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  1. Out of woods scraps and old pc parts..great fun! VID_20190929_200637215.mp4
  2. RPGs with random battles...grrrrrrrrrr!
  3. Good idea! I'm all for that idea too!
  4. Same thing happens here too..(Visual Pinball, etc)..reverting back for now. (Reverted back to beta 2 and now works correctly so will wait to update again).
  5. Brilliant...i'd like a hint on how to install to launchbox too.
  6. Track And Field and Hypersports are good button mashing fun, especially for 2 players.
  7. I've always enjoyed playing Gorf. (Mame version is about 90% authentic)..i spent lots of small change on the arcade game way back in 1981 and still think it's a great shoot 'em up.
  8. These are really good..many thanks.
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