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  1. What can I say? I'm an idiot. I checked when I read your post and I don't have one on my MFME installation. I *do* have one on my main arcade LB installation which is probably where I got muddled up??
  2. These links still work for me matey? They download and unzip correctly. I don't have one. I just enable the Exit on Escape function in the preferences of MFME matey.
  3. Yep, you gave me my first laugh of the day The sun is cracking the paving stones here in sunny Scotland so I'm having a lazy day. No jobs being done. Just chilling with my missus and then firing up the homemade cab later with a few beers. I've not played Street Fighter II for years (since it came out) and my normal goto games are Frogger, Toki, Galaxians, Tekken 3, Fighting Hawk and a few others.... however, going to have a go at it later in your honour (won't be anywhere near any high scores though I'm sure!!).
  4. Unfortunately that wasn't me but you've now put me in the mood for a game later when the sun gets over the yard arm and I can justify cracking open a cold beer. 🙂
  5. I've not done it yet matey. It's a new cabinet I'm building. I just wanted to copy over the systems that are set up the way I want them (such as Daphne and American Laser Games etc). But I've been busy still with the build and (real) work so not got around to it yet. If you come up with any tips/tricks to help with it though please post back 🙂
  6. Just found them! I've downloaded some of them. They're brilliant! Thanks for taking the time to put them together. Much appreciated 🙂
  7. Thanks for taking the time to put these packs together and share them. Really appreciated 🙂
  8. I love the striking colours of these. Awesome! Thanks! 🙂
  9. Great marquees. Thanks 🙂
  10. Thanks Cid. Much appreciated matey 🙂
  11. Thanks DV. Unfortunately that won't work. I don't want to move 'every' platform over. I just wanted to move a couple of them over. So my Platforms.xml will have duff info in it if I just copy it across. It's not a problem though... I'll just open the first install - take photos of the settings - open the new install and copy them in. Job done! Thanks for your suggestion 🙂
  12. Hi all, I'm currently building a new arcade cabinet and want to start a fresh install of LB in it's honour. I've added the MAME system but would like to add a load more - some of which I already have on an existing LB installation (my old cabinet that's being replaced). I initially thought it would be a case of copying the following files/folders: /Data/Platforms/PlatformNeeded.xml /Emulators/EmulatorNeeded /Images/PlatformNeeded /Manuals/PlatformNeeded /Videos/PlatformNeeded But then I realised that I would also need to edit the /Data/Platforms.xml to add that system in. And then I wondered if there are other things I may have missed?? So... is there a tool that allows systems to be ported between LB installations? And, if not, do you know which files I need to edit? If there's a lot of files and hassle then I'll just recreate the settings in the new installation but just thought I would ask as I already have about 8 systems set up and working well on my old LB installation and it would be easier to just copy them over rather than start again on each one 🙂
  13. Hi all, Just a quickie... I have the MAME Bios files but (ideally) would like to put them in a separate folder out of the normal MAME emulator and Roms folder. I can't find a directory setting in MAME for 'bios' files and I can't see in the .ini where it could be changed? Can anyone confirm if you can do this or not? Thanks 🙂
  14. Wow!!! You have been really busy!! That is awesome! I can't thank you enough for sharing all you (and the teams) hard work. Very much appreciated Dragon! Thanks mate 🙂
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