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  1. Have those Neo Geo ones been updated? I've been using the second one (plain red) for a while, cropped. I'll have a look at the last one - not seen that one before.
  2. Brilliant! Cleanest and best platform videos out there. Are you planning to do videos for the platform categories also (consoles, computers, etc)?
  3. Wow - you've been busy! And I think....they might even be an improvement on the last set of videos Can't wait to try some of these. I'd like to help to try and make some, if I am able. I'll watch out for the tutorial. Will these be on the Launchbox scraper?
  4. Another thing to consider - if you're at the stage of looking to get the exodos collection up and running, why not wait a month or two for the next release.
  5. Looking good to me. One commend on the pause screen - it would be useful if there was some indication on that screen as to whether there was a save game or not, rather than having to remember or guess.
  6. Love this sort of thing! These would probably look best when playing in a completely dark room.
  7. Interesting and pretty cool! So are these bezels basically for the Sega Mega-Tech system (arcade cabinet based on the Sega Mega Drive console)? Presumably the ROMs aren't part of the standard MAME set and are part of the software list sets? https://segaretro.org/Mega-Tech_System
  8. Here's the MAME.ini - https://pastebin.com/LWrrpV0H
  9. Would be good to have some screenshots of this theme with the description.
  10. Will you be adding these modes retrospectively at all to the bezels you've already done?
  11. Thanks @JuanBriones! It was via a lot of online research, trial and error, testing and tweaking If you like I can post my settings for you. The bezel is available from Orionsangel on YouTube.
  12. And have you checked https://cpcrulez.fr/ for CPC cover art - there's loads of ggood quality scans there.
  13. Liking these! Kind of what I had been doing with your bezels over on my YouTube page. By making "dark mode" as part of your releases you'll be saving me some work Do you dark mode bezels completely remove the glass game screen? I think it would be nice to have a little of that remaining to add to the effect.
  14. I would love for the Launchbox MAME importer to be able to scrape more of the MAME data including from catver and history.dat. There's a wealth of information available that would be really useful to have in LB.
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