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  1. Thanks...The theme was built around full screen video in Platform view,but,not built for the random game videos. I made the Refried Platform videos specifically to fit into this theme,and they can be found in the download section,or follow the link at the bottom of the Refried theme description. These videos match the look of the Game Selection artwork,and if I understand your request correctly,should give you the tidy look you are going for. Also...Hi Everyone!
  2. Not all of them were uploaded to Launchbox...that is probably one that wasn't
  3. Alright...so I am settled in now,and ready to get back to doing stuff...so I will be doing a live stream on my youtube channel on the weekend. Now the bad news...the drive I had all of the current work I was doing for the startup screens,has died...so I have to start over on them. The worst part was that I was literally a few weeks away from replacing it with a brand new drive before it decided to give up finally. I lost some other pretty major stuff I was working on as well...which sucks...really bad...but,it is what it is. I will update on the progress of the startup screens soon.
  4. Computer Room coming along nicely .... And some pics of the new game room as well...
  5. You are correct. When I first made those,there was no automatic playlist generator,and the genre category was something I had/have on my cabinet,with games from every platform in each genre.They are not platform specific. As far as the videos,I currently use the genre videos I have out atm,because when I thought about changing to the refried style,I thought about how I would have to change the videos for Collections,Developers,etc. ....and remaking over 300 videos is just not something I have time to do atm...but,who knows about later down the line,I may get the itch.
  6. Beautiful theme...nice work sir ?
  7. The stretched panoramic picture makes it look bigger than it is...it's only a 32"...and I am replacing the marquee monitor,which is empty in that pic,with a 29" ultrawide
  8. Still have a bit to go,but,the move is just about finished...we have some small things to bring over still,and the landlord was nice enough to give us till the end of the month to move and clean the old place. We are moving from one of his buildings,to another one of his buildings,so he doesn't mind. I will attach some pics of the progress,and you can see what a mess it still is,lol.
  9. If you are using the addon,you don't change the name of the artwork...it is hard referenced by the name I gave it in the view xaml files...change the name of the view files.
  10. How it works now,is how I always intended it to work. My cabinet is currently unhooked,but,I believe I did leave a view in all of the playlist addons that showed platform art for the selected game,instead of the playlist artwork. "All Games" does this because I did not make specific artwork for that playlist.
  11. Put your comment in the description...thanks for the breakdown of installation
  12. I'll fix that,and probably others too,next update...thanks for notifying me My arcade is down for the next couple weeks again...I'll look into it when it is back up and running,thanks
  13. You can just delete the code below from the view you don't want discs/carts <!-- DISC IMAGE --> <Image x:Name="DiscImage" Grid.Column="4" Grid.ColumnSpan="2" Grid.Row="3" Grid.RowSpan="3" Source="{Binding Path=ActiveGame.CartFrontImagePath}" Opacity="100" Panel.ZIndex="12" Margin="-250,20,175,70" Stretch="Uniform" VerticalAlignment="Center" HorizontalAlignment="Left" RenderOptions.BitmapScalingMode="HighQuality" RenderTransformOrigin="0.5,0.5"> <Image.RenderTransform> <TransformGroup> <ScaleTransform/> <RotateTransform /> <TranslateTransform X="4000"/> </TransformGroup> </Image.RenderTransform> </Image>
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