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  1. I use mode one on the dolphin bar in MAME and it works. I was not able to get it to work in mode two for MAME.
  2. I resolved this by going into my files and opening the bat file for each game and adding the below script for the bat file for each game. @daphne.exe singe vldp -x 800 -y 600 -fullscreen -noserversend -framefile singe/drugwars/frame-drugwars-cdrom.txt -script singe/drugwars/cdrom-drugwars.singe The game name will change for each game. Works good now.
  3. Thank you Keith. That worked perfectly. I now can play mame games with two wii notes simultaneously. Kids love it.
  4. I resolved the wii mote light gun not working by turning off the mayflash sensor bar while big box is booting up. Once it is up I turn on the mayflash bar and everything works fine.
  5. I am sure this is an easy fix. I set up a wii mote to play light gun games on mame emulated games. Works great. I configured the setting a and set my co fog file to read only to prevent rewriting. My only trouble is when I launch it through big box the gun is not working. When I close out and open launchbox it does not work the first time but if I close and reopen the game it all of a sudden works. Does it just take time for the computer to recognize the light gun through the dolphin mayflash bar? It eventually works but I just have to open and. Lose the mame game two times. I will play with it and delay a little before loading a game and see if there is just a lag in the computer recognizing the light gun is attached.
  6. I have the ALG games running in rocket launcher and pc launcher and everything works fine except my wii mote keeps the cross hairs going to the side of the screen. Looks like I need to adjust the resolution. Wondering if there is a command line I should insert?
  7. Was anyone able to calibrate their wii mote for the ALG games? Mine keeps hanging on to the edges of the screen
  8. Can’t get that to work. When I am on 4 on the mayflash the wii motes are just not recognized. When I try to assign a key they just don’t register.
  9. I have got hoxs64 running some Commodore 64 games. Seems like each of the few games I opened had a unique key assignment. I wanted to use a joy controller for all games. Am I correct in thinking that for each game I will have to see what keys are used and map my controller for each individual game? Is their a universal key assignment that will work for all or a majority of the games?
  10. So do you have it on button four on the sensor bar and then use touch more to convert the wii remotes? Or are you using it on button three on the sensor bar.
  11. I was able to get a wii remote to work through the mayflash dolphin sensor bar to use it as a light gun. Wii games work great. Mame games also work on the mame emulator. The only limitation I have found is the mayflash sensor bar only supports one wii remote in mouse mode. When I am in the wii mode (button four) it will support my two wii remotes fine and I can play my wii games with both remotes. However I have only been able to get the mame shooting games to work when I use the wii in mouse mode on the mayflash sensor bar. There is another mode (button 3 on the mayflash) but it does not seem to work as a mouse in the mame light gun games. Simplest fix due to a lack of computer skills is to buy another mayflash to support my other wii remote. That way when I can play light gun games with two guns simultaneously Am I on the right track here? I am sure their is probably a more sophisticated way to make this work but I have many hours into getting one gun set up and I think buying another mayflash and adding a second remote will take less than an hour.
  12. I uploaded a pic. I am a newbie here so I don’t k ow what the video that would go in this black box would be. Other platforms I have loaded show videos.
  13. Good question. I bought the system off a third party who built it and loaded the games. So I really have no idea. When I go through the scroll wheel in big box and pick a platform and then a particular game, I hit play and a error message comes up saying I don’t have the rom.
  14. I noticed in big box that my sets genesis and wii games do not show a video when I scroll through. I went into launchbox and downloaded and updated metadata in all categories. Do the videos exist?
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