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  1. lol..the sound effects sound okay to me..very much like the arcade version...they do look like drunken mosquitos though!
  2. Cheers..super bezel.. one of my fave arcade games.
  3. Hi Mr Retro and Hi Goofers up there in Scotland...Bloody too warm down here in England too..i can't play my VR games in this heat...grrrrrrrrrrr...lol..even playing Mame is sweaty!
  4. Sold my PS4 a while ago as it was just gathering arcade dust 😁
  5. Any of you chaps one steam? You can add me if you like..steam name: roorooroo
  6. Thanks very much Mr Retro..great job on this super game! Much appreciated.
  7. Yes, especially when i remember playing it in the arcade at the time!
  8. https://daddarulekonge.itch.io/ Might be of interest to some of you..they look decent for nowt! (no speccy or c64 though lol)
  9. No problem..thanks for looking anyway..i'll just have to beat my own scores..lol.
  10. Jason, any chance of adding Mad Planets high score to launchbox again please? i'll report any issues if they come up! cheers.
  11. Excellent..thanks for posting these!
  12. That's a lot of work..kudos...can i have ALL your settings...lol😇
  13. Hi, just wondering if Mad Planets could be added to Launchbox high scores again...it's supported by hi2txt and was supported by Launchbox in 10.13...not sure why it's disappeared from the list since. Cheers.
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