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  1. Options page.... add a little arcade humor in there... The default configuration design is coming along. Backgrounds, wheel and item video are in place. Still lots to do. I will probably reduce visible items a few so it's a bit less cluttered looking. I'm hoping once this is all done I can write a powershell script to build the other configurations based upon the default as a template.
  2. Some things are very easy to do. Other things, not so much. I'm still trying to figure out how load platform specific images in a game wheel view. Options and first playlist view are already done. The background is actually a platform/playlist theme video, not static image. The same ones othe themes use so nothing new there. I decided I will make a playlist view with curved wheel and another with straight. You can pick what you like of those 2 styles. Curved shown... Rob
  3. I'm trying to display game specific images, but it's not working for me. I add an image, select it to be from metadata and select the image type. I can choose clear logo for example, but nothing shows. If I add a game video, that does show. Rob
  4. I'm going to take a stab at making a re-refried unified theme. It's one of my more favorite themes, but there's still certain elements I really want to see improvement on. I will be re-using the existing theme video and graphic assets, just updating layouts as I want. There will be nothing fancy about this theme either. It will probably look 90% like refried too. I just want to update some of the views with a better layout of game information and play styles. Rob
  5. It's a nicely done theme, but the view with clear logos just makes it too tedious to browse games quickly. Rob
  6. I believe I figured out what the issue is. The clear logos were not representing what the text name is exactly. I should have known better Rob
  7. When viewing the Arcade platform category in launchbox (platform category view), everything that is a child of Arcade, regardless whether it is a playlist or another platform is sorted alphabetically. That same sorting behavior is not present in BigBox. While the playlists appear sorted, the platforms are shown at the end of the list regardless of name. It would be nice if the sorting was alphabetical even in BigBox. I looked, but I don't see an option for this. I don't want to create extra playlists just to work around this. Rob
  8. To crash launchbox: Create a new playlist. During creation of playlist, check the auto-populate checkbox. Now try clicking on another tab without selecting any filter. Launchbox stops responding/crashes.
  9. Sounds like you don't have a backup? Always have one just in case. I develop my launchbox setup on one machine and when I'm happy with it, then I push it to my arcade pc. I also have a backup on external SSD. Rob
  10. I selected another 'games missing media' list while that download was still going.... Another download process seemed to start right after the first one finished???? I only highlighted media in the second list, didn't do anything else.
  11. When downloading from emumovies, the file count is incorrect.
  12. Well, surprise surprise... Now I can't reproduce the problem after updating to 11.17 (again). Playlist opening speed is instant and I've tested it several times. Rob
  13. I need to make a backup of my 11.12 launcbox folders and then I will upgrade. Once that is done (hopefully next day or so) I will test the playlist opening speed one more time. If it's still slow (I think it will be), I will forward you what you are looking for. I usually do a build on my main PC and then export it to my arcade PC. The slowness was happening on both machines. Rob
  14. I downloaded 11.17. The issue still remains. 11.12 is fine. Rob
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