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  1. Hey thanks for the info! I was hoping it was something bigbox related that could be adjusted easily.
  2. Correct, it's running groovymame. The pc is setup to run just that and I don't have any other emulators atm.
  3. Hello, I’m experiencing an issue with marquee display and I haven’t found a way to adjust it within the launchbox or bigbox menu. You can see from the attachments that when I am selecting a game, the marque displays correctly bit once a game is launched, the marquee shifts up and part of the top of the image is cut off. What could be causing this? This is a test lcd which will be replaced with a 24”x6” lcd. So, i just want to make sure this shifting thing is sorted out. Thanks!
  4. LB is now starting up. Turns out that I was behind a lot of windows 7 updates and after the updates and restart, LB started up.
  5. Unfortunately, the two methods did not work. First I tried the repair and reinstalling LB. Then tried uninstalling Visual C++ 2015 and then reinstalling LB. I am also not seeing a Data folder in LB root or anywhere else within LB. So, not sure how to go about capturing log output.
  6. I will try out the two methods. Thank you!
  7. I am also having issue with LB and BB not starting. I am on a Windows 7 Pro. How do I go about repairing Visual C++?
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