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  1. Thank you very much for your work on this, it's great!
  2. I thought so, I must have been doing something wrong then. Thanks!
  3. I'm probably missing something easily fixed, but I'm unsure how, or if, it can be done. Can you have different Platform Clear Logo's, and different Platform videos for different themes? Say, for example, if I want to switch between Unified Redux and Refried, without moving and deleting files, is there a directory structure to use to have both sets of videos/logos? Thanks!
  4. I for one, thank you for these! Very nice, and I appreciate your hard work with them!
  5. Wow, thanks! I really appreciate it
  6. Understood, if it can't be, it can't be. Thanks for your time with this
  7. Jason, I don't know if it's an issue, or can be remedied.. the pointers don't seem to be working except on the lowest level They show up on the bottom nested level, but not anything higher. I could swear this worked before, but maybe it was a different theme? I have included pics. Ignore the black backgrounds, the wheel faded out too quickly Platform Category Platform Wheel Platform Playlist Gamelist Wheel - Pointer shows up.
  8. Ok. So essentially, what you want is the game view to look the same as the platform view? Which is not possible, as Neil said, since the platform view is a full screen video.. you would need to have to make a full set of game views to do what you want.
  9. Hope I can help, I use this theme myself. This theme only has the first 2 views themed. Platform View 1 is a full screen video with scrolling text (details about the platform scroll along the bottom) Platform View 2 is full screen video without this scrolling text. The other 3 views aren't themed, so don't look right. What exactly are you trying to do? I apologize, but I don't understand from your wording what you're attempting to do.
  10. Dumb question perhaps, but I'm curious why this theme has so many different folders, example - Unified Refried - Arcade, instead of just one folder, Unified Refried. Is there something in the theme that requires each platform to be seperate? Thank you for all your hard work!
  11. This looks great! Will there be (or is there) a pack of clear platform logos that match the logos on these screens?
  12. Can anyone recommend any startup videos that run longer than 1 minute? My bigbox takes up to a minute to load, so most videos run then black screen for 30 seconds or more. I currently have the Gamecube one that runs just over 1 minute. Thanks!
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