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  1. hehe..i'm waiting for the Gorf bezel myself..takes me back 39 years that one!
  2. I ended up starting over and reinstalling/adding the games again all is good now. Thanks for the help.
  3. Yep, checked both..they both show up as expected.
  4. Yes i tried that a few times..no joy...just arcade ratings missing.
  5. oh that's odd then..it isn't working on LB or BB...thanks for the input though.. I tried reinstalling again to no avail... i'll have another look into it tonight..something's odd!
  6. They're working on all other formats..no ratings appear when viewing Mame games since 10.10 and updating my romset to 0.217. Guessing it's something to do with the mame database not being updated recently?
  7. Added a few of you today..😀
  8. Excellent table (and cabs) Jays2Arcade... i stuck a cheap GTX780 for more headroom for when i install popper.
  9. Using PinballX at the moment ('cos everything's working..lol).
  10. These are my new favourite bezels..thanks again Mr.R
  11. LaunchRoo

    Merry Christmas

    And the same to you..Seasons greetings from England.
  12. Out of woods scraps and old pc parts..great fun! VID_20190929_200637215.mp4
  13. RPGs with random battles...grrrrrrrrrr!
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