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  1. Will hopefully check this project out again later today
  2. Retrofrogg

    Arcade 3D Boxes 2.0

    Quality work again! Keep 'em coming!
  3. This also looks amazing, thanks! Are they in the LB or emumovies DB - do they get scraped in Launchbox?
  4. Retrofrogg

    Realistic Marquee Monitor FX

    I didn't extract the images separately - I just extracted the zip file download to the Launchbox/Themes folder as per your instructions. If you go into the Realistic Marquee FX folder and then the _Realistic Marquee FX folder, the .png images are in there. I have the latest beta of LB. EDIT - I think it's actually my fault for misreading your instructions - they say to " 1. Extract folder '_Realistic Marquee FX' in 'Launchbox\Themes' " - I extracted the folder Realistic Marquee FX instead, without the "_". The folder names are so similar I overlooked it, sorry! My next question is do you know how to remove the blur effect from behind the marquee, as it doesn't really work so well when there is a marquee frame.
  5. Retrofrogg

    Realistic Marquee Monitor FX

    Thanks man, will definitely check that out. Have you considering de-bezelling that monitor for a cleaner look? For my current marquee monitor I am just using the laptop monitor (the laptop is running BigBox with an external 4K monitor being the main screen). Wonder if you could address the issue I added in my edit?
  6. Retrofrogg

    Realistic Marquee Monitor FX

    This looks amazing! Thanks so much. Really brings an extra level of realism. Will definitely be trying this out. Out of interest, do you have any recommendations for the marquee monitor? Edit: Just tried it and it didn't work for me. The instructions say to " 4. Pick the style you like and overwrite the GameMarqueeView.xaml file in the 'your theme of choice/Views' folder, might be a good idea to back up the file first however. " There is no GameMarqueeView.xaml in my theme/Views folder however. The theme I am using is CriticalZone V2 - Bluebox. I tried copying the xaml across anyway, and then ran BigBox - but the above effect wasn't applied to my marquees on the marquee screen.
  7. Retrofrogg

    wrong screenshot type order (v9.2-b-5)

    i've also noticed this and woul be keen to get the screenshots in a particular order - though when I mentioned it the level of interest in being able to specify a screenshot order was not particularly high....
  8. Retrofrogg

    Nostalgia |4:3| video Set

    Sounds great! I would also pick those 3 first. Then (as we're talking consoles) probably Sony. After that we're probably getting into computer categories
  9. Retrofrogg

    9.4-beta-1 Released

    Sure - here it is:
  10. Retrofrogg

    9.4-beta-1 Released

    Renaming it to Soulbringer-01 doesn't change anything; but why would it? I have all 5 screenshot types selected in the screenshot priorities.
  11. Retrofrogg

    9.4-beta-1 Released

    Still having the problem of screenshot images (which are correctly tagged and displayed when editing a game) not showing in the game details pane. @Jason Carr you had previously asked about the file format - the screenshots are just .jpg. This is how it looks when you edit the game - it shows fine and is correctly tagged: But the game details pain has the heading "screenshots" but nothing below it: Looking in the file directory, the .jpg is there: This problem has been present throughout the last number of betas.
  12. Retrofrogg

    Nostalgia |4:3| video Set

    Great work! As I group my platforms by manufacturer (Nintendo, Sega, etc) it would be great to have similar videos for manufacturers!
  13. Retrofrogg

    SNES Platform Preservation

    Pretty cool work! Not sure about the dancing robot though
  14. Retrofrogg

    Flash collection (Flashpoint) import guide

    If it works fine in the Flashpoint frontend then you should be able to get it working through Launchbox. If it opens the flashplayer and then nothing, the problem is likely that the web server and redirector haven't started properly. Does your batch file start these processes?
  15. Retrofrogg

    Flash collection (Flashpoint) import guide

    Try keeping the directory structure the same as in the download; with the launcher and the games in the same location. The media and XMLs should be copied across to your Launchbox folders however.