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  1. Great theme - but in some of the views, the text is being cut off the edge of the screen - see attached screenshot. Any help appreciated!
  2. Is Nintendo Super Game Boy planned?
  3. Nice! Do you know sir, if it is possible to get the marquee screen to show multiple images? I would like it to show both front and rear box art.
  4. Retrofrogg

    ExoDOS Import

    That's what I do. I have made a symlink to the exodos games directory, which lives on a network drive.
  5. Just noticed another issue - when I try and play the music for a game in Launchbox, it crashes and the app exits. The soundtrack for the games are stored in folders with the same name as the game.
  6. This is great. When you double-click the video from the fullscreen, it doesn't return to Launchbox however but stays in VLC - you then have to close VLC. Would it be possible for it to close VLC and return to Launchbox on double click instead? Also - on dual monitor displays, the startup screen appears on one monitor and the game on the other (at least that is the way I have it set up). The startup screen quickly disappears however and the screen is left blank. Would it be possible to either have the startup screen or the pause screen showing on the first monitor instead of nothing? Would be great to have something like the pause menu showing whilst the game is playing on the other monitor, to complement the game with the media being displayed.
  7. Have those Neo Geo ones been updated? I've been using the second one (plain red) for a while, cropped. I'll have a look at the last one - not seen that one before.
  8. Brilliant! Cleanest and best platform videos out there. Are you planning to do videos for the platform categories also (consoles, computers, etc)?
  9. Wow - you've been busy! And I think....they might even be an improvement on the last set of videos Can't wait to try some of these. I'd like to help to try and make some, if I am able. I'll watch out for the tutorial. Will these be on the Launchbox scraper?
  10. Another thing to consider - if you're at the stage of looking to get the exodos collection up and running, why not wait a month or two for the next release.
  11. Looking good to me. One commend on the pause screen - it would be useful if there was some indication on that screen as to whether there was a save game or not, rather than having to remember or guess.
  12. Love this sort of thing! These would probably look best when playing in a completely dark room.
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