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  1. fromlostdays

    Lagging Game/Platform Cycling in BigBox

    Same. And I couldn't find any trigger that would cause it. For a while I tried to tie it down to bigbox maybe loading a bigger video size but it would be different games every scroll. Maybe some of it was your system, or exacerbated by it, because I just spent 5 minutes scrolling through all my platforms at various speeds and it didn't happen once. I can also fast scroll through all the games without it hitching at all. Of course, only time will really tell. You can try turning of all the transitions as well in Bigbox. I've actually come to think it looks better, cleaner without them. It might solve that box art problem you describe. At any rate, this just keeps getting better for us controller/couch junkies!
  2. fromlostdays

    Lagging Game/Platform Cycling in BigBox

    I noticed this as well. I spend a lot of time in bigbox, and for a long time there would quite consistently, say every 15 seconds, be just the slightest moment where my controller would become unresponsive. It's hard to describe, but it would be like click right on stick (bigbox moves) click right (bigbox moves) click right (nothing) sometimes maybe two consecutive clicks would not read in bigbox. And I'm not talking about fast clicking. However, I didn't read the changelog in the last update, but this seems to have been fixed completely now. It's quite a small thing that makes a huge difference to the experience. For the record, this problem would occur in my small launchbox build, I think about 700 games total, I turned of all transitions and use medium box art CriticalCids theme, put launchbox on a dedicated SSD, and my computer specs are: i5-3570k 3.40 ghz with a GTX 1060 6gigsram with 16 gigs of total ram. It did seem like an optimization issue, but it does seem to be ironed out now.
  3. fromlostdays

    Show Big Box controller options in theme.

    Besides manually altering a theme to support it, the only way is to use a theme that already does. There is no embedded bigbox function for this, only the themes themselves. I'm not sure how to alter themes or even if one exists that does this natively though.
  4. fromlostdays

    Nostalgia Playlist Videos

    I agree with @Landcross, if it's even possible to make a template. Lately I've been obsessed not with Genre playlists, but with Series. Creating a Playlist based on series of games in chronological order. If its at all possible for laymen to make these, I'd throw my hand in too. Either way, these are awesome. Keep it up!
  5. I'm not very familiar with ScummVM, but you can absolutely change emulators. First, go to tools/emulators and setup your version of ScummVM in launchbox. Then, right click the game and go to edit/emulation and choose ScummVM which will have it launching with scummvm instead of Dosbox. However, I'm not sure if those particular games and that particular emulator require any special setup. You might want to look around the forums for that.
  6. fromlostdays

    SirCamels Clear Logo Requests

    Heres one if you don't mind: It's a MAME arcade game called the Grid. Has a lot of art, but doesn't seem to have a logo:
  7. fromlostdays

    Retroarch Problems

    It's been my experience that every time this happens, you're simply not saving things correctly. My recommendation is to start from scratch. RetroArch has levels of saves that will override each other. The levels are Per Game>Per Directory>Per Core> Retroarch.cfg What this means is that per game settings will override everything else, etc. all the way down the list. If this doesn't make sense to you, it means that your hard drive and retroarch are probably fine and you're just not saving things correctly. Don't get disheartened. It is a bit confusing. What this means put simply is that you should work your way backwards through the above list. Save things to the retroarch config that you want to be the same across all cores and games. Saves thing per core you want to be the same across any game that uses the same core (and some cores emulate multiple systems). etc. So how to do this? Step one: TURN OFF SAVE ON EXIT. You need to turn this off. Period. And as mentioned it's on by default. With this enabled, any changes you make automatically get saved when you exit the emulator and if you're just fiddling around it becomes impossible to keep track of everything. Turn this off by opening retroarch and going to Settings/Configurations/Save Config on Exit and click it off. IMPORTANT* once you turn this off, you'll need to save all changes manually, and that includes the one you just made turning it off. You're going to want this option off for all cores and games etc, so this brings us to step 2, which you will want to do before you close the emulator: Step two: Saving changes to the RetroArch.cfg. In order to save things to the Retroarch config, (this is the main config that will apply everywhere), you don't need a game loaded, just go to Menu/Save Configuration/Save Current Configuration. If you do this after you turn off Save Config On Exit, then it will be off for all cores etc. Everything you save here will be applied to every game and core, so, actually you only want to save a few options here, and yours may be slightly different than mine depending on your preferences. Things to save to the Retroarch config: Save Config on Exit : Off Controller Input and Hotkeys Fullscreen / windowed Things never to save to the retroarch.cfg Shaders!!!! Now, I know I said multiple times that things saved to the RetroArch.cfg will apply to all cores and systems, but that isn't the whole truth. The whole truth is that things saved to the RetroArch.cfg will apply to all cores and games which do not have overrides applied to them. Remember the list above which tells us that basically everything will override the RetroArch.cfg? That brings us to the rest of the steps which I'll just condense into one Step three: Saving things per core, per directory, or per game. After we've saved those few settings to the main RA.cfg, we now have 3 deeper levels to work with. ALL of these levels are accessed the same way, and all of them will override the RA config. To save things in this way, you have to have a game loaded. When you do, go to Main Menu/Quick Menu/Overrides. Also note here that shades can be saved the same way by going to Main Menu/Quick Menu/Shaders only here they will be called presets. It's the same heirarchy and system at work. If you save something per core, lets say a shader, that shader will be applied to every game that uses that core, and some cores emulate multiple systems. If you save something per content directory, lets say a shader, that shader will applied to all the games in your rom directory, and won't apply to multiple systems even if the core emulates multiple systems. If you save something per game, lets say a shader, the shader will only apply to that game. That's basically it, at least, this is when you have to start really doing your own testing etc. Some systems (like NES for me) I can get away with using mostly per core overrides because I use Mesen, it only emulates nes, and most games don't need individual settings. So I like the same shaders for all NES games. However, for a system like Nintendo 64, I basically have to make per game configs for like every game. It's all in personal taste. One last thing, lets say I saved a shader, sabr as a per core shader for nes. If I run into a game where sabr doesn't look good, I can still save a per game shader for that specific game and that will take priority over the per core shader. So just remember the list heirachy above and happy gaming! OH, and all of this is contingent on you not using rocketlauncher. If you're using rocketlauncher to launch per system configs, the methodology is slightly different.
  8. fromlostdays

    Flash collection (Flashpoint) import guide

    I'll jump back in here. I also have everything on different hard drives. Roms (Flashpoint Launcher included) on R:, Launchbox on L:. No problems moving the xmls, no problem using find and replace to set the directory to the flash.exe. But, when I ran the batch file, it only popped up saying (Don't close this, Launchbox will open and this will close with that), but launchbox never opened and eventually I closed the batch. Everything works fine when launching through the customer gui. But in launchbox, when I launch most games a flash window just comes up but no game is playing. I say most because for SOME weird reason, Deal or No Deal works fine through launchbox. haha.
  9. fromlostdays

    Flash collection (Flashpoint) import guide

    This is awesome, thanks! Just to be clear, I'm a little confused about changing the application path. I think I get it, I just want to make sure. For instance, it now reads: <ApplicationPath>Games\flashplayer.exe</ApplicationPath> I should change this to the absolute path to the exe? I keep my roms (in this case, transferred the whole flashpoint folder intact to the rom drive), so for me it would look like: <ApplicationPath>R:\Flashpoint 5.3 Ultimate\Arcade\Games\flashplayer.exe</ApplicationPath>? This isn't on my C drive, or the drive launchbox is on. Will this cause any problems? More advanced question, is there any way to add games to this set? I've collected about 80 of my favorite swfs, and all of them are already in here except one. Desktop Tower Defense is in the set, but its the older version, while I have the newer version SWF. Previous to this I had the swf launching find through rocketlauncher, so I can just leave that entry in launchbox, but I'd prefer using the same source for everything if possible. Thanks for any advice!
  10. fromlostdays

    Is Android TV still a no?

    You can stream bigbox to your Shield TV using Nvidia Gamestream. My only problem with this is that it introduces quite a bit of latency. Having tried a bunch of front ends on android though, I do agree nothing there holds a candle to launchbox/bigbox. Edit: I actually gave up on front ends and just the Retroarch UI for the most part now, at least for 32 bit systems or less. Standalone emulators seem to stagger the CPU much less than RA cores for things like PPSSPP and Nintendo DS.
  11. I'm not totally sure this is the problem, but in the retroarch/input menu there is an option for "analog to digital" or something similar. Set that to left stick, it might give you analog control over the menu, and it will give you the option to use analog instead of the Dpad in game. No problem! I'm glad you got it working. I messed with it a little bit yesterday, and also ran into a few problems with Retroarch. It gave me a selectable "Ninendo Switch Pro" controller, which did nothing because I was using Rewasd xinput wrapper. So I had to manually switch it to Xbox 360 in the input menu. I... the part in the above dev's message about hiding the switch pro controller, I think I did, but retroarch seems to see it anyway. Or I clicked too fast and didn't actually hide it, so Retroarch now sees two controllers when my Switch Pro is connected. I'll tackle all that later haha.
  12. Also got this working through launchbox/MAME. Had to update the mame.ini to point to the bios (thanks spycat!).
  13. Rewasd can start automatically with windows, it's always in my tray. You can also set up different profiles to start automatically on a per exe basis (Xpadder for sure also does this, but to my knowledge no xinput wrapper, though it might be worth investigating further as I haven't used it in ages). Personally, depending on how well this works I'm going to invest in probably 2 maybe 4 extra pro controllers just for retrogaming haha. So I'm glad to hear they stay synced unless you manually intervene. I've been trying to find a wireless solution with an awesome D-pad and Analog for like 8 years haha. Maybe this will be the answer. I'm going to go ahead and paste what the Rewasd sent me when I asked, for reference: Hello! Once you install reWASD, its driver helps register the controller in the system properly. That is about DirectInput: so the games that support DirectInput will see Switch Pro without any additional software. If you need XInput, I advise you to use our Virtual Xbox 360 controller for reWASD. To enable it, pick any Switch Pro button (let's say Home) and map it to Home from Xbox controller in reWASD mapping section (you will need to scroll a lot, virtual contoller buttons are at the end of the list). Then, press Apply and choose "Yes, hide my gamepad" in the confirmation that you will see. After that, your controller will operate as usual Xbox 360, so any game that sees XInput will work with it.
  14. The main problem you're having is that those controllers are D-input, and you need them to be X-input. I'm actually thinking of converting to the Switch Pro controller soon; as I just bought a blue tooth dongle specifically for that. It's a great, versatile controller. A free option you have is to get https://www.x360ce.com/ This program will essentially transform your D-input controllers into X-input controllers (should work for both of the above mentioned controllers). It will essentially make windows think your Switch Pro controller is an Xbox 360 controller. In this way, you will have native support in all programs that use X-input, which is most at this point, MAME included. There are a few problems as I see them, and I haven't made the switch yet as I want to do more research. The first problem is I don't know what kind of functionality the Switch Pro has on windows yet (as in does it support gyro etc.) I'm pretty sure using the above program would nullify that support if it exists(but not totally sure, I haven't tried yet) Secondly, you're set up using steam basically to get around D-input limitations. This might not cause any problems, but switching your controller to xinput might force you to change how you have launchbox set up through steam (again, not sure). Another option, it isn't free, but its the one I use/will use for this is Rewasd: https://www.rewasd.com/ This is a program originally designed for remapping xinput (similar to xpadder and joy2key), or mapping keyboard functions to xinput buttons, but in my opinion lightyears better than both. I actually use this program in place of Steam mappings (which are admittedly really awesome). Recently they just released support for the switch pro controller. I just got confirmation from them that not only do they support D-input switch pro controller, they have a virtual xbox remapper (x-input wrapper) as well, which means you can do both D-Input and X-input in the same program. Hard for me to recommend a best method at this point as I haven't done the setups yet, but this should give you enough to think about. I'll post more as I learn more. I've been using the Xbox Elite controller which is just basically easier than using D-input controllers on windows. Actually, I want to ask you a question if that's alright? I have my computer and nintendo switch in the same room on the same TV. Perhaps as a result... my PC didn't seem to be seeing the Pro Controller via bluetooth when I tried it a couple days ago (that's actually why I didn't go further with it) I'm thinking having the switch in here is causing interference? Is there a way to have both in the same room while still keeping a pro controller dedicated only to the PC, so that the Switch doesn't steal control over it?
  15. fromlostdays

    Emulators needed besides retroarch?

    To broaden this list a bit, you're definitely going to want MAME standalone, but not just for arcade/mame roms. It's good to have for stuff like Aamber Pegasus, as to my knowledge, MAME and MESS are the only emulators which emulate it. MAME now emulates a ridiculous amount of systems, so for obscure stuff its often best to start there, and I'm not going to list all the systems I use MAME for here. But to broaden the list in case you ever want to get into lesser used systems where mame either isn't an option or isn't the best: RPCEmu - Acorn Archimedes PRoject Tempest - Atari Jaguar CD (This barely works) Snes9x (standalone) - Bandai Sufami Turbo WinVice - Commodore 16 / Vic 20 etc. DICE - Dice games (some of the oldest games that exist, think pong) Flash Player Projector - Flash Games Dosbox - Microsoft MS Dos including exo's set and win3xo set BlueMSX - Microsoft MSX/MSX2/ Spectravideo T98-Next - NEC PC-9801 Demul - Sega Hikaru