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  1. Very nice - though is it possible to make them face the other way, as is standard for 3D boxes?
  2. Thanks man. It's actually a music room first with things set up around the speakers, but the game "corner" is growing
  3. Not a Launchbox build but related. Working on a unit for the various original controllers. Got them all except for the Sega Saturn.
  4. Excellent platform videos. Are you still planning to release the platform category videos? I currently have a mixture of these and your old ones but would be keen to unify.
  5. I have tried pretty much all theses shaders and for me, the crt-frutbunn gives the best overall effect - at least for the earlier consoles. A few parameters that you can tinker with in the menu too. Recommended.
  6. Yeah, I wouldn't bother with individual game inis, unless you have something specific you want to do for a particular game. Having neogeo.ini in the mame/ini/source folder should work. Good advice from @JoeViking245 - check the core search path options in your mame.ini. You don't want any individual game inis in the root MAME folder. What are you using to run the MAME or NeoGeo games? The standard MAME build or something else?
  7. There is a hierarchy that MAME uses. If a rom has its own .ini, then it uses that. If not; the next thing it looks for is the source ini. If not, then the generic MAME.ini (you can specify this in the MAME.ini).
  8. Yes you can - just rename the file to neogeo.ini and place it in the name/ini/source folder.
  9. Nice. For the non-arcade platforms, could we have the "banner" artwork appearing in the marquee spot?
  10. Love the first new feature on the above list. Much easier than auditing. Would be good however to be able to do this by platform, rather than for the whole collection.
  11. Looks great, but I think I'll be using the flat images rather than the 3D boxes for this one. 3D boxes are good for platforms with physical media, though I think that the PopCap games were all digital-only. Any plans to make more for the rest of the PopCap games?
  12. Nice! Do you have any link with Norway?
  13. How can I tell which version of the app I have installed? I checked the settings but don't see it there.
  14. Can't you just clone your main drive to the backup drive, and set a backup schedule?
  15. The image is just in the root launchbox/images/platform/screenshot - gameplay folder, not one of the region subfolders. It's happening for a few of my games - the screenshot is there and correctly labelled when you go to edit game, but it doesn't show in the game details pane. The funny thing is, the "Screenshots" heading is in the game details pane, but there's nothing below it.
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