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  1. Can't you just clone your main drive to the backup drive, and set a backup schedule?
  2. The image is just in the root launchbox/images/platform/screenshot - gameplay folder, not one of the region subfolders. It's happening for a few of my games - the screenshot is there and correctly labelled when you go to edit game, but it doesn't show in the game details pane. The funny thing is, the "Screenshots" heading is in the game details pane, but there's nothing below it.
  3. The most recent beta(s) have been crashing on me more than usual - just then I was browsing through some games, and the app just closed (when I clicked on a another game and before the game details appeared in the game details pane).
  4. I'm still having the issue of some screenshots not showing in the game details pane, despite them being correctly labelled as such when going into game edit. The attached screenshot is an example of one that won't show.
  5. I could not live with that lag between changing platform and the platform video changing. Nice collection though.
  6. As well as fruit machines, it would be nice to have pinball as a category vid also
  7. Another vote for Gamebase import here!
  8. Just saw that your platform categories vids are in progress - great! If you could add "fruit machines" to the category list, I think this would satisfy a number of users and improve your set even further
  9. Ah, I see! I suppose that this theme is more aimed at TV setups, or where the player sits a distance from the screen (big game name text, etc). I would prefer if the information in that side bar could be smaller so that more information could be squeezed into it - the 4 boxes (release date, rating, age, players) is nice but this information could be squeezed onto a couple of text lines probably. Everyone will have their own preferences though. I'm going to try making some themes soon, so you can critique mine
  10. Can't wait to try this. One comment from looking at the video - the system information text is truncated and has to scroll, though there is blank space above it that could be used to mitigate this. See screenshot:
  11. Looks brilliant! But are those colourful videos cropped? They look much narrowed with less free space at the sides than the ones I have downloaded.
  12. Really interesting idea to add the tilt to the screen and overlay - puts an interesting angle on things. Arguably makes it look even more realistic. In overall terms including regarding gameplay, I do prefer the original angles used in the other bezels, but qudos for trying new things!
  13. These look good. Will they be added to the Launchbox database?
  14. Hey Viking, I see you have NES, famicom and Super NES. Are you going to do a Super Famicom?
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