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  1. Thanks Retro but I seem to have solved the issue. I was able to get it working by using x360ce to make a virtual Xbox 360 controller from my 2 encoders, then have Big Box use that virtual controller for it's controls. Works great now!
  2. Surely there has to be someone on here who uses two USB encoders (or more) on their cabinet...how are you guys dealing with that on Big Box?
  3. I have 2 USB encoders (exact same type) connected to my PC. Each one has two rows (P1 and P2) and shows up in windows as 2 "game controllers", making a total of 4 "game controllers" showing up in windows. The problem I am encountering is that LaunchBox Big Box doesn't seem to differentiate between a button from one controller and the same "number" button on a different controller. For example if P1 joystick left is considered "button 1" on one of these controllers, while "button 1" on another controller is some other button, pressing either one will trigger whatever function is assig
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