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  1. I recently updated to the latest version of launchbox and while in big box now when I select a game the video preview for said games music won't stop playing on loop. The only way to stop it is not just back out the game but to back out of big box completely so atm it's completely unplayable as in game I hear the gameplay sounds but also the video preview sounds on loop.
  2. ahh ok then maybe i should go back and download a non merged set
  3. i downloading the mame 0.234 romset but a couple of games dont work (as i know of so far) for example simpsons bowling and was wondering if anyone may know the reason why. i am using mame as the emulator
  4. So Im thinking of trying to cram a Wii remote inside a old nes zapper. How many buttons are needed for shooting games? Just as I won't wire up all the buttons if there not needed
  5. Hi all so I have a arcade build with windows 10 on it and was wondering if there is a way to have a custom boot so it looks like it's booting a arcade machine not just windows. I have got it already to load big box when windows is booted up
  6. Hi all. So I recently got emumovies and started to download videos for all my games but I was wondering if you can change the download path? So at the moment they all downloading on 😄 but I would like them to download on d:
  7. So I recently imported a mame ROM set but it is going so slow. I have 30mb down but after about half hour it has only downloaded 30 images. I have imported a few other consoles about a week ago and all went fine and much faster.
  8. Hi all so I recently got a trackball. All seems to be set up correctly in mame but no game is working with it. The ini file is in the root folder I have set mouse to 1 and set trackball to mouse in the settings
  9. Will it give a proformance boost? Im just worried if I do it then I may get the same problem as I had before where my usbs change order
  10. Hi all so I recently got launchbox and big box. Loving then both. Just wondering if I should upgrade to Windows 10? I'm on windows 7 at the moment. The reason I'm on windows 7 is because I did have it on windows 10 when I was trying to set up hyperspin before I found out about launchbox and I kept having a issue where my joysticks on boot up were all out of order so for example joystick 1 could of become joystick 4. I just don't know if I should update to windows 10 does it really give a boost I would really need. Specs Intel i5-3570k 16gb ram 600gb HDD Gtx 660
  11. Thanks so much got that working now only part now is how do I do it for the sub categorys eg 2 player, 4 player etc
  12. Sorry if this is a really stupid question I'm new to this. Where do I put these files?
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