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  1. Thanks again for all your help with this and other questions I've had. Things are coming together nicely thanks to you and others
  2. Thank you so much.... that put me on the path to how I wanted things to look. Now here's a question... does LB/BB allow us to replace the text with an image? For instance, I found a Wrestling Collection playlist theme that has nice graphics but when I go into that, everything is text based i.e. WWF Games, WCW Games, ECW Games, etc. Is it possible, instead of having that be text, be the promotion logos?
  3. What I'm hoping to be able to do is something like this.... primary folder is say Pro Wrestling Games. Within the primary folder is a sub folder, say WWE Games, a second sub folder WCW Games, third folder New Japan Pro Wrestling Games, etc. Similar idea for Superhero Games which might be the primary folder.... then I'd have sub folders for DC, Marvel, Image and Valiant. Each of those would have sub folders so DC might have Batman, Superman, Misc DC Heroes or Marvel might have Hulk, Spider-Man, X-Men, Misc Marvel Heroes, etc. Games that correspond to the specific sub-folders would be pu
  4. VinceF

    How to use?

    Thanks. That was helpful and I was able to figure it out with your guidance.
  5. VinceF

    How to use?

    Was looking through the various playlist theme videos, platform theme videos and game theme videos, but after looking around in BB, I'm honestly not sure how to use these. Can someone provide some guidance? As well, what are badges?
  6. That helped. Thanks very much!
  7. As I added all the Mame games to LB and used the database and Emumovies, there are several/many games that have no images at all. I have verified that there are no images.... a game like 720 Degrees for instance. What is the best way to find or scrape these images when the normal import process doesn't work?
  8. Secondary question that I'm wondering about now.... as I move through games, in BB, say I'm at "C" and want to jump to "S". Short of going game by game, is there a way to use a keyboard to press S and it would jump to the start of the S games?
  9. I've done some searching but not finding the answer in a way that makes sense to me. I wanted to use Duckstation to emulate PS1 and was looking at the tutorial on YouTube for this and it discusses Retroarch. I have loaded most other emulators into LB w/o using Retroarch but am wondering its purpose. Why would I use Retroarch at all?
  10. As I move away from GameEx, one of the things that I was able to do was use the trackball to move through the list of platforms and games. That functionality is not currently working in LB/BB. Is there a setting somewhere to make this happen?
  11. I figured it out.... I think.... I haven't played it with all the themes and views yet but what I believe is happening, is when I unzipped the theme and put it in the Themes folder, it was still within a folder titled the name of the theme... so instead of Themes>Unified, it was Themes>Unified>Unified, then all the files... so it wasn't being read correctly. I figured it out because it seemed like the Critical Zone Default theme was making changes as I made changes to the platform or game wheel, but none of the other themes were so I looked at that folder to see what the difference w
  12. Hi, Been playing around with themes and it seems like in order to get a new theme to "work", I have to reboot my computer. Is there a way to refresh Big Box so that as I switch between themes and or views of a theme, it's apparent right away? I watched a video by ETA Prime on YouTube that was a basic primer for noobs with LB/BB and it appeared all he did was just hit the back button to exit the options and the theme changed, but that's not happening for me. What am I doing wrong?
  13. Thanks. Was able to figure it out with your suggestion. Appreciate it.
  14. I made the leap and upgraded to Premium.... have started making playlists but here's my question... can I put a list within a list. For example, if I create a pro wrestling playlist, can I have a subfolder for WWF games, another subfolder for WCW games, another for All-Japan games, etc? Or a Fighting games folder, with subfolders for Mortal Kombat, another for Street Fighter, another for Fatal Fury, etc.?
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