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  1. Yeah I know you didn't, just trying to track it down. Interesting to hear that they haven't made that one.
  2. @wallmachine - awesome! gnw_mariocmt artwork seems to be missing (table top version of Cement Factory).
  3. It would be useful, when viewing your collection on the Launchbox database (or indeed anyone's collection for that matter) to have game counts next to the platforms - like you get in Launchbox.
  4. Finished with the project - time to play? Have you looked at upgrading hardware specs?
  5. Is there no sound with your vid? Also, there must be something that you can do about that lag when switching between platforms.
  6. I just updated my Flashpoint to the latest version - the game count went from around 9000 to 35,000, which is great. This time I've not added Flashpoint to Launchbox however - at least not yet. I took a quick look at the folder structure and it looked like the import to Launchbox procedure might have to be changed - I'm not sure. Plus, I don't know if 35,000 extra games will slow LB down a bit. For the time being, I've just got the Flashpoint shortcut next to the Launchbox one and am doing it that way
  7. Didn't realise that was available in the settings, thanks!
  8. Love the new high scores feature! A couple of problems regarding the current implementation: - the (4) leaderboards take up most of the space in the game details pane, so when browsing, instead of viewing the videos, screenshots & game info, it's mainly the leaderboards that are visible - when scrolling down the game details pane with the mouse wheel, the leaderboards scroll instead - you have to put your mouse at the very bottom of the gam,e details pane to get it all to scroll. Would be great if the leaderboards could be an expandable feature in the game details pane, or perhaps placed at the bottom below the other stuff. Even better, have the game details pane as a detachable module that you can display on another screen, but that's a separate request...
  9. Lol OK....thanks for trying to help mate, appreciated. So I am still trying to add a UI element to the textgamesview that shows the currently selected playlist. @y2guru - is this currently possible?
  10. I think you're misunderstanding me my friend! I do not want to edit the textfilters view. I want to edit the textgamesview. And within the textgamesview, I would like to have a UI element which displays the name of the playlist that is selected.
  11. @Mr. RetroLust doesn't your screenshot show textgamesview, not textfiltersview?
  12. I can't find TextFiltersView. To be clear, don't want to edit a different view - I'm still working on the game list view. I just want it to show the current playlist somewhere on that view. For example, I might be in the games list view for computers/MSDOS/Sierra Games - as well as the platform MSDOS logo (that I currently have showing as a UI element), I want it to show the playlist (Sierra Games) also.
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