cemu Match to LB Database Download all Media from LB and Emumovies (Remove roughly match checked) Launch game from current location (which fyi all my roms are on a different drive than the emulator) Custom Options "Look for PDF" and "Combine Roms with Matching titles" both checked (from use with other systems, didn't bother to uncheck) Manually change title from rpx title to game title Finish import Just in case it matters steamlauncher would have been turned on during all my imports Problem: try to launch game nothing happens Fix: right click edit game delete any characters under version field Joy. Thanks again for this awesome plug-in! EDIT: Haha you're not going to believe this but the mystery deepens. I just went ahead and did another import, this time I imported Windwaker, follow the exact steps listed above. Sure enough, after import wouldn't launch. I went in and edited the version info, but this time I didn't delete it and save, I deleted it and added literally the words "something else" in the version box and the game launched after that. Absolutely bizarre. Edit Edit: And for the final mind f***. I tested one more import, and this one was Shovel Knight. I picked this one because the rpx file was named close enough to the game title that LB would pick it up without me having to edit the title on import. Imported fine, matched to the database caught all the art. Go to launch, nothing. Now, because the rpx didn't need to be renamed, the version info was EMPTY already. So I ADDED "something else" to the version info, and then it launched fine. ?
  5. Can confirm the above. Have done this many times changing extention to .chd or to and from zip. Works like a charm. Just to be clear you're going into the data folder in launchbox finding the system xml and just find and replace. Recommend notepad++, it's free. Alternately, if you delete all the roms and just reimport, match to LB database but turn off all the art (you don't need to download it again) it only takes a couple minutes.
  6. So I'm running into an interesting case and sorry if this has been addressed before. I have 3 Wii U games in Launchbox, one of them works fine with Steamlauncher enabled and the Overlay works as well. Two of them won't launch with it enabled, no pop ups or anything when attempting to launch. I set the logging to verbose and let me know if you need all of that, but the only thing I can see in that log that indicates a problem is the same thing that pops up if the logging is set to "error": 2021-07-18 20:47:40 [Error] [GameLaunchingPlugin] [OnAfterGameLaunched] - An error occurred while creating/launching the Steam shortcut: Object reference not set to an instance of an object My first thought was that it must have something to do with the titles of the games in Launchbox because everything else is the same, but I can't figure it out. AANNNNDD I'm a genius. This is going to get weird, but I was able to fix it. HOW I was able to fix it is a little hard to explain and WHY this fixes it makes no sense to me but here goes: -The game that worked I imported a long time ago (I just wanted to test the system etc.) -The two games that did not work, I imported today -I should note here that I'm importing .rpx files. I noticed that all three games had the title of the .rpx file amended to the title of the game in launchbox. So the one that works looks like "Star Fox Zero carrot" where carrot was the name of the rpx file. However, it didn't show up in the Launchbox/Edit title of the game like that. Instead the "carrot" part was below the title under "version" in Launchbox. Remember that this game worked. -The same exact situation was happening to the other two, but for some reason when I clicked/edited the games and removed the title of the .rpx from the "version" info in launchbox... joy. -Again, to be clear, the older game still works with that version info in there, but for whatever reason now, if you import rpx, you may have to delete the version info for steamlauncher to launch the game. ?
  7. This also seems like a good place / time to remind / introduce people to this LB Plugin: Basically allows you to use the Big Picture overlay (including binding custom controls etc.) to anything launched through LB/BB. In a word, its incredible. Per game controller configs for random DOS games? It's got you. Need to launch a modded version of skyrim from a seperate launcher that doesn't allow overlay support even its imported to steam? It's got you. I suspect it'll become a staple of LB on the Steam Deck.
  8. I never personally enjoyed playing handhelds.... mostly because it hurts my hands. Will this thing hook up to a TV and does it support xinput from other controllers? Anyone know?
  9. Just a heads up, Windows 10 is all about the notifications. I'm not even sure how but I get like netflix notifications news notifications all kinds of other things and these can pop you out of games, even if it says "Windows held this notification" after you close the game down, it probably didn't haha. You can try turning them off and seeing if that helps. Whats weird is that the notifications don't pop me personally out of every game or emulator, in fact, I didn't even notice it until recently when I got Mass Effect Legendary on Steam, and for some reason it was getting pushed out of fullscreen. You can also try toggling windows game mode on and off to see if it helps (this is more mythology than actual science) but its worth a try.
  10. Because we can use the "Scrape as" feature to essentially name systems whatever we want in Launchbox, it might* be the case that updating the scrape names is low on the priority list.
  11. Yes. I didn't know cso could be used for ps2 but as I understand its not lossless compression. Gzip is. Meaning if you compress to CSO you lose some of the data which to me is a no no even if it saves more space. Both CSO and Gzip are lossless* .rvz is newer and equally lossless and it's compression level is pretty excellent and is fully supported by dolphin so no need to decompress. I'm working on a 1g1r gamecube set I'm currently at almost 600 games at 470 gigs total for the full set. Edit: I should note that if you gzip your ps2 games, on first launch with pcsx2 it'll take an extra couple of seconds to launch as pcsx2 has to create some kind of cache or something, but its only for the first launch. I haven't gotten around to doing a 1g1r set for ps2, I have about 660 games all gz and it's about 980 gigs, just fyi.
  12. Just a heads up, PS2 should use gz (gzip) and gamecube should definitely be using .rvz now. No need to decompress either.
  13. Sorry if this was covered already but is there any reason this wouldn't work with a windows 10 app? I only have one game (minecraft) through the windows store, imported to launchbox as a shortcut .lnk file and if Steamlauncher is on, launchbox doesn't do anything when I try to launch it. No error, no movement at all. Not a huge deal since honestly if I ever want to play it I usually don't bother opening LB to launch it, but curious.
  14. Another oldie, best art I could find. Note that the LB database entry: https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/details/96278 is slightly incorrect. The game is listed as Tex Murphy: Under a Killing moon, but the game title is just "Under a Killing Moon". May be splitting hairs but the below box doesn't include the Tex Murphy part. Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Under_a_Killing_Moon
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