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  1. I have to admit, most of this is over my head, but I just wanted to make you aware of the "additional apps" feature, if you weren't already. It can start a program before launch. I'm not at all sure this is what you need, but its worth investigating I think. You can access this on a per game basis by right clicking a game, going to "edit" and then "additional apps".
  2. Sorry, I don't want to confuse you. I wasn't talking about keyboard mappings. In the last screen shot of the original post, those settings are ... image transitions.. kinda. Like does the box art just disappear, or does it fade or does it shoot off the side of the screen etc. You can turn all of those off, and it might help with the scrolling through games. In bigbox, in order to clear a button mapping you would select the mapping and instead of mapping it, press "Esc" on the keyboard. That will set the button mapping to none.
  3. Glad you got it working. Thanks for posting the solution.
  4. You can try turning off all the transitions as well. Having all of them set to "none" may help with scrolling. I have a higher end PC and I still keep them at none because it doesn't look any worse to me that way. Oh, and I seem to recall there is a way to slow down the scroll speed? If so, that might also help.
  5. One more request. Indie steam game The Cat Lady:
  6. As someone who also uses Rocketlauncher, PC games have always been problematic with fade. Even games launched in the same way (IE Steam) can produce different results, not to mention launchers and windows alerts (oh my!). With all of the options for fade available in Rocketlauncher, and still being unable to execute every fade seamlessly, as a fellow layman, I'd say in general it will probably get better but don't expect perfection. Again, as a layman, I'm pretty sure this would be possible, but as I understand it, the startups are themed. You could try asking in the theme section if it's possible and maybe someone can whip one up for you, or you can try to create one yourself that just doesn't call to any artwork.
  7. That actually solved the issue for me! Thanks!
  8. Can confirm a similar issue with Retroarch PPSSPP on Final Fantasy 1. When trying to access the in game save menu, the text is broken. Same Rom works fine on stand-alone PPSSPP. It's very strange, the game itself seems to work fine in RA, though I didn't go too far into it, but messing with the saves menu produces jumbled up text.
    Gorgeous! The video for Links Awakening though gives an error "not found" on download.
  9. You should have no problem deleting a steam game. Either this is a bug, or it has something to do with your personal setup. I just tested deleting a steam game from my windows platform and restarting Launchbox and it works just as intended, so I don't think it's a bug. Are you using the latest version of launchbox? Do you have multiple installs of launchbox? Whats your launchbox directory structure?
  10. I can't speak to the loading times on NAS, but I've heard other users say they use it with no problems. I have a launchbox setup with 60k games on an internal sata and it takes about 5 seconds to load. You should never download anyone else's builds. It makes is impossible to troubleshoot.
  11. For your setup, you may also be be able to utilize "Favorites" to a similar (but not the same) end. The way Favorites works in Bigbox is that you select a game and make it a favorite, that game will then show up in the beginning of the system's game list (ignoring alphabetical). So them kids could favorite their favorite games and at the beginning of each system game list, they'll all show up, and everyone will be able to scroll through the family favorites.
  12. You can already do this. If you select a game in Bigbox, there will be an option for "add to playlist" on the launch menu. Not only that, but you can create new playlists using just the controller. After you click add to playlist, you can then select "create new playlist" (or an existing one) and if the former Bigbox will bring up a virtual keyboard. It's pretty awesome.
  13. Do you have the correct PS1 bios in the correct RA folder?
  14. I don't think there is anything Launchbox could do on it's end to make this work, it would be on the App end. Having said that, you can launch Launchbox or Bigbox through steam, so I'd be surprised if it didn't work (I can confirm LB/BB work through Nvidia Gamestream, for instance). Controller support though is another matter. Would have to test. Edit: They really need to get a better marketing team. Why would you name this "Wireless Display App"?? CastBoX. There, can I have a job now Microsoft?
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