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  1. Nicely done. May I suggest adding a "sheen" effect to the covers to make the boxes look more realistic? The edges of the case look fairly good but the cover art looks kind of stuck on.
  2. @Djronz - I resumed work on this project a few weeks ago. The project expanded into a complete Launchbox Amstrad CPC setup with extended metadata, game videos, game title & gameplay screenshots, manuals, tape/disc scans and of course front, expanded and 3D box art. It is based on the latest Gamebase CPC collection which has been imported into Launchbox with the help of @JoeViking245, which is around 3300 games. The box art is a combination of single cassette cases, double cassette cases, disk cases and cardboard boxes ("big box" art). Everything has been done; I've just got the 3D boxes to
  3. I downloaded the separate magazines module and copied the magazines across into \C64 Dreams\Magazines. The launchbox links point to the web versions though. Is there a way to install the magazines properly?
  4. hi Faeran, the platform is already called "Nintendo Game Boy". In the data/platforms folder there is Nintendo Game Boy.xml.
  5. Tried this with Gameboy, but it stretches all the square box art to a rectangular shape. Is there any way to get it to respect the original box art dimensions?
  6. It works perfectly, thanks! Really useful tool.
  7. Just returning to this - any plans to create a similar app to make Launchbox rather than BigBox themes?
  8. Thanks @JoeViking245 - I tried to import the vertical.ini you listed above into your tool - it lists 2906 roms but when I click "create playlist" I get an error - "unhandled exception has occurred in a component in your application".
  9. I too am trying to find a way to separate out vertical and horizontal MAME games in Launchbox.
  10. This is great! But I can't find a way to generate a list of vertical games?
  11. This is awesome! I love it. Great colour palette, great music. In fact it has inspired me to add a Street Fighter playlist, just so I can use this video in BigBox. Thanks so much!
  12. Any progress in terms of importing Gamebase databases into Launchbox? Would be amazing! @Pixel care to share your method?
  13. Nice. But why are they so small?
  14. Nice, don't think I've seen this set before. Which romset and region, and how many games?
  15. Cart itself looks hi res but the artwork on the art low res?
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