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  1. Yeah it may have been the theme. I was just surprised to see that it didn't look like 2D boxes were really imported into LB/BB for arcade/MAME, even from emumovies. I did uncheck a few things when importing the media but it was just things like Fanart. The "box - front" folder seems to include 2D boxes for console systems but I guess just not for MAME. Maybe that media just doesn't exist for MAME at emumovies or wherever else LB/BB gets media from? I'm working right now and don't have time to check. I copied over all the 3D boxes into the "box - front" folder since I discovered that is w
  2. I'm not converting. I started fresh with LaunchBox on a new cab. Luckily moving over all the 3D boxes into the "box - front" folder worked for the theme I'm using. I just had to rename some image files to get rid of the "-01" at the end of the file name before it was recognized as belonging to the game in LaunchBox and/or BigBox properly and would display in the BigBox theme. Anything the devs can do to reduce the amount of time it takes someone to setup their cab would IMO, be the most desired features and would give people much more reason to use the product. The 2-things that would save
  3. Thanks I already did the sort by year and spent hours checking each game to see if I liked it and then deleting them 1-by-1. I guess there really isn't an alternative for people who want to filter out the things they would never consider playing. I'll go request the features that I'd like to see in the program. Most of them have to do with more filtering options when importing everything and others have to do with the fact that much of the media doesn't seem to line up name-wise with the roms or games so I had to spend probably at least 20-hours manually renaming picture files mostly and mo
  4. So I guess no features to further sort/exclude games exist in the MAME importer or after you do the import. So unless I hear otherwise I'll have to spend many hours manually doing this the hard way. For the devs, if you could include a feature where people can further organize (or better yet not even import in the 1st place) MAME games by controller type (and maybe year of creation since a lot of people don't like the 70's and early 80's games that didn't have much to offer graphically) that would be a huge feature to add to your program and give people even more reason to buy. Even if you
  5. Hi all, I used the full arcade set importer and left all the things checked to filter out games like mature, tile, dance, etc. After doing the import I have over 2,800 arcade games in LaunchBox. I was wondering if there is a way to filter/sort by input/controller type? I'm using a wireless Xbox 360 controller with my LaunchBox setup and would love it if I can quickly find all the MAME games that were imported that I won't be able to play? I'd like to get rid of games that work with a ball, light gun, etc. etc. so that only games which will easily work on my controller are left. If La
  6. I went with regular MAME instead of the UI version. I put this in my mame.ini (which I had to create by starting the MAME exe file from the command line, changing something, and then it generated the file): # # CORE ROTATION OPTIONS # rotate 1 ror 0 rol 0 autoror 1 autorol 0 flipx 0 flipy 0 I just opened a game from Launchbox and the game, which is a veritcal shooter, is rotated like I want. So I'll see if the other games that
  7. Thanks for the reply! I had found information about trying this, but as my original post said, the information was incomplete or just flat out wrong. I had been trying this and couldn't get it to work. I'm starting to wonder if the reason is because I'm using Mameui64 instead of just mame. For example. there is no mame.ini file. There is a mameui.ini and it doesn't even have a similar format to what you said to put in the vertical.ini file. So I'll get rid of mameui64 and replace it with standard mame and report back.
  8. Hi all, I'm new to Launchbox/Bigbox but a paying subscriber now and having a problem. I'm using the current mameui64 for the Arcade system. I've read online about how you can use a "vertical.ini" file configured properly to somehow get MAME to automatically rotate your vertical games 90-degrees on your monitor. My monitor is mounted landscape/horizontal in my cab but I can physically grab it and rotate it 90-degrees so it is vertical. So I want LaunchBox/BigBog/MAMEUI64 to automatically detect that I've loaded a vertical game and rotate it on my screen. I've searched online for hours
  9. Got the prompt to update today and did so. Now launchbox won't load on my Windows 10 PC. I can set Big Box to auto start and upon rebooting it will work. And I can play games etc. But if I close Big Box and just try to open Launchbox nothing happens. I even tried running it as administrator and that doesn't work either. UPDATE: It was my Norton 360 AV. It quarantined the launchbox.dll. It really hates this software and throws up flags or deletes files all the time.
  10. Sorry that this topic is old and I'm replying to it now. I tried all of the above proposed solutions and couldn't get any of them to work. I can press Alt + F4 on my keyboard to close Cemu but I can't get the emulator to close from my wireless Xbox 360 controller. LIke a poster above, I also press Start + Select to exit all other emulators like RetroArch. But pressing those buttons on the controller when using Cemu does nothing but bring up a menu in the game. Does anyone know how to can get the Cemu emulator to close by pressing start and select at the same time on my controller when the
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