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  1. Haha thats why this is the n00bs section. TY!
  2. Hmm ok. That sounds like that was my problem. No idea how I was able to get them to work then honestly. Ill try later and report back. Thanks!
  3. Hi All! I don't want to have a crap ton of MAME games. I am just looking to probably get 20-30. I have them downloaded, but when I go to import ROM, Launchbox doesn't like that I have uncompressed MAME files. I am able to play the games on standalone MAME, but when I try to import file using the ROM importer, it picks up 3/4 different things and none of them work right. What is the best way to import uncompressed MAME files? I've used the full importer, but that takes 6-8 hours and I end up just deleting everything anyway. PLEASE HELP!
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