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  1. Retrofrogg

    Arcade Cabinets 2.0 Project

    Looks great! I just wonder if the theme could do with a re-jig. It looks a bit cluttered with visual overload. The cabs don't always stand out as they are superimposed right over the gameplay video. They would pop more with a static darker background. Maybe some kind of shadow effect behind the cabs would go some way to remedy this?
  2. Retrofrogg

    Flash collection (Flashpoint) import guide

    I like the look of the video!
  3. Retrofrogg

    Categorizing consoles

    You have to do it manually. It would be sweet to have this feature automated though.
  4. This is a guide on how to import the Flashpoint flash games collection into Launchbox the proper way - each game is listed with image and metadata, and they are working with use of the required redirector and web server. 10015 games with the latest version: Flashpoint is an ongoing flash games archival and preservation project masterminded by BlueMaxima. You can read all about the history and development of it here: https://medium.com/@bluemaximax011/how-we-saved-flashs-gaming-legacy-and-started-a-web-game-preservation-revolution-51c2e5098209 And here: https://blog.usejournal.com/adobe-flashs-gaming-legacy-thousands-upon-thousands-of-titles-and-my-efforts-to-save-it-58c14811558a Guide to importing the Flashpoint flash games library into Launchbox 1. Download the latest version of the Flashpoint Ultimate package (version 5.3 at the time of writing - 57.6GB) from here: http://bluemaxima.org/flashpoint/ 2. Extract the contents of the zip to a folder; it should look something like this: 3. Now test the Flashpoint app to make sure that everything is working. The collection comes with its own game browser; they used to use Launchbox but moved to a more stripped down and modified browser. When you launch a game via the browser, it should start the web server and redirector. Most games (not all!) require these processes to be running, otherwise the game will not work. 4. Now decide where you are going to store the games and the media. I stored my games on a NAS, with the media stored in the Launchbox folder on my local drive. 5. Transfer the relevant files from the Flashpoint download to your Launchbox - the data files (XMLs, located in Arcade/Data/Platforms in the Flashpoint collection, and in Launchbox/Data/Platforms in Launchbox) and the image files. 6. Edit the Flash games XML files if necessary - make sure that the "ApplicationPath" which points to the Flash.exe is correct; if not, then you can do a "find & replace". The CommandLine entry refers to the game itself, and shouldn't need to be changed. 7. Download this batch file which must be run before running the games from Launchbox: http://www.mediafire.com/file/g3zqbztdruczgmd/run_without_LB.bat/file This file runs the web server and redirector that come with the Flashpoint library, but without starting Launchbox as well. Launchbox does not currently allow you to add an "additional app" for a platform, and so using this batch file is the easiest way I have found to do it. I also tried to follow user @syntax_X's instructions (see below), but they are fairly complicated and after going through them it didn't work for me: 8. Run the batch file, start up Launchbox and enjoy the flash games!
  5. Retrofrogg

    MFME in LaunchBox

    Thanks so much @Haggie55! With those files I have managed to get it all working. Great collection! Is there any way to have the machines load up in fullscreen (max) mode, do you know?
  6. Retrofrogg

    MFME in LaunchBox

    @Haggie55It's your fruits platform XML - looking at your screenshot, probably "Slot Machines.XML", located in the launchbox/data/platforms folder.
  7. Retrofrogg

    MFME in LaunchBox

    @Haggie55 - have you all the games correctly named in Launchbox to match the images? If so, would you mind sharing your XML? After importing the fruits I am renaming them and adding the manufacturer (which on import is put after the fruit name) but it's taking forever!
  8. Retrofrogg

    MFME in LaunchBox

    Is there no way to mass import the fruit machines into Launchbox? Doing it individually will take ages! EDIT: yes there is a way - you just search the folder for all the .gam files, then drag them into Launchbox to import - though tell Launchbox to use the folder rather than filenames are the folder names are the proper names and match up with the artwork!
  9. Retrofrogg

    9.4-beta-1 Released

    Ah of course, that makes sense. Might be helpful to have a few words to that effect in that settings window.
  10. Retrofrogg

    Let's see your game rooms

    Yeah I used to live there - great place and people. Excellent pannekoeken!
  11. Retrofrogg

    9.4-beta-1 Released

    Good news re region priorities. I was never quite sure what region priorities meant - when downloading media, I would like it to download the relevant media for the region of the ROM. That is my priority. Iโ€™m not sure what other priorities there might be. Iโ€™m probably missing something ๐Ÿคจ
  12. Retrofrogg

    Mr. RetroLust's new man/game cave

    Nice technology.....but bit of an overkill for a marquee monitor ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Though maybe something like that in the future, as you say!
  13. Retrofrogg

    Arcade 3D Boxes 2.0

    No worries at all. Health issues affect us all at times. Wishing you strength and recovery with yours.
  14. Retrofrogg

    MFME in LaunchBox

    Any progress here @Haggie55
  15. Retrofrogg

    Let's see your game rooms

    Nice build. Looks very English - in UK?