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  1. I've sorted it, I use the Bgfx mode, it only works in OpenGL or direct 3d mode, but I can just set it for that game.. cheers..
  2. Seawolf2. Not sure why but i can only see the game screen with the option "backdrops off" in the tab/ video options in mame. then it misses the top portion of the artwork off, i only see the reflections, not the game until i turn backdrops off..
  3. yes, great one thanks RL, we need more verticals...lol
  4. I for one don't mind the scratches, and there not on every artwork, if I don't see scratches/reflections, I'm disappointed lol, each and everyone to there own, and maybe in the 80's the arcades were in better condition, but these artworks are about playing the 80's machines now, and this is what condition some would be in, I've got the new machine looking artworks but I prefer these as its about the artwork complementing the game and as I've said to RL before and I say it again, thanks for these artworks.
  5. I love the scratches, even the wife asked if they were real 😂.
  6. Hey RL, thanks for the recent Artworks, have a good weekend .😀
  7. Thank you, some of these games i had forgot about..😬 Rough ranger reminds me of Rolling Thunder
  8. Thanks.... Now we are on the "R"s will r-types be soon.. lol
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