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  1. Nice one!! Great work Sherlock!! 🙂
  2. The only time I had issues with the crosshairs was when the IR receiver didn't see the guns correctly? Have you got clear sight of the guns/IR bar and are you stood far enough away with no other bright lights (sunlight) in the way?
  3. It shouldn't take that long. You should reach out to Reg at Desert Island Fruits. Try just posting something and ask. Reg is a great bloke and will get you set up in no time I'm sure.
  4. Hi all, I use my monitor in portrait mode for MFME (fruit machine emulation). Does anyone have any recommendations for a simple theme for portrait mode? My PC is very slow so something that is very basic and leaning towards speed rather than glitz and glamour would be ideal? Thanks for any pointers (also any advice on speeding Big Box up and lowering the resources it needs - I seem to remember seeing a thread ages ago about things you could switch on/off in order to speed up the software but can't find it again now). Thanks 🙂
  5. You want MFME v19 mate. That is the latest version. It's got an 'online updater' too. So you can tell it to check for updates and it will download the latest one (which currently stands at v19.5)
  6. That will be superb to get an updated version of all the slots. I'll look forward to that! I didn't realise that there was a new 19.x version out. I'll have a look for it when I finish work. I had thought that 6.1 was the latest. It's great if the software updates itself now. I'm really pleased that 'Wizard' is still developing this great software package and the community is still active. Thanks for bringing this to Launchbox. 🙂
  7. @Haggie55 just wanted to say a massive thank you for posting your images and xml for this. I built a cabinet to play MFME a couple of years ago (as far as I know I was the first to build one that accepted money and paid money out automatically) and had it running mGalaxy as a front end. I'd not even thought of running Launchbox (even though, right next to my MFME cabinet I have a MAME cabinet running launchbox!). This is superb and a real head start for adding the machines to my fruit machine cabinet. There's obviously a LOT of work been put in to making all the images and it's great that you've shared them with the community. Great work and a thank you! 🙂
  8. That's great! I *thought* it was something to do with Grid Height and Width! Thanks Retro! Thanks for the code Napalm. Glad you got it all sorted. Cheers 🙂
  9. Okay that's good. Why not start a new thread asking for help on it and link it in here. You'll probably get a load of people chiming in with more info. 🙂
  10. Arrrrghhhh...!!! I haven't got them!!! I had problems with Retrostatic crashing my new cabinet PC when I was testing it and I've deleted the theme folder and re-downloaded it forgetting that I'd messed around with the xaml files! I'll have to re-do it all when I start setting up the cabinet properly. Apologies mate. From memory though, all I did was adjust the Grid Height and Width settings I think. I managed to get Donkey Kong / Donkey Kong 2 etc working fine although I still had problems with a lot of other marquees. But I just shelved it then thinking I would sort it when I got around to it. :-(
  11. Certainly! I'm at work at the moment but I'll do it when I get home (around 6pm UK time - in about 4 hours from making this post). 🙂
  12. Hi Napalm Yep! I had exactly the same issue! I did a bit of searching on here and found a thread about it ( You need to have a mess around with your GameMarqueeView and PlatformMarqueeView xaml files in the views folder. I copied the code from the thread and managed to get some of the marquees displaying perfectly. I've not built my cabinet yet so I shelved it at that point with a view to coming back to it and sorting it out properly when the cabinet is built. However, if you get futher than me and get it sorted then please let me know what mods you made as I've obviously got the same display as you and it'll save me a big headache! Cheers
  13. There's another one been put up for sale now if anyone is interested: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/28-Stretched-Lcd-Screen/333295216519?hash=item4d99f16787:g:AJMAAOSw8a9cVu0A By the way, I'm not in any way affiliated with the guy who's selling these. I'm just trying to help anyone who wants one as they are very hard to find
  14. That's great Napalm. Glad you managed to snap it up mate. I've not started building my cab yet so it will primarily be designed around the width of the LCD. It was a bit bigger than I was looking for but, as you say, they aren't that easy to find so didn't want to pass it up. Happy days!
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