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  1. Looking to get the Blizzard arcade collection working on my cabinet, and chanced into this thread. For anybody finding this thread and wondering like @darky1986 What X, Y, or Z's shortcut extension is, I found a nice little threat on the steam community forums going over this with a table listing out a whole bunch of them here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1113049716 I'm going to copy/paste this table just in case it gets moved or archived, but it's kind of a mess, so I'll put it under a spoiler tag: And if anybody else is looking for the Blizzard Arcade Classics one it is: Blizzard Arcade Collection --exec="launch RTRO" Blizzard Arcade Collection --exec="launch RTRO"
  2. @SquirrelFromTheFuture thanks for responding. I wanted to use retroarch for my name ROMs, but had a hard time finding one MAME fork that had compatibility with all the games I wanted toY. How do you go a out setting up so many different name cores running through retroarch? And how do you specify to retroarch which ROMs use which version of MAME?
  3. Hello there everybody! First and foremost I wanted to say thank you to everybody that has asked or answered questions here. I've been lurking for a few weeks, and it's been great to have years of records here in the forums to help me get my build started. So I've hit a bit of a rut with things, The goal is to have a build that is both functional in portable and landscape mode, and while the hardware is working great with our rotating VESA mount, I'm still trying to figure out how to get BigBox to work in an aesthetically pleasing way. I know there is means to use different themes for different platforms. And I was thinking of splitting my mame library into 2 for portrait MAME and Landscape MAME, and then the MAME emulator itself has an option to change the rotation of each piece of software title by title, but that involves a lot of fiddling with the monitor rotation. Ideally, we would be able to rotate the monitor into portrait, and access the MAME platform menu, and have the vertical theme boot it into the vertical orientation Being able to access things by going into a portrait MAME game, and back to the MAME platform menu and selecting a new game in via the menu in portrait mode, and then having the display switch back to landscape mode when returning to the launchbox main menu or accessing another platform that has a landscape orientation. I'm using a utility called iRotate Which more or less just reimplements the (Ctrl + Alt + Arrowkey) Hotkeys that used to be default in windows in order to rotate the display. And I've got an autohotkey script that is rotating the display when my MAME emulator is launched, But I struggle to find a theme that functions alright at both the 16:9 aspect ratio as well as the 9:16 aspect ratio. Is there a way to execute an Autohotkey script when a platform is selected? Or maybe to execute an autohotkey script when a particular theme is launched? Thank you for reading my question! I appreciate you taking your time here! Also, as a bit of a side note, what are everybody's favorite vertical/portrait themes to use in general?
  4. @SquirrelFromTheFuture What Core in Retroarch are you using for MAME?
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