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  1. Johnny T


    This is an awesome theme and just keeps getting better and better. A massive thank you to all involved in this. You've obviously put in a LOT of hard work and it has really paid off. The theme is very very polished and a pleasure to use. Thanks again for all your efforts 🙂
  2. Johnny T

    Gamebackground Packs for Retrotastic

    These are absolutely superb!! I can't imagine how much time and effort you've put into them. A real labour of love I bet! I just wanted to drop you a note to say how much it is appreciated that you've shared your work. Thank you! 🙂
  3. Johnny T

    Arcade 3D Boxes 2.0

    Amazing work!!! Thank you so much for all the effort you put in to this. Looking forward to the rest of the set coming out this year. Cheers
  4. Johnny T

    Managed to get American Laser Games working...

    I'm not sure what's going wrong with your setup for American Laser Games but, for the light guns, I use the AimTrak ones from Andy at Ultimarc.com I've found them to be really good so far. I had to open them up and put in stronger springs but, apart from that, they are superb. Cheers
  5. Johnny T

    Silver Ring - ClearLogo Set

    Well, in answer to your original question of "what people think of them", I would say they are awesome!!! Really like the clean look of them. Great work!!
  6. Johnny T

    Silver Ring - ClearLogo Set

    Are you putting game info above the logo's? Or is there something else going in that space? Or are you just making them neat and tidy like that with the system at the bottom? Thanks
  7. Okeedokee. Will do. Thanks again
  8. Wow!! After adapting your script to my needs (i.e. changing the two paths that are in there) it is working an absolute treat!!! I've even got an overview of lives and score at the top which is awesome! I really appreciate you sharing that with me @twobucks thank you very much! And for reference here is my *new* .bat file thanks to twobucks. Daphne.exe %1 vldp -framefile "..\..\Emulators\Daphne\vldp\%1\%1.txt" -ignore_aspect_ratio -blank_searches -fastboot -noserversend -min_seek_delay 1000 -seek_frames_per_ms 20 -homedir "T:\LaunchBox\Emulators\Daphne" -useoverlaysb 2 -bank 0 11011001 -bank 1 00100111 -latency 100 -sound_buffer 2048 -fullscreen -x 640 -y 480
  9. Yep, I just checked and it's just Dragon's Lair... must just be something specific to this game. Not a problem. Thanks for all your help
  10. I was specifically talking about Dragon's Lair - yes. I've not really played the other games but, what is strange is that Dragon's Lair didn't do this on my RocketLauncher/Hyperspin set up? I'll double check it all tonight when I get home from work and find out which games cycle through the screens and which ones don't. Just thought it was strange and wasn't sure if it was just me. I also wondered if there was a command missing from the startup that would get rid of this behaviour?
  11. Johnny T

    Light gun games

    No problem mate. Hope you get your guns and get it all working ok. Enjoy
  12. Johnny T

    Light gun games

    Yep, the guns aren't cheap. I was surprised just how much they were too!! It was easy to configure. The guns act exactly the same as a mouse so, if you can use your mouse in American Laser Games then you can use one of the AImTrak guns. I got the ones with the recoil as well. They are quite good but I found (initially) that if you shot multiple times the slider inside would 'stick' and then it just became a normal gun without recoil. I sorted it by opening them and putting in slightly stronger springs. Cheers
  13. Johnny T

    Light gun games

    Hi matey I just used the in-built MAME importer in Launchbox. As you go through the options there's a page that asks you what games you want to exclude (such as Mahjong games etc) and also whether you want LB to automatically create those Playlists (Lightgun games / 2 Player games / Bat and Ball games etc). I then just went into the newly create Lightgun games folder and "selected all" then right-click and Edit and edited the Emulator to be MAME_GUN_GAMES. Cheers
  14. Johnny T

    Silver Ring - ClearLogo Set

    That's great Retro. Thanks for the info
  15. Hi all, I've got strange behaviour with Daphne within BigBox. When I start a game it goes black for several seconds and then cycles quickly through all the screens before launching into the game? It didn't used to do this with Hyperspin - it just used to boot up (and a lot faster too). I wondered if something is wrong with the command line parameters I'm passing to the games? Daphne.exe %1 vldp -fullscreen -x 640 -y 480 -framefile "..\..\Emulators\Daphne\vldp\%1\%1.txt" Daphne.exe %1 vldp -fullscreen -x 640 -y 480 -framefile "..\..\Emulators\Daphne\vldp\%1\%1.txt" Is this the same as other peoples .bat file to start the games? And do you get the screens cycling through before the game starts? Thanks