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  1. Yes, especially when i remember playing it in the arcade at the time!
  2. https://daddarulekonge.itch.io/ Might be of interest to some of you..they look decent for nowt! (no speccy or c64 though lol)
  3. No problem..thanks for looking anyway..i'll just have to beat my own scores..lol.
  4. Jason, any chance of adding Mad Planets high score to launchbox again please? i'll report any issues if they come up! cheers.
  5. Excellent..thanks for posting these!
  6. That's a lot of work..kudos...can i have ALL your settings...lol😇
  7. Hi, just wondering if Mad Planets could be added to Launchbox high scores again...it's supported by hi2txt and was supported by Launchbox in 10.13...not sure why it's disappeared from the list since. Cheers.
  8. Yes, the .hi file is getting updated correctly, it's just not uploading it to launchbox high scores. (no new scores to upload). Thanks for looking at it.
  9. okay thanks Jason..i'll report it now.☺️
  10. (Version 10.13) I've been having similar problems with Gorf..i have beaten my old score a few times and launchbox high scores isn't recognizing i have done so. (no new scores found to upload)..i did try deleting the .hi and nvram before the next attempt but unfortunately it still didn't upload (no new scores found to upload). (using mame .217, mame.217 romset, applicable hiscore.dat). I've even tried different versions of the same game and on my other PC. Log attached. Worked perfectly well the first time (version 10.12) i played and submitted the high score but seems to have trouble on any further subsequent high score attempts. I really want to get it working as i think it's the best update launchbox has had. I really appreciate the hard work done so far on this feature! Debug 2020-04-16 09-36-27 PM.log
  11. I'm not having any high score issues..all working fine here.
  12. High Scores are my favourite new feature! Thanks for adding it. Time to go beat some of my old high scores.
  13. hehe..i'm waiting for the Gorf bezel myself..takes me back 39 years that one!
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