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  1. This looks like another awesome collection - thanks yet again @Haggie55
  2. Same here....though maybe the addition of the original platform's box would be nice!
  3. Just came across this and it looks interesting - is the auditor similar to the Launchbox media manager - Also, won't Wootlauncher become redundant once the Launchbox pause screen feature is released?
  4. Looks great. I'm currently working on a similar build but 2-player. Did you find the trackball and spinner easy to fit? Are the parts from Ultimarc?
  5. I was looking at the Ultimarc Servostik - has anyone tried that one?
  6. Yeah I agree DOS76, having options is great - it was just my 2 cents.
  7. Good work, though I am of the school of thought that says that GOG is not a platform - these games should go under Windows, or DOS depending; GOG is just a business that distributes the games.
  8. Good work banging out the last two so quick!
  9. Just found an issue with the current build - though it's probably not new; there's no option to add a "tape" or cassette media image. There are cartridge and CD options, but for some reason tape/cassette is missing.
  10. I was looking at all the developments and feature requests, and this led me to thinking; why do we engage in this hobby? Assuming that the hobby is collecting and or/playing retro games and using a frontend such as Launchbox (rather than just playing current games), please select as many of the reasons in the poll that apply to you.
  11. If we grab your packs, are all your individual releases in there?
  12. Great! Are these new boxes, or updates to existing boxes?
  13. Sorry to hear this Mr R, but if you're not enjoying it overall any more then it might be time for a rest! Yes, releasing the templates would be a good idea so that others can contribute...though you've set the bar quite high with the quality!
  14. No it's not doing that; for example, for the Arcade platform I have the image group set to 3D boxes, but when I press the image symbol it generally opens a screenshort or something and I have to scroll back to the 3D box, which does always seem to be first in the list.
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