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  1. For clarity lets say you have a set of boxart you downloaded somewhere. You can easily add that set to launchbox in bulk, by dropping the set into the images/[system name]/boxart folder, and then under tools tell launchbox to refresh all artwork. This is much faster than dragging the images into the launchbox ui. But the images do have to be named right. "Right" is a little fuzzy here, because launchbox does a fuzzy match to find the art. You basically just want the gamename and set up like gamename-01.png/gamename-02.png as an example if you have multiple files for one entry. You can use a program called Bulk Rename Editor to quickly rename all the art files in a folder. I recommend this program to everyone as I don't know how some people get by without it. I'm pretty sure most art sets come pretty close to the game name anyway, so you should be able to just drop the set in the appropriate images folder and call it a day. You may notice, after you refresh, that a few images haven't updated. There a few liberties people take with naming games and art. For instance: Legend of Zelda, The - A Link to the Past vs. The Legend of Zelda - A Link to the PAst If you run into this, you can just manually update the name of the art, or you can update the title of the game in launchbox. Hope it helps.
  2. Scrape Sufami Turbo as Super Nintendo since it was an add-on. Pretty sure at least a few of the games are in the LB database.
  3. You could try quickly changing the title of the main game, maybe just add an extra w to williams per the above screenshot, so you'll see which one is disk one in that list, select it, and then change it back after. I have not tried this but theoretically it should work. I can't imagine there are too many games with titles that long. You can/should also report the issue if I'm wrong about that. Edit: I'm not an expert on disk changing, but from what I understand the emulator would probably handle that? Unless the emulator required you to launch straight into disk 2 or 3 etc. when the game is saved after a certain point, hiding the entries shouldn't be a problem. But, again, not an expert on that.
  4. Just learned how to do this in 3D paint today, so sorry if the quality is bad, but I do think this project should stay alive. Here's Sufami Turbo Device:
  5. Grown man. I downloaded this game (to help with this question), however, I have bad news. The game doesn't do windowed borderless. You can set it to go fullscreen by pressing "F4" but ... it just stretches the game window, takes control of the desktop and leaves the menu and borders in tact. It was made like that. I checked the other options, and they are limited and nothing regarding video. Would recommend playing in windowed. You MAY be able to cover up the menu and borders using a Bezel / Overlay if you set this up in Rocketlauncher, but someone smarter than me would have to help you with that. In any case, its the game. Launchbox can't do anything about this, and beyond programming the game yourself, I don't think Windows can do anything either. Now I'm going to play this game.
  6. Do you mean setting up multiple cores? If you're using Retroarch for different systems, you just have to go to manage emulators/retroarch/associated platforms, type the name of the platform and pick the core you want to run for that system on the dropdown. Retroarch comes prepopulated with a lot of common systems under associated platforms, but that only works if you're using the Launchbox naming convention for your system. If you're using a different system name, for Instance "Nintendo NES" instead of "Nintendo Entertainment System" you would have to add an associated platform called "Nintendo NES" and pick a core.
  7. Great idea! I need more of this kind of thing so ill actually play games instead of just tinkering all the time! Having said that, I may have used this wrong? I took the XML and put it in my data/playlists folder, I have the entire exodos set imported, and "Best Exodos Games" comes up as a playlist but its empty. I opened the XMl and it doens't seem to be populated with any games. Am I doing something wrong?
  8. Too my knowledge the only reason it would show 0 games imported is if the game had imported already... or maybe if it went directly to an additional app? After import did you check to see if it was listed under the additional apps of the game?
  9. Sometimes if you're not seeing the system in your Platforms list, you also have to go into Manage Platforms and edit the imported platform, go to "Parents" and tell it to show in the root. I'm not sure why this works.
  10. That's a good idea... but honestly I'm wary of doing it. I think that the combine all feature was more aimed at multidisk than hacks, so I don't know how it gauges what will become the "main" entry, and I have so many NES hacks haha. If it automatically makes one of the hacked versions the main entry I could wind up with having to correct a lot of entries. But, maybe later I'll try adding a few in bulk, I just wont import them all haha, and see what the results are. I'll report back.
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