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    Software to sort my games / detect duplicates etc

    Brilliant Neil. Thanks as always for the info. I've not really played around too much with the audit tool but will have a closer look at it. Thanks 🙂
  2. Hi all, I've got a few systems working now so I want to go through and remove games that I don't want and duplicates etc. I have a few questions about this... 1) Is there a way to quickly detect duplicates? Either through launchbox or via third party software? 2) If I delete a game from launchbox will it delete the ROM too? Or just remove the value from the database? 3) How do other people sort / filter / consolidate their games? Do you just do it by hand or are there tools available for this sort of thing? Thanks 🙂
  3. Johnny T

    set up questions

    It's maybe worth trying to launch a particular game directly from MAME first to make sure everything is set up correctly. You need to correct Bios files and also (I think) you need the correct ROM path set in MAME.ini (but I might be wrong about this - maybe launchbox sorts that for you?). If you can run a particular game direct from MAME then open launchbox and try and start the same game from there.
  4. Johnny T

    Is there a later LEDBlinky controls.ini than 2011 ?

    Thanks Dragon. Yep.. it's the latest one.
  5. Johnny T


    Really love this theme. You've done an absolutely brilliant job. It runs really fast as well. Thanks for all your efforts
  6. Hi all, I'm just working my way through setting everything up and would really like to get the LEDs to show the correct buttons when starting a game. I've exported my MAME.xml but need the "controls.ini" file. I have one that is 483Kb in size and last modified on the 5th January 2011. The LEDBlinky website points to a website that no longer exists and so I wondered if anyone knows if there's a later one out there? Or... has someone managed to set their own one up that they would be willing to share? Either way, any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Cheers John
  7. Johnny T

    Nostalgia |16:9| video Set

    What an amazing collection! These are brilliant and have really helped the look of my BigBox. I can't thank you enough for the time and effort you've put in to creating these. You're an absolute star!!!
  8. Johnny T

    Emerson Arcadia 2001 Platform Video

    Excellent work! Thank you for sharing it
  9. Johnny T


    That's brilliant! Didn't realise that. Will have a play around with it once I get all the emulators etc working. Thanks for the info Neil. Thanks for clarifying Shin.... much appreciated mate
  10. Johnny T


    Hi Shinryu, what do mean by combining two themes together? Is that possible automatically or you've just taken the stuff you wanted from this theme and also from another and made your own hybrid theme? Thanks
  11. Johnny T

    What systems are complete in the DB?

    Regardless of what is deemed a "complete" list, having the ability to audit against your own list would be a really good idea. It might just be a list that is the 500 best games on xyz platform. Or it might be an officially maintained "complete" list (or variation thereof). If we could point LB at it and have LB tell us what games are different / missing / superfluous this would be a nice feature. (Assuming this can't already be done - I'm new to LB but certainly haven't come across this feature yet)
  12. Johnny T

    Atari 7800??

    Great stuff. Thanks for letting everyone know. 🙂
  13. Johnny T

    Atari 7800??

    Yep the YouTube tutorial is what I followed and it really couldn't be simpler. If you watch it and then apply that technique to your prosystem emulator I bet you'll have it sorted in no time mate. :-)
  14. Johnny T

    Silver Ring - ClearLogo Set

    Hope you're back retro-gaming in no time Dragon. All my very best wishes mate
  15. Johnny T

    Atari 7800??

    Are you absolutely dead set on prosystem? If not, what about trying RetroArch? As I say, it worked straight out of the box for me? If not, have you tried what Neil advises in the next post up?