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  1. oh man i feel dumb. yep, it was pointing to the 2p versions which I guess I just didn't expect by default. Thank you
  2. I recently grabbed the complete 228 MAME romset (merged) and was surprised when I played TMNT (either of them) for the first time to see that it only supported 2 players. I didn't have this issue when I previously configured my Hyperspin-based setup a couple years ago. I'm pretty sure I have the normal (?) 4-player ROM for TMNT, as everything I've seen online seems to indicate the 2-player variant has "2p" in the filename, whereas my filename is tmnt.zip When I open the ZIP file I see a bunch of variants some of which have 2P in the title, and this is making me wonder if perhaps thi
  3. So I've installed Retroarch, and I've also installed a handful of cores - Bsnes Balanced, Bsnes, and BSnes mercury balanced. The reason I've downloaded a handful of cores is because some games still don't run (RetroArch gives me a "failed to extract..." error upon loading the games). 1. Mario Kart 2. Super Metroid Were at least two that I tested that did not work. I found advice online that at least mario kart required an additional BIOS, and that Bsnes Balanced did not require this BIOS. Further, I switched to "HLE" mode for this core and it still wouldn't work. Is it beca
  4. @Headrush69 Do you mean use Retroarch as my emulator in lieu of snes9x? Sorry, I have no familiarity with Retroarch.
  5. Hey Everyone, I'm new to Launchbox. I spent about 2 months configuring my home arcade machine with HyperSpin+RocketLauncher and hated every minute of it, but it was all working. Then I moved, and my HDD was damaged in the move. I almost decided to throw in the towel but stumbled across Launchbox and decided to give it another go and rebuild the PC. I can't say enough how much easier it was getting this configured over my last experience, so thank you! Above I'm referring largely to MAME. I'm having some issues (not Launchbox's fault) getting my console ROMs to load reliably. I downlo
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