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  1. Solved For anyone who stumbles across this same problem, it turns out the easiest solution is to locate versions of the demul games you want that are formatted like MAME games, but run on Demul. That is confusing, but I found all 3 of the games I listed above as "MAME" files. You'll need 2 files for each game: a '.chd' file and a '.zip' file. - Place both '.chd' and '.zip' files together in the "roms" folder inside the Demul folder. - Placing the files inside the roms folder that is inside your Demul folder is an important detail. Some games seem to only run if they are placed within the Demul folder. - In Launchbox, point at the '.zip' file with your Demul emulator and it'll run. - Be sure to have the correct Demul command line parameters in Launchbox which is: -run=naomi -rom= (here's a thread with more details on that: ) Hope this helps someone!
  2. Hello Again! I am desperately searching for a Command Line Parameter that will allow me to launch a Naomi .dat file instead of a .zip file in Demul. I've searched the forums and have not been able to find a thread with any viable info. There are 3 (light gun) games that I can only seem to find in .dat format: Confidential Mission Lupin 3 The Shooting The Maze of The Kings My other Sega Naomi light gun games like "House of The Dead 2" launch fine using the Command line Parameter "-run=naomi -rom=" If anyone knows a parameter or some other method of launching a Demul Naomi .dat file, please help. Thank you for reading!
  3. This worked!!!!! 🎉👯 I had no idea about this 'additional apps' feature. On behalf of everyone who will stumble into this thread to find your solution (and for myself), THANK YOU!
  4. @neogetter @JoeViking245 Hi JoeViking245, thank you for the suggestion. I used your code and altered it just to point to the right place on my C drive where the dc.exe lives, but no dice. Not only does pressing Esc not exit Teknoparrot, but then I'm stuck and pressing it again doesn't exit me either! I have to press the Windows key and exit Teknoparrot that way. Any other possible solutions?
  5. @neogetter Thank you! This solution to change resolutions helped me to resolve a very annoying problem with Star Wars Battle Pod on Teknoparrot. The game insists on displaying in 16:9 (1920x1080) even though all the other Teknoparrot games display at 5:4 (full screen) on my arcade build. Your script works with the minor inconvenience that I have to press Esc twice to exit the game. The first time seems to only revert the resolution back to 1280x1024, and the second press of Esc actually quits Teknoparrot - even though the script seems to be telling Launchbox to do both at once. Any suggestions?
  6. @Lordmonkus Thanks! I didn't know any of that. Will try to get a full MAME set from PleasureDome. Wish I'd known this before. Took me weeks to compile my MAME set! At least @NinjaKnight will benefit. Glad I posted my question here.
  7. @NinjaKnight When you select a ROM in RetroArch, you should see the screen below where "Run" is the top option. Below that you'll see "Set Core Association". After you select that, it'll take you to all the cores you have installed (which you can do via RetroArch itself) which might open that particular ROM. At this point I'll set it to the current MAME core and if that one doesn't work, I'll try all the others until one does work. Once you assign a core, RetroArch remembers and from that point on all your ROMs will run with their associated cores. In the case that none of the cores work, I'll try to find another version of the ROM and go through the whole process again. It's a slog, but that's the only way I've been able to compile my dream list of games. Now I'm going down the road of trying to get them all to run via BigBox for an Arcade build. Note: I have one ROM that I could not get to run at all on any cores in RetroArch (Starblade), so I have to run that orphan from a separate install of MAME 0185.
  8. @NinjaKnight I'm a total noob, so I didn't know you aren't supposed to use a random set of MAME roms downloaded from all over. Because downloading ROMs is a legal grey area, no one wants to tell you where to get them, much less a full set of thousands. And anyway, it doesn't matter because like @Lordmonkus is informing us, no MAME core will run all games anyway. So if you want to run particular games, either you mix and match cores or you're SOL. What's great (I hope) about LaunchBox is that it will allow you to front-end RetroArch and all your other mix & match emulators too so we can gather a bunch of rando games from every corner of the emulation world and run them centrally as if they were all running from some supra-legal-uber-machine. As for how I get RetroArch to specify which core to use for which ROMs... Let me go over to my Arcade Computer and do some screencaps for you to explain in my next post.
  9. Hi NinjaKnight, I'm using the newest current MAME core for RetroArch for the majority of my ROMs. MAME 2010 accounts for about 10 ROMs and MAME 2003 for about 2. The total number of games for this build is about 75.
  10. Thank you Lordmonkus. Your question about importing under "Arcade" as the platform made me realize I had added the MAME cores AFTER I imported all my roms. So I deleted all the roms and re-imported them and now they work! So you have to do it in order: 1) Set up the RetroArch emulator and check the "Associated Platforms" to be sure all the cores you want to use are there. If they aren't you have to add them by double clicking in the row and selecting from the dropdown menu. Be sure to name the platform in a way you can reference in step 2 (in my case it was "Arcade"). 2) Then you can import your roms and select the associated platform (in my case 'Arcade'). Pls forgive all the details of this post. I'm just documenting my error as much as possible for anyone else who might make my blunder and stumble upon this thread.
  11. I imported them using "Import Roms" and then selected "Arcade" as the platform.
  12. Hello, Recently bought LaunchBox/BigBox (v 11.11) based on ETA Prime's recommendation that it is the easiest FE, but I am having some trouble getting LaunchBox to open any of my MAME games via RetroArch (1.9.0). I am pointing to the retroarch.exe file correctly and the roms directory is correct as well. All the roms launch via RetroArch without issue and I can launch RetroArch from within LaunchBox and then open my MAME roms that way, but when I try to launch the roms directly from LaunchBox, I just get a half-second spinning wheel and then nothing. Here are the screenshots of my 'Edit Emulator' overlays. I'm not sure what I'm missing or what I'm doing wrong. Can anyone help? Thanks for reading!
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