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  1. OK.. I seem to have fixed this issue by installing the latest update in the update folder. FYI.. If you ever have to install an update from the update folder do not install it to the launchbox folder.. Please install the update to the root directory your launch box folder is in.. My launchbox folder is in the documents folder.. So...i installed the update to the documents folder and bam... Launchbox and Bigbox are working again.
  2. I seem to be having this issue as well. Windows 10 updated and now I can not get launchbox or Bigbox to open. Any solutions?
  3. Hi guys, As of last night Launchbox and Bigbox will nolonger open. This happened once before and I used the automatic backup points to get it working again but I forgot how to do it. Please help me get my launchbox and Bigbox running again.
  4. Thank you.. It is fixed. I selected restore data backup from tools and selected a restore point from earlier this morning. Whew... That was a close call.. Was affraid I was about to loose weeks of work!
  5. I thaught I was deleting a favorites list and accidently deleted all games on Big Box.. Can I fix this and if so how? I was looking at the back up file folder and there are startup and shutdown files but I am not sure which to use or where to out them. Thanks.
  6. Thanks everyone for their help. I am not exactly sure what I did but I was able to remove the clear logo from the game details page which made me very happy. I am still trying to remove the game description section from the page and the small video from the page. I am not sure I understand exactly what you all are talking about. Thanks
  7. Thanks guys, I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure this out. My guess is.. If I were to edit the code for the the game details for Critical zone it would effect all the platforms which I certainly would not want to do. Could the code be edited to affect only the Future Pinball Game details view? This is sounding like it may over my head. I have spent almost an entire month setting up Big Box to where it is pretty much the way I want it to look with the exception of Future pinball. Infact, just this morning I figured out why my recorded video snaps were blown up and not
  8. Hello, I have created a custom platform for Future pinball to include clear logos, video game snaps I recorded with obs studio and fan art. I am using the theme critical zone blue and have hot key k set up to change views. I can easily change the view from the game list section. The problem I am having is I can not change the the view when in the game menu. I have fan art there in full screen. For some reason big box is displaying the games clear logo, a small video snap and games details. I have display clear logo in game menu unchecked by the way. I do not wish to have anyt
  9. I have imported complete Rom Sets for Mame, SNES, NES and Genesis. I know when I imported the mame games there were options that allowed me to skip game types and set regional preferences which I did. The consoles on the other hand I am not so sure that I set these preferences. The problem I am having with the consol games is when I am starting a game it launches say a Japanese version when I would prefer it to be US version. I have the bezel project installed and it seems to work with most of if not all US versions. I am trying to avoid launching a game without a bezel. If Japanese vers
  10. Hello everyone, I am having problems with changing or even deleting The Bezel Project preference setting directory target. I had set the mame target directory to a standalone mame emulator and it worked well. I am no longer using that emulator and wish to target my mame directory in retroarch but when I click the target directory to activate the drop down box nothing happens.. I can not even type a ne target directory in the box. I have tried un installing the Bezel Project and reinstalling the bezel projects but for some reason the setting magically reapeard when I re
  11. Problem resolved.. Mods please delete thread.
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