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  1. In the big box options/image cache, did you try to force populate images? Rob
  2. I am using retroarch and for a few games, I decided to try a different core for netplay testing purposes. If I specify the core by command line options (-L cores\xxxx.dll) that will work. But, it doesn't work if I launch the game from the netplay menu in bigbox. The game will be launched with the default core then. I really didn't want to create a new platform for just a couple of games. Rob
  3. Select download platform/playlist video themes. As the list populates, close the window by clicking the top right X. Launchbox will crash. Rob
  4. At first I didn't see that because it doesn't show up until after you select 'refresh all missing media'. Now I have that option. Thanks! Rob
  5. I find that trying to manage game media is a pain with Launchbox. You can't easily work (in Launchbox) with just the games missing media. At least I figured out a trick to make a temporary playlist for games with an empty metadata entry so I can fix ones that have wrong names. If I could do the same for games missing clear logos, videos, etc then it would be easier to manage these. Rob
  6. I've run into a few issues with Launchbox and am not sure they are bugs, known issues or what. #1 - Bigbox views do not update when for example, hiding games. If I hide a game, it stays visible until the next time I start Bigbox. #2 - Launchbox issues adding clear logos. I recently had trouble adding a clear logo to a game in Launchbox. I would add the image, set it to clear and then exit the settings. However the setting would not save. I tried many times to add a clear logo without success. However, if I did something else in settings after adding the clear logo and t
  7. The arcade platform/category lists are enough to drive me nuts. The category auto generated playlists are GREAT! On the other hand, the platform auto generated genres are complete overkill (198 of them!) and none have any graphics. I did like the play modes being more separated into simultaneous and alternating lists, but with no graphics I don't find them very usable in bigbox. In the end, I just put the category playlists into the arcade platform and just deleted the arcade category. It's a tedious thing to do because there's no bulk edit for these. Maybe some day this will be so
  8. Controlling 1 mouse with joytokey works reasonably well for playing single player gun games on a cabinet. But, the problem with that program (and similar others) is that they only work with 1 mouse. From what I have read and what Retroarch supports, windows raw input is able to see additional mouse connections as different inputs. You just change the mouse id in Retroarch appropriately for your mouse emulating guns. I just want to be able to play 2 player naomi/atomiswave gun games with joysticks - like Space Gun or Alien 3 in mame. It's far easier for me because of disability and
  9. The problem: After launching a game using Retroarch as the emulator and the latest mame libretro, when exiting the game it returns to the Mame UI instead of Bigbox/Launchbox. I don't have this issue with any of the other cores or the older mame cores either. Rob
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